Dermal Fillers Course – Comprehensive Injectable Fillers Training Online

Dermal Fillers Course Director: Dr. Howard Katz

dermal fillers course on computer

  • More Than Thirty Five Years Experience Including Botox & Dermal Fillers in Private Practice
  • Co-creator of the only human injectible approved by the FDA in 2008
  • Major Pharmaceuticals Collaborated with Dr. Katz Include Allergan, Medicis & Prollenium
  • Named on the patent application for all botulinum toxins & holder of five other medical patents
  • President IADE (International Association of Dentofacial Esthetics)
  • International Lecturer on Dermal Fillers & Botox, Locations Including: Holland, South Africa, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Spain, Portugal. Institutions: NYU, NSU, AGD

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Dermal Filler Program: The Highlights


Convenient Online Format – Learn from your home or office, while still obtaining the benefits of live interaction with Dr. Katz, as well as hands on elements using a model shipped to you in advance.

Learn From Trusted Educators – Dr. Katz is an acclaimed international educator, inventor and creator of treatment protocols (named on 5 medical patents including Botulinum Toxin applications), and Dentox is a highly reviewed organization (see reviews on Google and Yelp.) A+ Rated BBB organization.

Proven Marketing Techniques – Learn Dr. Katz’s proven (via his own highly lucrative private practice, and continued success of his students) marketing techniques for Botox and Dermal Fillers, with clearly implementable steps.

Certification – Dentox is an approved PACE program provider, and our Dermal Fillers certification is highly respected. In fact, many of our students are actually referrals from insurance companies.

Continued Access – Dr. Katz makes himself available to students after your Dermal Fillers training, and you are given anytime access to a recording of the program for future revision. Students are also entitled to free hands-on Dermal Fillers instruction while injecting at any live Dentox program, as well as discounts on attending the entire live programs.


The Live/Online/Interactive Format For Dermal Fillers Training


It’s possible to get dermal fillers training and certification without ever leaving your office, practice or home. Our unique and easy-to-use interactive process allows you to view the class from any sort of computer, smart phone or tablet and communicate in real-time with the instructor. And you don’t need extensive computer knowledge to get involved. The process is as easy as this:

interactive dermal fillers foam headdermal fillers training on laptop
  1. Signing up for our dermal fillers course online.
  2. Clicking on a link in the email we send to you.
  3. Watching the class on your device.
  4. Asking questions by speaking into the built in microphone or using the chat box.
  5. Using the device’s camera or your phone to demonstrate your technique on a live patient or foam model.
  6. Receive certification within 48 hours of your demonstration.

The entire process is very intuitive, and we have an IT person on standby should you require any assistance.


Course Syllabus For All-Inclusive Esthetic Injectable Fillers


In this dynamic and comprehensive Dermal Fillers training program, learn how to properly and successfully use injectable dermal fillers, including Juvederm Voluma and Restylane. With these remarkable products, you can sculpt beautiful visages for your patients while increasing the viability and income of your cosmetic practice. This Dermal Fillers course teaches you how to get the best results for every kind of patient. In addition, you’ll learn how to use dermal fillers in conjunction with Botox for the best possible results on the cheekbones, chin, nose and mouth.

Included in the course, intended for medical professionals who offer or want to offer cosmetic services, are details on the most important clinical aspect of dermal filler use not available on YouTube or on the product inserts.

This online Dermal Fillers class includes topics such as facial landmarks, tissue manipulation sites for prevention of material migration, best injection sites and useful tips that virtually guarantee successful outcomes for all kinds of patients. The instructor will work with you one-on-one and test your understanding of covered concepts via your computer connection and with the use of demonstration by you on a model head.

More than 94 percent of fillers are products involving hyaluronic acid or HA. When you add these safe and easy-to-inject fillers to your set of skills, you’re setting the stage for a stronger and more prosperous career and practice. Our instructor has more than a dozen years of experience education people like you on dermal fillers and Botox and has graduated thousands of medical professionals. These include doctors, nurses and other kinds of healthcare professionals.

The Dentox online filler training course is designed to offer everything a participant should know about these in-demand aesthetic treatments. That begins with an understanding of how to differentiate between the different brands of dermal fillers to know which products are best for your patients. It continues right through to practicing injection techniques until you establish complete comfort. During the program you are always supervised and instructed on your own face or model head, even though you’ll be participating from your location online.

Estimates indicate that there are more than 60 million people in America’s Baby Boomer generation who may be in the market for aesthetic procedures, and that pool will rise until the year 2025 or perhaps beyond. Soft tissue augmentation procedures including dermal fillers are the second most popular of all non-surgical cosmetic procedures, following only Botox. The reason is because long-term results are possible. There are also a wide variety of fillers available today that can be used to improve a wide array of esthetic concerns. The average profit for administering these materials is $200 to $350 to $400 per syringe, and this is generated in a few short minutes.

The Dentox dermal filler program from Dr. Katz is a complete track to certification for doctors and nurses as well as dentists and other healthcare professionals. Free refresher courses and online course archives are available to course attendees.

The Dermal Filler products covered include Restylane, JuvedermVoluma and others. Information is presented about how to select these products to deal with lines and loss of tissue in the follow areas:
dermal filler brands

After completing the Dermal Fillers course, all students will know how to:

Also included in the Dermal Fillers training program is a study of specific protocols for each of the injections zones and other practical tips designed to help ensure postoperative compliance and the right aftercare for every patient. The practical and intensive sessions are designed to provide everything necessary so that students can then demonstrate their mastery of the concepts in a hands-on manner. Dr. Katz and his friendly, competent and attentive staff make sure you finish the course feeling completely confident about performing dermal filler and Botox procedures on real patients. And Dentox offers a unique guarantee that ensures you get one-on-one instruction later at no additional cost if you feel that you need additional hands-on training to become totally proficient.

