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“Watch Anytime” Dermal Fillers Video Course

Includes: Hands on with Manikins, Live Zoom Q & A With Dr. Katz



You Will Learn & Receive:

  • Comprehensive dermal fillers training video content, On Demand (watch as often as you like for 60 days!)
  • Continued access to Doctor Katz even after your 60 days
  • Exclusive manikin kit (with built in cheat sheets and simulated skin) for hands on training.
  • Live zoom question and answer follow up with Doctor Katz
  • Continued education credit.
  • A certificate stipulating your training was completed with Dentox & Dr. Howard Katz (who is listed on patent applications for Botox and Filler techniques).





Watch Your Video Content At Your Leisure


Join Live On Zoom For Your Q & A Session With Doctor. Katz


Send A Selfie With Your Completed Hands On Manikin Work

How The Hands-on Learning Works

The Dentox on-demand dermal fillers program happens on your schedule and in sessions as short or as long as you like. The training schedule is entirely up to you – so you can train for a few minutes at a time or in several long sessions to get it all done. Watch and re-watch as often as you like and share the training course with others for 2 full months. Although your family, friends, staff, and colleagues won’t get certified by Dentox unless they register, they can train to assist you, help you study, or see if they want to become an injector too (if qualified). In addition to the on-demand training, your course includes a live Q&A session with Dr. Katz, a unique hands-on practice kit, and a frameable certificate that can help you get malpractice insurance. After the course, submit any case-specific questions you may have to Dr. Katz for a one-day response at no additional charge.

Your training kit includes an exclusive manikin, color-coded muscle labels, and an anatomy chart. We’ve carefully chosen the label fabric to approximate the resistance of a needle going through the skin so that after you’ve placed the labels on the manikin according to our instructions, you can practice your subdermal injection technique with the labels and manikin. Most esthetic treatments on the upper face are of this type. The fabric even makes a popping sensation to indicate you’re injecting at the right depth. Doses for each injection location are color-coded, and needle depth and angles are coded on the labels too – so you can’t go wrong.

Your training kit also includes instructions for treatment zones that require combination injections as well as details about side effect management. Look for all you need to know about injection depths, product choice, recommended syringes and more. These extra instructions and your completed training manikin add up to everything you need to know for success in dermal filler injection. Just refer to these materials later as you treat patients. You never have to worry about remembering complex instructions since you have your visual reference at hand whenever you need it.




Dynamic, comprehensive and concise, this content teaches you how to correctly and successfully add injectable dermal fillers including Juvederm, Voluma and Restylane to your practice. Your patients will thank you for sculpting beautiful and youthful new looks for them – and your practice’s bottom line will benefit from additional income from adding this often-requested cosmetic offering.



  • Facial landmarks for determining best injection sites
  • Tissue manipulation techniques for preventing material migration
  • Pre-treatment with topical anesthesia for pain-free injections
  • Visualization of finished jobs
  • Creating natural looks, not fake ones
  • Selecting the right products for each patient
  • Best injection sites, depths and techniques
  • How to reduce nasolabial folds
  • Ways to enhance lips
  • Making the cheeks look fuller and rounder
  • Improving the profile with cheek and chin injections
  • Reducing the signs of aging at the jowls
  • Correcting your mistakes and those of others
  • Using fillers in conjunction with Botox
  • And much more.




Why Learn With Dentox?


When you select our on demand dermal filler program instead of a program from less experienced trainers, you get these benefits:

The most convenient format possible.

Our carefully thought-out on demand format gives you all the benefits of live in-person training – including interaction with the instructor and an opportunity to ask questions after the prepared material – without the necessity of travel or time away from your office. We even provide a mannequin that makes it possible for you to train and prove mastery hands-on.

The most experienced instructor.

Dr. Howard Katz is known around the world as an educator, inventor and creator of treatment protocols who is named on 5 medical patents, including Botulinum Toxin applications. He is the founder of our dermal filler training company, Dentox, a well-reviewed company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Dr. Katz has decades of in-office treatment experience too.

The best, proven marketing techniques.

We don’t just teach you how to inject dermal fillers during this on demand class, we also provide tested, step-by-step marketing techniques that have worked for Dr. Katz in his own practice and for his previous students. And we cover documentation, patient forms and more – so you can get started with ease right away. No other on demand dermal filler program has so much practical expertise behind it.

