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The Best Botox And Dermal Filler Training Near Yonkers… Coming Soon!

What sets one Botox and dermal fillers training course apart from the others? Your best choice:

  • Comes from the industry’s leading instructor
  • Doesn’t waste any time, and
  • Includes extras that help you get the most from your investment.



The Nation’s Top Botox Instructor Teaches Near Yonkers

There’s good news for Yonkers medical professionals seeking Botox training: Pioneering instructor Dr. Howard Katz offers his injectables course in New York – and you simply cannot find a more experienced teacher. You have the opportunity to be trained by a respected expert with such a deep involvement with injectables over his career that he is named on the Botox, Dysport and Xeomin patent applications.

Additionally, Dr. Katz first introduced Botox and fillers to the dental industry and is the chief visionary and primary instructor for our one-day Botox training that Yonkers doctors and dentists can rely on – and he has achieved many more things during his 40-year career. No other injectables program has Dr. Katz, and no other program offers more comprehensive training in just one day. Plus, when you train with us, you can bring a friend or colleague that you can actually inject during class.



Primary Sections Of Our Single-Day Botox Training Near Yonkers

We provide instruction in 4 specific components of injectables at our single-day Manhattan course – easy to find and reach from your home or office in Yonkers. Here’s what we include:

Experiential Botox Training. Satisfy client in minutes with your new skill. Most highly lucrative Botox treatments can be done in just a minute or two each. We’ll teach you how to save on wasted materials and help ease medical conditions including TMJ syndrome and migraines too.

Corresponding Dermal Filler Training. Offer superior results than Botox alone can provide when you learn fillers as well. In many ways injected similar to Botox, we’ll teach you how to enhance cheeks, jaws and more using industry-leading dermal fillers.

Unmatched Nerve Blocking Training. Compete with other injectors based on your skills rather than your prices by offering painless nerve blocking instead of undependable ointments or expensive anesthesia-containing fillers. Save time in the chair too.

Stunning DentoX LIFT Training. Learn this exclusive procedure from its creator and see how you can give your patients facelift-like results in 30 minutes with no cutting or general anesthetic. This highly sellable procedure uses a special dermal filler method to enhances and lift the whole face.

Much More Than Other Botox Classes Near Yonkers

When you sign up for and attend the only injectables training program near Yonkers taught by innovator and pioneer Dr. Howard Katz, you learn so much in addition to proper injection techniques. Plus, you get these additions that other programs may not offer:

  • Tested, refined marketing advice to help your practice attract new clients
  • Necessary patient forms and documents to get you started in injectables
  • Complimentary recorded Botox and dermal filler refreshers
  • The offer to bring a colleague or associate for free as your patient
  • Certification and listing in the prestigious Dentox practitioner directory
  • And much more.



Don’t forget that you receive 10 Continuing Education units for the course as well as 8 additional hours for viewing the refresher courses.

Now’s the time to stabilize and enhance your medical or dental office with a new skill, injectables. Put what you learn with us to work now and for years to come. Your clients already want injectables, and we’ll teach you to attract new ones too.

Sign up right away for the only Botox course near Yonkers taught by Dr. Howard Katz.
A single course. A single day. Four amazing opportunities.
A great return on your investment for the rest of your career./strong>

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