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What You Learn During On-Demand Botox Training From Dentox

It’s among the first questions prospective enrollees ask: What do I learn from the Dentox on-demand Botox training course? And the answer is simple: Everything you need to know for success in injectables. That includes how to perform injections safely, effectively and for maximum benefit plus how to reach people who want your new services. […]

Botox- Advantages for Nurses

Being a nurse is taxing enough. Long hours, endless shifts on rotation and demanding work do not leave much time left over to consider the entrepreneurial aspect of your job. But there certain options available that can not only make your life much easier, but make your income and working hours more streamlined. One of […]

Can You Get In On The Expected 50 Percent Growth In Botox?

If you’ve had Botox training from Dentox, you’re poised to get in on the 50 percent growth of Botox demand expected over the coming decade. According to a report last year, that’s how big the demand for botulinum toxin type A cosmetic procedures will be. Over the preceding decade, demand for Botox injections has already […]

Cosmetics Growth Being Driven By Proliferation Of Botox

The growth in the plastic surgery industry is continuing to be driven by Botox, dermal fillers and chemical peels, the most popular cosmetic procedures for several years in a row, according to information released recently. And it isn’t just cosmetic surgeons who are benefiting from this trend. Any medical professional with Botox training can get […]

Is Your Dental Society Looking To Offer a Botox Training Course?

If your dental society wants to offer a Botox training course, why not offer the very best? Why not choose Botox training from Dr. Howard Katz, one of the inventors of Botox for cosmetic purposes and other botulinum toxin products? As you probably already know, going straight to the source is always a smart idea. […]

How Long Does Botox Last?

by Botox Edu There’s good news and bad about Botox: it doesn’t last forever. That’s bad, of course, because you have to regularly spend money for Botox injections if you want to maintain its powerful wrinkle-reducing impact. It’s good that the effect is only temporary, however, if you get botched Botox. You don’t have to […]

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