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Skill Enhancement Where And When You Want It With On-Demand Botox Training

The innovative on-demand Botox training program from Dentox provides doctors, dentists, nurses and other medicals professionals with high-quality injectables training from one of the most respected companies and trainers in the business.

Even better, this training comes to you wherever and whenever you want it. It’s now possible to learn hands-on and on your terms from a top instructor with a long history of success. Stay with us to learn how this course works.

Get Botox Training Without Travel

With an in-person class, you may have to travel to reach the training or conference center. With live online classes, you have to make time in your schedule when the training company is offering the seminar. With on-demand Botox training from Dentox, you can watch and learn from our top-quality training program anytime you like for up to 60 days after registration for a single low price. You can re-watch anything you like, and wait as long between sections as you want.

Whether you dislike traveling, don’t feel it’s safe right now or just can’t set aside time in your schedule for a class on someone else’s terms, this watch-anytime training from Dr. Howard Katz could be right for you. You learn everything you would learn by training with us in person, including:

• The essentials – things like our suggested injection techniques, recommended dosages, how to deal with adverse effects and more.
• How to use your new skills to benefit your practice – promotion and marketing techniques proven through years of feedback from our clients.

Please be assured that this comprehensive on-demand Botox training doesn’t leave anything out. As with our teleconference and in-person training, we teach aesthetic injectable treatment in great detail. As you view the recorded seminar videos, you’ll learn how to eliminate or greatly reduce crow’s feet, bunny lines, glabellar lines, gummy smiles and much more.

To make sure you have a well-rounded skill set, we also include Botox for therapeutic purposes in treating migraines, TMD and other medical conditions. Instead of theory, we focus on practical usage of injectables in your practice.

Unlimited Access For 60 Days… Plus Much More

Our on-demand Botox course is based around prerecorded seminars that you can watch and re-watch for up to 60 days. But that’s not all that’s included in this unique program from Dentox, the leader in injectables training. We also provide:

• A hands-on training kit with improved manikin and bright stickers to help you see, practice and prove muscle location understanding and injection site comprehension. It’s our best hands-on kit yet.
• A live Q&A session with Dr. Howard Katz, the founder of our company and the trainer who will teach you Botox concepts through our video lessons.
• Our promise of support after your training. In fact, you will be able to send patient photos and details to Dr. Katz for advice and guidance on the best treatment plan – and get a response in 24 hours.
• Just as with a live training program, continuing education credit for this on-demand Botox class. We can tell you how to make sure you get the credit you deserve.

Serving You Your Way

Dentox has been involved with injectables training since the beginning, and we’re pleased to evolve as client needs change. Our on-demand Botox training seminar is the most flexible program we’ve ever offered, and this training is among the most affordable too.

Why not get the skills you need to start offering Botox at your practice – and get those skills conveniently, comfortably and quickly? Without hassles or a high cost, on-demand Botox training from Dentox is high-quality education from an experienced instructor on your terms.

Enroll now – or reach out for more information. You can complete the course now or anytime in the next couple of months. No matter how you do it, congratulations on deciding to go with the best.

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