Injecting dermal fillers is one part art and one part science. Since you have a limited amount of product in each syringe and strategic placement of the product is essential to get the best correction, it’s easy to see how both subjective and objective criteria must be considered. It is also crucial to set patient expectations and identify what sorts of issues can be corrected with dermal fillers and what cannot.

Isn’t it time to join the thousands of doctors, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals in the United States who have integrated dermal fillers into their practices with great success? There’s very little capital cost associated with the addition these lucrative and beneficial procedures to your practice yet they’re in very high demand. When done right by a well-trained medical professional like you, patients can enjoy a high level of satisfaction. Get the instruction you need to give your patients what they want and what you need to expand and ensure the success of your practice.


Marketing: Get The New Patients You Need


Our dermal fillers training efficiently and affordably teaches you the practical information and techniques you need to reach the large and lucrative dermal filler market. Google indicates that there are tens of thousands of searches for the phrase “dermal fillers” each month. These often-frustrated searchers are people with a high level of disposable income who make ideal new patients for expanding your practice.

Many other ways to bring in new patients require a significant equipment investment up front, but for dermal fillers, the only investment is the low cost of the course and some basic materials. The first few treatments you perform will pay these small expenses. Even better, each dermal filler treatment takes just 5 to 10 minutes in most cases, giving you a profit-to-time ratio you simply can’t get any other way.

Our dermal fillers training also includes valuable information on pointing out treatment value to patients, making it easy to gain their acceptance. With our training, you can turn skeptics who are concerned about pain, cost and other issues into fans who will serve as your practice’s ambassadors, helping you bring in new patients. We even cover how much to charge your new patients, the right insurance codes for those who are covered and how to get your money from non-cash patients.


Dermal Fillers Class Schedule


Course Schedule
Hour 1
Soft Tissue Facial Anatomy & Cheat Sheets
Hour 2-3
Learn Dermal Filler & Anesthetic Techniques
Types of Dermal Filler Materials & Selection Criteria
Correcting & Avoiding Mistakes With Dermal Fillers
Instructions: Pre & Post Operative
Dermal Filler Treatment Types (By Individual Patient)
Examples Of Techniques – Before, During & After
Hour 4
Questions & Answers
Course Schedule
Hour 1
Soft Tissue Facial Anatomy & Cheat Sheets
Hour 2-3
– Learn Dermal Filler & Anesthetic Techniques
– Types of Dermal Filler Materials & Selection Criteria
– Correcting & Avoiding Mistakes With Dermal Fillers
– Contra-Indications
– Instructions: Pre & Post Operative
– Dermal Filler Treatment Types (By Individual Patient)
– Examples Of Techniques – Before, During & After
Hour 4
Questions & Answers


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joseph banks fillers review dermal fillers left quoteThank you for the fillers course. I learned a great deal and look forward to expanding my practice. I had previously taken the Botox course and by applying your technique I have extremely satisfied clients. It has also been very profitable for my practice. I look forward to adding cosmetic fillers to my practice as I am confident that my clients will be happy and it will also be profitable. Thank you again for the excellent course.dermal fillers right quote
– Joseph Banks APRN
Angelina Lauchangco MD fillers review dermal fillers left quoteI attended the Live, online injectable fillers training.. The course is Amazing! I watched the video again , and learned more. Many thanks and I will definitely be back for another course.dermal fillers right quote
– Angelina Lauchangco, MD
Angelina Lauchangco MD fillers review dermal fillers left quoteI just finished both Botox and fillers online courses this weekend with Dr Katz. It was a great experience. They send you foam heads so you don’t have to find a friend to poke for practice. There were only a few other people in each course, so it was very easy to interact on a personal level with the instructor. He taught in a way that made the material seem simple and not intimidating. He also stressed techniques for realistic and attractive outcomes. I would definitely recommend the courses… He also gives his email in case you have questions after the course.dermal fillers right quote
– Amanda G. botox training yelp reviews
Angelina Lauchangco MD fillers review dermal fillers left quoteWe have had an amazing experience with Dr. Katz and Ari. We were hesitant to take a course online however through the online video that you can watch over and over and the quick correspondence it is honestly better for me than going to a live course. Thank you so much for all your help Dr. Katz.dermal fillers right quote
– Mary R. botox training yelp reviews
dermal fillers left quoteHe is clearly very skilled at what he does and understands the aesthetics of a face… I hope other doctors learn from this master. dermal fillers right quote
– Lina P. botox training yelp reviews
dermal fillers left quote Thank goodness I took this course before expanding my practice to include aesthetics, it shortened the learning curve by months if not years. I attribute the success of our aesthetics program in no small part to Dr. Katz’s insights. I felt compelled to leave this review as he goes above and beyond for his students, even after the course! dermal fillers right quote
– Peter J. MD botox training google plus reviews
dermal fillers left quoteI have now taken both the Dermal Fillers and Botox Training courses online with Dr. Katz.. I’ve paid 3 times as much for weekend long courses, and only learned a fraction of the real-world applications that he provides. The direct interaction with Dr. Katz over the built in webcam on my computer was surprisingly easy and effective.. these were the best CE courses I have taken, and I will be the first in line for any new courses he brings out.dermal fillers right quote
– Dr. Ann Arlo



– Dr. Brian Chamberlain



– Dr. Derek Covington



– Dr. Ricardo Alkhouri



– Dr. Cal Heinrich



– Dr. Almus McDowall


online botox education detailsYour Satisfaction Guaranteed At Dentox, we stand confidently behind all our courses. We’re so certain that you’ll be happy with Dr. Katz and his associates as well as with the format, curriculum and results obtained that we offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee as your assurance of complete satisfaction.
Tuition: $699

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