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Well-Regarded Glendale Area Botox Training Features America’s Best Instructor!

The top Botox and dermal fillers instructor in America – a respected teacher and innovator with decades of experience serving patients – offers classes in the Glendale area. Join us soon for a comprehensive, revenue-focused single-day course that will provide you the skills you need for satisfying existing and new patients.

Train with us and you can:

  • Learn in a single day
  • Acquire skills to increase your revenue
  • Find out how to market your new abilities, and
  • Feel confident moving forward

It’s possible when you learn in Glendale from Dr. Howard Katz.



The Nation’s Best Injectables Teacher Offers Classes Near Glendale

There’s important news for Southern California medical pros looking to expand their skills and practices: Leading injectables instructor Dr. Howard Katz teaches his respected single-day Botox and fillers seminar near Glendale. When you take the course, you’ll learn from the nation’s best expert in this field – a man who is actually named on the patient application for Botox and related products. This medical and dental innovator has 40+ years experience satisfying patients and students.

In fact, Dr. Katz is a practicing dentist who also has medical training and is the main instructor and chief visionary for this Botox training company with single-day classes near Glendale. No other seminar from any other company provides more current live patient training. And no other company’s program focuses as much on how to use and promote your new skills.



Getting To Know Our Single-Day Botox Training Near Glendale

We offer you thorough yet quick instruction in Botox as well as 3 other important uses of injectables – all at a one-day Los Angeles seminar that’s a quick drive from where you live or work in Glendale. Here’s what your day with us includes:

Hands-On Botox Instruction. Treat patients at your practice just the way we show you to do it. Learn live in our class on a colleague or friend that you bring with you (if you like). Using our methods, you can perform many Botox treatments in 2 or so minutes each. Plus, you can successfully treat TMJ disorder, migraines and more.

Results-Enhancing Dermal Filler Instruction. Patients will likely come to you requesting Restylane, Juvederm and other filler treatments – and we’ll show you which products work best in which cases. Injection techniques are very much like Botox.

Unique Nerve Blocking Instruction. Satisfy filler patients in less time and with no pain or distortion using nerve blocking instead of traditional anesthesia ointments or anesthesia-containing fillers. Save money on every syringe you inject too.

Unmatched DentoX LIFT Instruction. Taught only by us, this profitable and stunning procedure has been developed by Dr. Katz and can offer your aging patients facelift-quality results in a half-hour of your time without knives or general anesthetic.

Bonus Info Not Available At Other Botox Seminars Near Glendale

Choosing the only Botox training seminar near Glendale taught by renowned instructor Dr. Howard Katz has serious advantages – including access to accumulated knowledge, documents, advice and much more. Here are some included extras:

  • Proven marketing and promotional guidance
  • Patient forms and paperwork for getting started right
  • Online injectables refresher courses for more CE credit
  • Ability to attend with a colleague who acts as your patient
  • Botox certification from a respected source
  • Inclusion in our practitioner directory
  • And much more.



Attending mainly for the CE hours? With our program, get 10 Continuing Education hours plus 8 more hours if you complete online refreshers.

Botox and dermal filler training is the next smart step for your practice. No matter where you stand now, you can do better with the best Botox training. Put the skills we teach you to work earning you money and satisfying patients for the rest of your career. What could be better than that?

Register now for the only injectables class near Glendale taught by Dr. Katz.

One day with one amazing instructor gives you so much.

You couldn’t make a smarter choice.

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