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How On-Demand Botox Training Works – And Works Better!

On-demand Botox training is a complete course in Botox that you can watch anytime you like – alone or with your colleagues. It couldn’t be more convenient, more economical or more practical.

But how does it work? Isn’t it hard to learn injection techniques without the instructor in the room with you? And what kind of support is available to make sure you succeed?

The process of learning Botox on-demand is as easy as it sounds. You simply:

  • Watch the webinar whenever you have the time
  • Enjoy a live Q&A session online with our trainer, Dr. Howard Katz
  • Complete our exclusive hands-on practice and send us your selfie proof.

Want more details? Keep reading to learn how your training is hands-on – even though you’re never in the same room with anyone from our training team.

Botox Training Anytime

We believe our on-demand Botox training course is the best program we’ve ever offered because it’s more convenient for everyone and involves the best training kit we’ve ever provided.

You start by deciding for yourself when you’d like to watch our training seminar. It’s your choice. And you can watch in small increments or in long sittings. You can watch over and over. You can even show the seminar to your team members who may benefit. (If you want, you can show it to your friends or family too.) For two months, you can watch anytime. While only registered participants will receive certification, those who assist you don’t necessarily need certification.

Once you’ve completed the training, you participate in a live session with Dr. Katz where you can ask questions and get the answers you need. As you start to treat patients, you may have specific case questions. When you do, reach out by email to Dr. Katz with questions and pictures. He will respond in 24 hours with his expertise and advice – at no cost.

How We Offer Hands-On Training On-Demand

The key to the Dentox watch-anytime Botox training course is our recently improved manikin kit and color-coded anatomy chart. When you register for this on-demand training, you get a manikin head with a set of adhesive stickers representing facial muscles. The stickers are specially designed to mimic the amount of resistance a needle feels when penetrating the skin. You simply attach the stickers to the model head in their proper locations, practice injection techniques we teach you and then show your work to us, proving mastery.

The plastic-vinyl material of the muscle labels has been specially designed to make a popping noise when you inject at the correct depth, allowing you to practice needle insertion with near-real-world feel. The dosages, depths and angles for each injection site are coded by color.

Many details of how to perform injections are made clear by the sticker set, including side effect management injection combinations. It may sound simple, but it works to teach Botox injection, and the satisfaction of our past students proves that.

No Need To Delay

Life can get in the way of getting the training you need for continuing education or advancing your career. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. The world is changing, and online training is more acceptable, more practical and more sensible than ever. Safely, sanely and smartly choose on-demand Botox training from Dentox to boost your skills and move your career forward.

With 60 days of total access, case support from Dr. Katz after the conclusion of your training and the most innovative training process available today, Dentox on-demand Botox training is right for so many medical and dental professionals. Isn’t it right for you?

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Dr. Howard Katz

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