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3 Smart Reasons To Choose Online Botox Training In Hong Kong

There are at least three smart reasons to choose live, interactive online Botox training in Hong Kong rather than taking training from an instructor located in the region. While there many be some competent courses in Hong Kong, why not learn from the best in an innovative format and get long-term access to the many layers of practical information?

As you know, Hong Kong is a lively and cosmopolitan region in many ways, but when choosing Botox training, it makes sense to go with the American instructor who started it all.

Below are three specific reasons to choose online Botox training from Dentox to enhance your Hong Kong practice.

Go With The World’s Best Instructor

Dr. Howard Katz, the founder and lead instructor for Dentox, has more than 35 years experience in private practice and as an instructor in facial aesthetics. In fact, he invented the use of Botox of cosmetic purposes, and his name is on the patent for this and similar products. He has lectured in Spain, Portugal, Holland and elsewhere in Europe as well as in Israel, Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Now, his primary focus is online Botox training classes, a format he invented.

Dr. Katz is the holder of five medical patents and is named on the application for patent of all botulinum toxins products. Additionally, he is part of a number of professional organizations and is president of The International Association of Dentofacial Esthetics. And his biographical information goes on and on.

What more could you want from your Hong Kong Botox training than the finest instructor in the world?

Long-Term Access To Important Training Materials

After training with Dentox and the respected Dr. Katz, students get unprecedented access to additional training opportunities. First is the ability to directly ask Dr. Katz specific questions long after the course is completed. Most students are able to easily prove their mastery of the Botox injection techniques by showing proper injection techniques on the provided foam head, but a special case may require a question. Dr. Katz responds to emails with photos in a day.

Students can also review a recording of their training session anytime they want. All you have to do is go online and watch your seminar again — and again if you like. There’s no limit to how many times you can review your Botox training class from your Hong Kong home or medical practice. Your staff can watch as well.

And if you should ever be near the office of Dr. Katz in San Diego, California, you can stop by for a hands-on refresher course. Training with Dentox sounds better and better, doesn’t it?

The Widest Range Of Practical Information

Because Dr. Katz is a leader and innovator, training with Dentox means getting access to the latest information and the widest array of treatment details. This includes how to use Botox for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes as well as practical information on the business side of Botox usage.

Startup costs for adding Botox to your practice are low, and potential rewards and returns are high. You can easily make more money from existing clients while bringing in new ones when you add Botox to your existing Hong Kong medical or dental practice or day spa.

There are actually many important reasons why online Botox training in Hong Kong from Dr. Katz makes so much sense, and these are just a few of them. But learning from the best, retaining access after the course and being exposed to the widest possible array of uses and techniques sounds like plenty of evidence that Dentox is the way to go. Don’t you agree?

Dr. Katz’s Online Botox Training Class

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