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Wondering How To Become An Aesthetic Practitioner? Here’s A Path!

aesthetic practitionerThere’s more than one pathway toward becoming an aesthetic practitioner, but here’s a proven path that will give you the experience and skills you need to succeed. Consider where you stand now as you contemplate these career, training and licensing requirements – then make an informed decision about whether this pathway is for you.

Should I Become An Aesthetic Practitioner?

An aesthetic practitioner is a specially trained kind of nurse responsible for helping with clinical procedures and assisting a doctor with patient care. These special nurses are usually registered nurses – called RNs – or nurse practitioners – called NPs. Some are also advanced practice registered nurses – called APRNs.

These trained professionals may carry out Botox and dermal filler injections as well as laser hair removal and non-invasive body contouring procedures, for example. In fact, they may see patients independent of a doctor, and they may or may not be supervised when performing procedures. An aesthetic practitioner would most likely work at a place like a medical spa or an outpatient surgery center and might work full- or part-time.

How To Become An Aesthetic Practitioner

Here are the career requirements for becoming an aesthetic practitioner. When someone with an interest in this field is deciding how to become an aesthetic practitioner, this career path is the most commonly chosen.

Goal: Bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing with 2 to 3 years experience, a state RN license and certification in Botox and dermal fillers.

Additional Skills Required: Strong communication and interpersonal skills, good critical-thinking skills, a compassionate nature, physical stamina and excellent attention to detail.

Salary: Approximately $72,000 a year according to 2018 statistics.

First Step:

Get a nursing degree.

To get a job as an aesthetic practitioner, you will likely be required to be one of the nurse types mentioned above, which requires at least a BSN – or Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Explore the possibility of a cosmetic nursing or aesthetic practitioner specialization in school. In some cases, it may be possible to get the basics on the way toward this specialization while in nursing school. You may be able to train in specific procedures including fat grafting, chemical peels and more.

Second Step:

Get a nursing license.

Next, get your RN license. To do that, you must complete a complex test called the National Council Licensure Examination-Registered Nurse or NCLEX-RN in most cases – although requirements can vary from state to state. To become an APRN, you must first become an RN and then pass additional testing. While there are other paths as well, this is the most common pathway toward becoming an aesthetic practitioner.

Third Step:

Get some experience.

Once you’re licensed, you can get a job at a medical spa or perhaps a plastic surgery practice as an assistant to an aesthetic practitioner. For most positions, you’ll need 2 years of this experience – which you may be able to get from a job shadowing opportunity. During this time, you’ll learn more about the job requirements and stresses, including what an aesthetic practitioner actually does in a practice, how to assess skin aging and perhaps how to perform post-op care, among other things.

Fourth Step:

Get certified in Botox and dermal fillers.

This is how Dentox can help you. Certification in Botox and dermal fillers may or may not be required for the job you want, but it can help you get the position you desire, making you stand out from other candidates without certification. Also, a Botox and dermal fillers training program can provide the Continuing Education credit you need for maintaining your nursing license.

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