Dr. Howard Katz

Proven Dentox Injectables Course Arrives In Manhattan!

Here’s something great for the future of your career and your practice: The powerful and proven Dentox injectables course is…

9 months ago

Learn To Lift The Corners Of The Mouth With Botox At Our New All-Hands-On Course

For patients who are tired of always looking sad or even angry, correcting drooping, downturned mouth corners with Botox can…

9 months ago

Perform The Botox Lip Flip With Training From Our New All-Hands-On Course

Smoothing of the lips is one of the ways that Botox injections can make a dramatic and lasting impact on…

10 months ago

Dr. Almus McDowall | Dentox Dermal Fillers Program Review


11 months ago

Jawline Reduction (Masseter Muscle Reduction)

...The rear part of your cheek has a muscle that runs through it, starting from the temporary bone to the…

11 months ago

What Is The Primary Difference Between Dysport_ Botox_ And Xeomin!

...How are they different from Botox? Botox is not a strange name to most patients who have been treated against…

11 months ago

Wrinkle Prevention With Forehead Botox

We all know the facial wrinkles that come with age. The horizontal and vertical lines on the forehead and…

11 months ago

What You Should Know About Botox – Simple Jaw Reduction Procedures

...If you look closely at the mirror, you will notice that the shape of your face has changed. Due to…

12 months ago

6 Surprising Places You Can Get Botox

...Botox has gained much popularity as an effective treatment against forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, bunny lines and frown lines. It…

12 months ago

7 Off-Label Uses For Botox Injections

...To most people, Botox is just an injectable treatment used to fight wrinkles and fine lines on the face. However,…

12 months ago