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Botox Training For Dentists in Los Angeles.. Allowing You To Do And Earn More

When you take Botox training for dentists in Los Angeles (from Dr. Howard Katz), you’re not just learning to help a few patients. You’re opening doors to new revenue channels, new clients and a potential new direction for your practice and your career. That’s not overselling; those are facts when you choose Dentox.

So just what can a dentist do with Botox training? Quite a lot, actually. Here are four ways to can immediately expand your practice with Botox:

  1. Offer Botox for esthetic and therapeutic benefit. Provide existing and new clients with Botox injections for both cosmetic purposes and for the relief of TMD, facial pain, migraine and sialorrhea symptoms. Work with your patients on smile esthetics including gummy and asymmetrical smiles too.
  2. Administer The DentoX Lift program. This supra-periosteal, intra-oral use of Botox and dermal fillers provides many of the benefits of a facelift with no surgery and no downtime. During our Botox training for dentists in Los Angeles, you’ll learn this remarkable procedure that you can start offering right away. Correct mild Class 2 and 3 issues, enhance dentofacial support, improve lip symmetry and proportions and more.
  3. Provide PRP biofiller injections. Platlet-rich plasma injections are a much-less-expensive alternative to dermal fillers that can’t cause allergic reactions and last just as well in the long run. PRP can also be used in your dental practice to enhance healing. Either way, the investment is small and the profit potential is huge.
  4. Go full-scale with a medical esthetics clinic in your office. Dentists who complete the Dentox training program are allowed to operate a full-scale medical esthetics facility based on Botox and dermal filler injections. This is a profitable addition to any dental practice and can easily become your primary business.

What You Learn In Our Botox Training Program

When you choose to take Botox training for dentists in Los Angeles from Dentox, we teach you several skills that can help you expand your practice and profit potential using your existing knowledge of the face and head and the knowledge we provide. These include:

Botox training.

With our Botox training, you can make your patients look and feel younger and help relieve their problems too. Therapeutic as well as cosmetic Botox is taught in our course, meaning you can acquire the skills to treat depression, migraines, TMD and other conditions. You also learn how to relax chewing muscles that can cause periocranial sensory nerve and blood vessel compression.

Dermal filler training.

We call our program Botox training for dentists in Los Angeles, but it’s more than that. It also includes comprehensive dermal filler training for strengthening weak or aging jawlines, plumping lips and more. The training focuses on injectible fillers including Restylane and Juvederm for superficial cosmetic work and Voluma and PRP for dramatically improving the skeletal profile. Just as with Botox training, the instruction includes a hands-on component to ensure that you get the most benefit possible.

PRP training.

Platelet-rich plasma injection is relatively new to our Botox training seminars, but technology is now available to allow you to perform PRP therapy inexpensively in your dental office. When used as a dermal filler, PRP is less expensive for you and the client and can’t cause an allergic reaction. But PRP is more than new kind of filler: It can also be injected into surgery sites and injuries to speed healing. When you take PRP training in Los Angeles from Dr. Katz, you could be among the first to offer this therapy in your area. Essentially, PRP is a concentrated serum created with a special centrifuge in your office from the patient’s own blood – so there’s no product to buy once you have the equipment in place.

The DentoX Lift.

An exclusive minimally invasive, nonsurgical facelift procedure created and refined by Dr. Katz, the DentoX Lift procedure takes just 30 minutes and can be highly profitable. Enhance the cheekbones, jawbones and chin using intraoral injections and special tools – all while giving your patients a nonsurgical alternative to a facelift. With this procedure, results are immediate, there’s no downtime and the cost for the patient is much less than an invasive facelift. The patient may not even feel any discomfort – and results can last 1 to 2 years or longer before the procedure needs to be repeated.

Proven marketing techniques.

Your new skills are worthless unless you can use them to get more revenue from you existing clients and bring in new ones. Learn to leverage your education in Botox and dermal fillers into a lucrative addition to your existing dental practice and a new career path than can give you an edge over competing dentists. All of this, plus you’re helping people look and feel their best.

Now Is The Time To Learn Botox

Additionally, Botox training for dentists in Los Angeles gets you 10 hours of continuing education credit, access to free refresher programs online (which also provide CE credit), the ability to bring a staff member as your demo patient and more. And we provide patient history and consent form, post-operative instruction templates – and everything you need to get started with your Botox and dermal fillers practice.

Become a Dentox-certified practitioner and reap the benefits in your practice right away – and for years to come. There is no easier way to enhance your practice than our comprehensive one-day seminar being offered soon in Los Angeles. Why not take the plunge and register now?

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