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Archive for March, 2022

How to Protect Your Reputation and Save Money at the Same Time (Botox)

You can typically tell when a patient needs further injections by the number of touch-up appointments he or she has. So, if the patient has come in for a certain therapy and you leave them with an area where they still have hypertonic muscles, which is represented by lines where they don’t want them, you’re […]


Governor Approves Arizona Dentists Offering Botox Starting This Summer

Dentists practicing in Arizona can soon offer cosmetic Botox and dermal fillers to their patients. A bill that paves the way for dentists to alleviate eye wrinkles, lines around the mouth and provide a wide range of other cosmetic benefits with injectable treatments has been OKed by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey. The new legislation allowing […]


Arizona May Soon Join States Where Dentists Can Administer Cosmetic Botox

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is the only thing standing in the way of dentists being able to provide cosmetic Botox injections in Arizona. Legislation to allow the change has already passed the state’s House and Senate. The House voted 55-0 on March 10 to allow dentists to give cosmetic Botox and dermal filler injections. Previously, […]


Is Botox Poisonous to Patients?

During the past two decades, Botox has established itself as a safe and effective injectable treatment for various conditions.   There are, however, those who are concerned that the botulinum-based product may offer certain health hazards. Some people even ask if Botox is harmful to their health.  One piece of good news is that Botox is […]


Is It Safe for Your Pregnant Patients to Have Botox?

Everyone aspires to present themselves in the most favorable light possible. Many people opt for cosmetic surgeries in order to accomplish this aim. Injecting Botox into the glabellar lines between your eyes is a common method for minimizing the look of wrinkles on the face.  While Botox (botulinum toxin A) receives much attention as a […]


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