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The Old Meets The New With San Antonio Online Botox Training You Can Trust

San Antonio is very much a city where the old meets the new, so it makes sense to get the Botox and dermal filler injection skills you need in a way that combines the very best of old and new methods.

In the shadow of the Alamo, the Cathedral and those impressive missions of old stand universities and training centers aimed at address all kinds of student needs. But you don’t have to go anywhere to get the very best Botox training. It’s available online from industry leader Dr. Howard Katz, a longtime expert in the field.

Introducing The Dentox Advantage

Dr. Katz is the founder of Dentox, the very best online Botox training company. While you may have other choices in San Antonio Botox training, learning from Dr. Katz and the Dentox team has clear advantages.

Specifically, Dentox excels because:
• It combines old-fashioned, proven educational techniques with modern technology for the best melding of training techniques to benefit students like you.
• It teaches you Botox and dermal filler injection techniques that really work to satisfy clients.
• It teaches you techniques that will help you get new patients while incurring few startup expenses.
• It provides certification from an innovator and inventor whose name is on the Botox patent application and other related documents.
• It offers the only hands-on and interactive Botox training program in the nation.
• It offers you free local refreshers when you’re in the San Diego area.
• It gives you AGD Continuing Education credit that you may need anyway.

Getting To Know The All-Inclusive Dentox Program

When you choose to take the hybrid Botox training program from Dr. Katz that combines his old-fashioned high-quality teaching techniques with the modern technology the Internet offers, you can learn injection techniques and much more from your San Antonio home or practice. The program is comprehensive, so nothing you need to know is left out.

As a participant in the course, you’ll get course materials, of course, as well as resource lists and other materials you can use in your practice. You also get sample forms and proof of your successful completion as well as all the materials needed to prove your abilities to Dr. Katz without leaving your San Antonio location.

Better Than A Local San Antonio Class

Online training is great for respecting your time and reducing your hassles. Forget parking hassles, taking time off and dealing with colleagues you never liked anyway. When you learn online you benefit because:
• You connect better with your instructor. It’s like he’s talking directly to you and only to you, not a meeting room full of other people.
• You can take a look at a class recording anytime you want, months or even years later if you like. You can’t do that will in-person training.
• You can test privately. With the materials provided, you send in proof of mastery to Dr. Katz and his team and don’t have to show off for the class.
• You can consult later by email with Dr. Katz, something in-person instructors probably won’t allow.

Choose Hybrid San Antonio Botox Training

By combining the best of older training methods with what he’s learned from hundreds of online seminars, Dr. Katz has become an expert at hybrid online Botox training. That makes him the best choice for San Antonio training or training anywhere else in the United States.

Go to a recognized expert for your Botox training and learn marketable skills that will serve you well for many years to come. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Register for the Dentox Online Botox Training Course

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