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Botox And Filler Banned For Minors In UK, And Some Want Ireland To Be Next

Botox And Filler Banned For Minors In UK, And Some Want Ireland To Be Next

Starting in October 2021, administering Botox or injectable dermal filler to anyone under age 18 for cosmetic purposes is a crime in the United Kingdom, even if an adult gives permission. Some in Ireland believe that nation should be next in banning the procedure to put an end to an out-of-control situation that sometimes results in teens having injectable treatments at home from people with no training.

In the United States, there is no minimum age for Botox and filler injections in many states, but some medical professionals set their own rules.

In Ireland, regulation of Botox is lax, sometimes leading to unskilled, untrained injectors doing procedures at beauty salons or private homes. Many teens have been subjected to injections that may not have been done safely or correctly. Some are calling for regulations to be tightened to improve safety and level the playing field for injectors.

One cosmetic injector said recently in Irish media that the industry is simply out of control. She is among industry leaders in the nation who believe something must be done before there are serious injuries or even deaths that result from untrained injectors not following established procedures and safety protocols.

She admits that Botox for medical reasons can be safely used on those under age 18 and can be very effective for migraines or the jaw condition TMD. It can also be used to prevent excessive sweating when injected into hands or underarms and can sometimes treat other medical conditions, including bladder problems.

Those who choose to follow high standards in their practices and exclude teens from treatments are fed up with laxity. There is no governing body willing to tackle the situation, the cosmetic injector said, so harm continues to be done by people with no training.

For Ireland, it’s the Health Products Regulatory Authority that regulates medicines, including Botox, and it has recorded at least five reports of Botox adverse reactions in the first two-thirds of 2021. Most of these, however, were mild or moderate and included blurred vision, rashes and swelling – all reactions that line up with listed possible side effects of injectables.

Training Is Key

No matter what nation an injector chooses to operate a practice in, training is key to avoiding unanticipated effects and adverse outcomes. Good training includes specifics about injection depths, dosages and angles as well as details on what needles to use, how to manage consent forms and more.

Most U.S. states have restrictions on who can administer injectables, and many require training and certification before a medical professional can work on patients.

Dentox’s injectables training programs include these and other key pieces of information, including how to market new skills for maximum benefit to the practice. All Dentox courses are taught by Dr. Howard Katz, a longtime instructor who has been teaching since the beginning of the industry and who is named on the patent application for Botox and related products because of his research.

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