Oceanside Botox Training Classes Taught By The Original And Best


Go straight to the top. Select the best. Forget about middlemen and newcomers. Choose the original and best Oceanside Botox training class and learn from the medical pro who is America’s best hands-on Botox and dermal fillers trainer – and the originator of training in this field. Complete this smart 1-day program instead of some other Continuing Education class and start right away using the techniques you’ll learn to make more money and satisfy more patients.

You get these benefits from this Oceanside Botox training seminar:

  • The potential for more income from your existing clients
  • The opportunity to bring in new clients with your new skills
  • The ability to satisfy your injectables clients with minimal effort


  • You’ll be providing your patients something they may want anyway
  • You’ll learn injectables in just 1 day
  • You’ll get 18 crucial CE credits.



The Top Botox Instructor Is Right Here

Selecting this Oceanside Botox training class means you have the privilege of learning from the best – the originator of Botox training. And you learn all the techniques you need plus marketing, promotion and more – just a quick drive from Oceanside in San Diego.

Course founder and lead instructor Dr. Howard Katz devotes much of his time to teaching and perfecting this course. That means it gets more thorough, more effective and more complete with each session taught by this Southern California dentist – a respected pro who also has medical training from South Africa and speaks around the world. There’s simply no better-qualified Botox and injectables trainer in California – or the world.

Plus, the course includes the techniques you need to perform the exclusive DentoX LIFT nonsurgical facelift, game-changing Nerve Blocking techniques and more.



4 Hands-On Learning Opportunities In One Day

This Oceanside Botox and dermal fillers training sticks to the facts and lets you experience them hands-on. Dr. Katz has done away with the useless parts of injectables training and condensed the biggest concepts into a single day. After the seminar, you’ll take home these useful and money-making techniques:

Technique Set 1: Oceanside Cosmetic And Therapeutic Botox Training

Patients will be delighted when you say “yes” to their request for Botox to fill facial lines and help eliminate signs of aging. This Oceanside Botox training shows you how to help patients in less than 2 minutes – without worry of wasting the product or doing a lot of paperwork. That means you can get more from current patients and attract others too. Learn the techniques on your free guest (for California licensed medical professionals) or assess your guest and inject simulated skin (if you’re not licensed or are licensed elsewhere).

Specifics you’ll learn in a single day include:

  • Patient assessment and proper product selection
  • Deciding on the right injection depths and sites
  • Using Botox along with dermal fillers
  • Treating clenching, migraines and TMD
  • Fixing toothy smiles, deep wrinkles and lines
  • Stabilizing adverse reactions
  • PLUS… Marketing, forms, insurance and more.

Technique Set 2: Oceanside Dermal Filler Training

Your Oceanside patients can look better and feel better than ever about themselves when you add dermal fillers to their Botox treatments. Enhance cheeks, make jaws look fuller and correct lines with the techniques Dr. Katz teaches you. And since these skills are similar to Botox injections, you can learn quickly. Still, an entire technique set module is devoted to fillers and includes hands-on experience.

Here are some of the techniques you’ll learn:

  • Anesthesia amounts and types for best results
  • Visualizing results before you start treatments
  • Choosing between filler brands
  • Fixing mistakes made you others – and you
  • Doing artful, natural-looking work
  • PLUS… Marketing, paperwork, insurance and more.

Technique Set 3: Oceanside Nerve Blocking Training

It’s remarkable: You can perform dermal filler injections more rapidly and with greater patient satisfaction than your competitors when you use our exclusive nerve blocking technique instead of anesthetic creams or expensive anesthesia-containing filler products. With our techniques, clients will come back again and again while you save money and reduce the time it takes to treat each patient.

Here’s the way it works: We teach you to use special short, fine needles to precisely inject nerves to block pain. Results are immediate and last just a few minutes, so patients can resume life right away. Just as great, there’s no distortion so you can inject the filler with complete accuracy for unparalleled results. While you save time and money, patients get quicker, better treatment.

Technique Set 4: DentoX LIFT Nonsurgical Facelift Training

Simple, fast to do and easy to sell to patients, the exclusive DentoX LIFT is like a nonsurgical facelift – with no cutting, general anesthesia or downtime for the patient. It takes just 15 to perhaps 30 minutes of your time. And the results are dramatic. Almost any man or woman can benefit by achieving better cheeks, lips, jaw and chin. Since Dr. Katz created the procedure, he’s the only one who teaches it near Oceanside or anywhere else.

How does it work? A carefully chosen dermal filler product is injected through the mouth – to prevent visible signs of the procedure and avoid the possibility of scarring – into crucial locations. Your patient doesn’t have to take off work, doesn’t have to worry about inflammation and only has minimal pain – if any at all. In just those few minutes, it’s done. The patient is grateful. And it doesn’t get better than this.

So forget other CE classes. Train with Dr. Katz near Oceanside and get Botox and dermal filler training and much more. It’s a 1-day, technique rich seminar that will benefit you right away.

Make more money and help your patients look and feel great for years to come. What are you waiting for?