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Offer a Botox Training Course To Your Medical Association Or Society

Offer a Botox Training Course To Your Medical Association Or Society

Medical Association Botox Training

Why not provide something real and valuable to your medical association or society that your members will truly enjoy and get benefit from? Offer a Botox training class with the most recognized name in Botox for cosmetic and therapeutic uses, Dr. Howard Katz. What could be better or smarter than that?

If you’re going to offer Botox training, it makes sense to get the training from a recognized expert whose name is even on the patent application for Botox and related products. Dr. Katz is a dedicated and experienced trainer who offers fun and informative classes that your members can follow with ease. If licensing requirements are met and the state allows it at your training location, your members can even learn by practicing on real people.

Hundreds have already experienced expert training from Dr. Katz, and your member can be among them if you book his training services now. Many of his former students are now experts of their own because of the high-quality instruction they received in one of Dr. Katz’ private, scheduled or custom training programs. Now, they’re satisfying patients every day in their practices while boosting the bottom line of their businesses to a level they never dreamed to imagine possible.

When those in your medical association who choose to attend your training seminar are finished, they will have great confidence in their Botox injection abilities. Specifically, they will gain the information they need to be confident about:

  • deciding if Botox or dermal fillers are right for a particular patient
  • recognizing and understanding side effects and contraindications of Botox
  • explaining the benefits of Botox to patients who need convincing
  • how anatomy plays a role in determining where the injection is done, how deep the needle goes and the angle
  • and a lot more.

Those who successfully complete the quick and efficient training will also gain the ability to speak with complete confidence about the products, how they’re used and how dermal fillers and Botox can work together for the best possible results.

But that’s not all trainees learn when you offer a Botox training course to your medical society or association. Students will also learn about:

  • how Botox works wonders for habitual muscle clenching, migraines and face pain of many different types, including TMD
  • how raising the corners of a patient’s mouth can help prevent inflammation in addition to providing cosmetic benefits
  • how dermal fillers can be used in conjunction with Botox to treat lines around the mouth caused by years of smoking
  • how it’s possible to take action to prevent undesirable outcomes from Botox.

As the founder of Dentox, a company devoted to teaching Botox skills to doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals, Dr. Katz has an established reputation, and working with him can enhance the reputation of your medical society. Plus, the training he provides your members will create new experts in the field whose work will also reflect positively on your organization.

Because Dr. Katz has a busy schedule training and is also a practicing medical professional with patients of his own, not every medical association who contacts his company will be able to get him or get their preferred dates, so please make arrangements right away to take advantage of his limited availability.

If you miss this chance, you’ll have to settle for second best — or worse. Don’t let your medical society or association suffer from your poor planning. Instead, plan now to have Dr. Katz provide the Botox training you want to offer. It’s an intelligent decision that will serve you well.

For Dr. Katz to visit your city and give a Botox Training Program to your medical association, call (858) 550-9533.

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