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When comparing Botox courses in the Katy area, you’ll find major differences. Many are quite lengthy. Others have unqualified instructors. Some don’t teach everything you need to know. Learn from us and get an injectables course that’s:

  • Respectful of your time. Learn in a single day.
  • Loaded with potential. We’ll tell you ways to put your skills to work.
  • Complete. Learn everything from the nation’s top instructor.
  • What you need. Grab up to 18 hours CE credit.

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Best Instructor Offers Botox Training In Texas

The nation’s best Botox instructor – a medical professional with a deep enough connection to injectables that he’s named on the Botox patent application – offers a course near Katy. Learn in northern Houston from this innovator and benefit from more than 40 years experience in teaching and serving clients.

Not only a leading teacher, Dr. Katz – a rare trainer with both a medical and dental background – was key in introducing injectables to dentists around the globe. This dedicated man is the founder of our Botox training company and its chief instructor. We’re certain that no teacher or training company offers a superior course. And we know that no Botox trainer does more to keep the course they teach current and on top of the latest trends.



About The One-Day Botox Training Coming Up Near Katy

Of course, the crux of our Botox course is hands-on instruction in how to inject Botox properly. That’s the primary section of the course happening soon near Katy. With our training, you can treat many of your injectables patients in just a couple minutes each once you’re trained. We’ll also lay out:

  • The proper way of assessing patients for suitability
  • Determining the best dilutions for every use and case
  • Ways to save thousands of dollars on wasted materials
  • Injecting techniques to treat conditions like migraines and TMD
  • And more.

Additionally, we include sections on 3 more ways you can earn and serve with injectables:

Dermal fillers. Provide your patients the best possible outcomes when you combine Botox with dermal fillers for better line reduction and enhancing of cheeks, jaws and other areas.

Nerve Blocking. Make dermal filler injections painless without the need for built in or topical anesthetics, dropping your material costs and stimulating referrals.

DentoX LIFT. An exclusive procedure created by Dr. Katz, it involves fillers injected using special techniques and provides facelift-like results in about 30 minutes and without the need for a general anesthetic or any incisions.

Valuable Extras Complete Our Katy Area Botox Training

For Katy medical professionals like you, training with the best Botox teacher in the business has its advantages. The following extras you may not get elsewhere are including in the upcoming Houston course:

  • The right marketing techniques for successfully reaching clients
  • The forms you need for a quick start in lucrative injectables
  • 10 hours of CE credit for the live course
  • 8 hours of CE credit for free recorded online coursework
  • Opportunity to bring a free colleague or coworker as your patients
  • Certification and listing in our prestigious directory
  • And more.



Isn’t it time to stabilize and broaden your career while boosting your income with useful new skills? Get crucial CE credit as well – from an efficient, useful course. Many Katy area residents already want injectables. Why not satisfy the demand?

The premier Botox course comes from a longstanding company…

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