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Tom Cruise has revealed that he does not use botox as part of his anti-aging routine, which puts Sandra Bullock’s Hollywood EGF Facial to shame

Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock may take unconventional efforts to keep their youthful looks, but medical specialist-administered Botox injections offer a quicker option with longer-lasting anti-aging effects, more exact wrinkle and line targeting, and more natural results.

The Oblivion star pampers his skin with a unique, eco-friendly treatment despite his busy schedule and perilous stunt training.

Tom Cruise has a simple but quite unusual means of keeping his youthful glow while his Hollywood peers spend millions on pricey treatments or surgery. The Mission: Impossible actor favors a simple face mask comprised of natural components over drastic measures like Botox or laser treatments.

If Cindy Crawford likes to wash her face in milk, Teri Hatcher in a tub of expensive wine, and Sandra Bullock with an EGF facial, then Tom Cruise is all about bird excrement. You read that correctly; it’s nightingale excrement dissolved in rice bran and water.

Tom Cruise’s Secret: A Facial Mask Made From Bird Excrement to Preserve His Youthful Appearance

An anonymous source shared Tom Cruise’s anti-aging secret with Now Magazine. Victoria Beckham, the actor’s close friend, is responsible for the treatment’s widespread popularity. This is the $180 beautification routine he uses every time.

Tom avoids invasive procedures like Botox and surgery but is constantly researching new alternative remedies. After hearing about the nightingale excrement facial from a Hollywood friend, he decided to give it a try, and he’s been really pleased with the results so far.

A professional esthetician claims that the Geisha Facial is based on a procedure originally employed by Japanese geishas, who would exfoliate their skin using the excrement of nightingales. After applying the concoction, she sterilizes the skin using UV light. The whole thing will take you an hour. 

Nightingale droppings remove grime and enhance shine by acting as an exfoliant.

The 60-year-old actor has stated his disapproval of cosmetic surgery and his preference for more organic methods. 

Tom does not consider himself vain or strange for enjoying expensive facials. He says there are far crazier trends to choose from.

Despite his hectic schedule and commitment to dangerous stunt training, the star of Oblivion still finds time to pamper his skin with an unusual but eco-friendly treatment. This explains how Tom Cruise manages to keep his youthful appearance.

Sandra Bullock Reveals the Secret to Her Flawless Skin

Fans were intrigued when Sandra Bullock discussed her fondness for EGF facials. The Ocean’s 8 actresses went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to dish the dirt on her go-to beauty routine.

They managed to extract it from a chunk of flesh taken from a young person who lived in a faraway land. Basically, it’s a miniature roller with tiny needles that are used to apply pressure in order to achieve the desired effect. Breaking the skin’s collagen with pressure, helps the collagen strengthen. For one day, you’ll look like a burn victim, but then the serum will be pushed deep inside.

Bullock explained that the cells used in the procedure are not taken from her own body but rather from the foreskin of cloned Korean babies.

  Medical specialist-administered Botox injections are faster, more effective, and more natural than Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock's unusual treatments.

Medical specialist-administered Botox injections are faster, more effective, and more natural than Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock’s unusual treatments.

While Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock may take unusual measures to maintain their youthful appearance, Botox injections performed by a medical specialist offer a quicker solution with longer-lasting anti-aging effects, more accurate wrinkle, and line targeting, and more natural-looking outcomes.

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