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Botox- An Advantage For Physicians

There was a time, not so long ago, when giving Botox to patients was strictly the prerogative of cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons. It was a restricted access field, with restricted income, and all sorts of myths and privileges surrounded it. Now, though.. Botox is for everyone.

Being a physician puts you in an incredibly advantageous position to give Botox. First off, physicians have the best knowledge of facial structure. Whether it is muscle layers, innervations, bone structure, insertion and attachment of muscles and the skin covering them- every physician has covered it all in detail in the course of their study. This automatically gives physicians the best footing to decide the placement of fillers and levels at which to administer Botox. Administering botox is itself not a complicated procedure- in fact, it’s incredibly simple. Anyone with a background in healthcare can be licensed to provide Botox to patients, such as dentists and nurses, but there is always a clear preference among patients to avail of Botox from doctors. And why wouldn’t they? Till a few years ago Botox was only available to movie stars and page three personalities. Now, anyone can access it, right down to housewives and schoolteachers. Botox is provided even in spas and beauty salons, but the quality of these treatments and the experience of the people who provide it, is extremely deficient. Patients seek a qualified person to get Botox from, and who better than a physician?

While that is from a patient’s point of view, from a physician’s point of view, offering Botox facilities is sheer benefit too. Botox is a minor procedure that requires you to allot approximately 20 -30 minutes per patient, has a very small risk margin and minuscule chance of side effects or adverse effects. In addition, the initial set up is not a considerable investment. Once you’ve obtained licensing in accordance to the laws of your state, you’re set up to provide Botox. Experience is easy to build up, especially if you’re a physician with an established patient base. One thing to make sure of is that every patient is completely made to be at ease and reassured, and your work environment is equally soothing and professional. This extends to your manner as well, as well as your technique. It’s an additive process. The more patients you have, the more experience you acquire, and it continues. Especially once your patients spread the word, your patient base is only going to grow.  Administering Botox is incredibly time efficient, and allows you to help a lot of people as well.

This becomes even more significant when you consider how many people get Botox from unreliable establishments. Practically all the Botox ‘horror’ stories are from people who went to a backroom parlor or weekend getaway to get Botox and it went wrong. A physician who provides Botox is the safest alternative for all parties involved. In fact, if you have a well trained nursing staff, you can delegate authority and distribute the workload, and expand your practice. This even includes branching out to beauty salons which will provide Botox to patients with a physician’s supervision. And not just Botox, but dermal fillers are covered in most training courses as well. There are limitless options to expansion, once you start Botox.

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