The certification you need for success.

Dentox is proud to be an approved PACE program provider. Training with us gets you the certification you need for success, the Continuing Education credit you may need anyway and more. Importantly, your clients and colleagues will respect your decision to train with an experienced company that’s well-known in the industry. And you’ll get the best education because you’re training with the best instructor and best dermal filler training company.

Continued Access.

Taking our on demand dermal filler course gives you an additional 60 days of access to you seminar so you can review and refresh your knowledge as many times as you like in that period. Even more importantly, you have indefinite access to Dr. Katz: Send specific case questions to him anytime – even years after you complete the course. If you choose to attend a live training class later, get credit for your full course fee plus other discounts.




CE Credit & Perks For Our Students

Learn a lucrative skill by taking the Dentox on-demand dermal filler training course – and pick up credits you may need anyway. Dentox is proud to be an AGD PACE approved provider, so you qualify for continuing education credit upon completion of training with us. But you get much more than just some credit. It’s hands-on training you can watch and complete anytime as well as expert tips and advice from one of America’s most experienced filler trainers: Dr. Howard Katz, the founder of Dentox who only trains through us. Want more? If you decide after taking this on-demand dermal fillers course that you’d like more training, come to a live seminar whenever it fits your schedule and pay only the difference between the price of this program and the one you choose to attend later. Plus, get discounts on other Dentox training, priority in registering for new courses we may offer and more. dermal fillers training credit




Thanks for the course today doc! Your explanations and clarity are very appreciated! You did great. Sincerely, Dave

Thank you for allowing international doctors the chance to participate in such a great course. I have recommended your course to other dermatologists around the Caribbean. Previously I had done a similar course with three other providers but never felt confident to inject fillers or BTX. Your course simplifies everything especially dilutions, volume, needle placement, etc.

Thank you so much for your training on Super Bowl Sunday. I learned a lot.. From taking your course, and prior to going out on disability, I was able to show the physician I work with techniques that I learned from your webinar. He was amazed! Once again, I am appreciative of your time, skill and knowledge.

Thanks for the nice presentation .It was very well organized and it was pleasure to participate in your course.

Dr. Stela Munro2018-01-29

Your training was very comprehensive, concise and informational. You are a good teacher, speaker and terrific orator. Take care and have a wonderful year with prosperity.

As I reflect upon the training that I have reviewed, I feel pretty confident that I could do a nice job for my patients with both fillers and botox, thanks to the very nice material provided by Dr. Katz. Thanks

I really appreciate your time today, and thank you for a great and informative course!

Thanks Howard for the great course! I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Your course was full of useful information and I really enjoyed it!

Dr. Eleanor Lin2017-09-25

I really enjoyed your teaching. It was very clear, complete and fun. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, it really means a lot to me. May God keep blessing you.

The course was really helpful and gave the drive and confidence to incorporate injectables to my practice. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for such a well run class. I have been interested in taking the botox and dermafil classes for quite sometime. There were so many different choices that I had really put it on the back burner. After a little inspiration, I finally decided to take your classes (botox and dermafil) on the same day. I am extremely happy I did and will highly recommend to anyone that your presentations are the only way to go. Thank you so much.

Great course… Enjoyed it! You emphasized the most important parts. Well organized. Walked away confident and ready…

Thanks again for your terrific class. I have done two live people under supervision so far with excellent results.

I found your online class to be remarkably thorough and informative… your presentation made it easy to digest a great deal of information in a concise amount of time. I also appreciate your lecture style and the fact that I could ask all of my questions and instantly receive clear and informative answers. Moreover, the scope of your lecture that ranged from the pharmacology to the clinical application and finished with the economics encompassed everything I’d hoped to hear. I am thrilled that I made the decision to take your course!

Thank you so much, and I already recommended a friend to take your course!

One of the most straight forward and best learning experiences I’ve had. Instead of being lost in a big room full of people it was more like a one-on-one private lesson with Dr. Katz. Time was spent focusing on the practical application of the techniques, with lot’s of “pearls”. I feel confident I can start doing these treatments tomorrow, avoid, and if need be treat any complications. This is a lateral skill for a dentist with experience. I would highly recommend this course to any fellow professional.





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