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Clinical Pearls – Botox & Fillers Training Videos Part 3

This blog post is the next installation of a multi-part series of articles exploring the hidden gems of Dentox’s YouTube channel. Each article briefly explores a pair of videos in each of which Dr. Howard Katz’s shares his famous tips and tricks. These are the same tidbits of professional insider knowledge that put Dentox courses at the head of the pack in medical aesthetics education.

One of the surprising things for participants in the Dentox training courses is how the curriculum features marketing and other medical aesthetics business best practices as an integral component of Botox injectables training. The following video is a short example of the sort of business knowledge I’m talking about.

Medical necessity

In this hidden gem, Dr. Katz takes a brief look at the common requirements for insurers to cover the cost of procedures of medical necessity. An example of this is Botox injections for improving the symptoms of TMV or migraines.

In a nutshell, when a patient seeks treatment deemed a medical necessity, they need to have it written up as such by their physician in order to have the cost of the procedure reimbursed by their insurance. Follow up procedures also require a write-up attesting to at least a 50% effectiveness level of the previous treatment.

Watch the video below to get all the details from the expert’s mouth.

The secret to longevity

Have you ever participated in training where the only “teaching” involved were a “sage upon the stage” lecturing from a lectern while you struggled to maintain consciousness? If so, you needn’t feel any shame; almost nodding off is more a consequence of bad educational practices than a poor reflection of your passion for growth and learning.

The second hidden gem today shows the viewer a bit of the humor injected (pardon the pun) into our balanced and engaging educational courses. You’ll see what we mean when you press “play”.

In the video, Dr. Katz explores “the secret of longevity” for Botox. Specifically, this video includes a smart hack for extending the shelf life of your botulinum toxin. When stored in the recommended saline solution, Botox usually lasts only two days before practitioners must throw out the product. Dr. Katz will show you how to make it last up to one week. Take a look.

Aside from the humorous slides, this hidden gem offers the viewer another small tip you can’t get anywhere else. In both skills and marketing, Dentox courses offer a unique growth opportunity.

We’re proud to share our expert knowledge with a wider audience on a platform like YouTube. If you liked this video, you can check out one of our many other “genius minute” and testimonial videos or you can simply check back in here when we share our next hidden gem! Enjoy!

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