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Attend Superior Botox Training Near Spring… From The Nation’s Best Teacher!

When you take the time to compare Botox and dermal filler courses in the Spring area, you’ll see that the differences are significant. Some courses take days. Others are taught by less-than-experienced teachers. Some don’t even cover everything.

We offer an injectables class that’s:

  • Quick. Learn 4 important injectables concepts in a single day.
  • Overflowing with potential. We’ll show you ways to make money with these skills.
  • Thorough. Learn Botox and more from the premier instructor.
  • Something you need. Take advantage of 18 hours Continuing Ed credit.

Why would you trust your training to anyone else?



Premier Instructor In U.S. Offers Botox Courses In Texas

The most respected, most experienced Botox teacher in the United States is Dr. Howard Katz, our founder and primary instructor – and he teaches in the Spring area. His connection with Botox is so deep and wide that his name is on the Botox patent application. You can benefit from his 40+ years of experience in injectables and more.

Uniquely qualified to teach a range of medical professionals, Dr. Katz has both medical and dental training. A practicing dentist, he’s also one of the first to offer training in Botox and related products. Because we have Dr. Katz, we can say with certainty that no other company offers a better, more thorough or more up-to-date course.



Details On The Single-Day Botox Course Near Spring

Not surprisingly, the real meat of our Botox program is experiential training in proper injection techniques. That’s what often draws people to our course near Spring. We’ll show you how to successfully treat many patients in just minutes each. We’ll also show you:

  • Why proper patient assessment is crucial to satisfaction
  • Why using the right dilution for the job gets the best results
  • How you can save thousands by avoiding product waste
  • How medical conditions like TMJ syndrome and clenching respond to Botox
  • And a lot more.

But that’s just the beginning. The day continues with instruction in these important concepts:

Fillers. Offer your clients excellent outcomes beyond what’s possible with Botox alone when you combine with dermal fillers for better overall results, reduced lines and increased smoothness.

Nerve Blocking. Create this remarkable healing and filling agent in-office with affordable equipment. Use what results as a replacement for dermal fillers or for the healing of surgery sites, injuries and bone grafting.

DentoX LIFT. This exclusive, one-of-a-kind procedure was created by Dr. Katz and is constantly being refined and improved. It uses fillers injected using a special method to give facelift-style results in a half-hour – with no need for general anesthetic or incisions.

Useful Extras Come With This Daylong Spring Area Botox Course

There are many advantages to training with the best injectables instructor offering classes in the Spring area. One of them is that you get these extras that other courses may not provide:

  • Smart promotional methods for reaching and keeping patients
  • Documents and forms to help you get off to a fast start
  • 10 useful hours of CE credit for completing the live course
  • 8 bonus hours of CE credit for free recorded online courses
  • Ability to bring a colleague or coworker for free as your patients
  • Botox certification and listing in our respected directory
  • And a lot more.



Whether you need to stabilize or expand your practice – or you’re just wanting to pick up a new skill or get your hours in – our quick, skills-rich class is for you. More and more Spring residents will soon come to depend on you and your abilities.

The top Botox course in the nation is available in South Texas…

and no instructor teaching near Spring is better.

Take a day and gain four new skills.

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