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Live Event With Dr. Howard Katz (about Dr. Katz)



Saturday August 27th

8:00am – 11:00am Botox Training

11:00am – 1:00pm Live Patients & Mannequins

1:30pm – 3:30pm Fillers Training & DentoX LIFT

3:30pm – 5:30pm Hands On & Nerve Blocking

Location: Embassy Suites by Hilton Chicago Downtown (directions)

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About Dr. Howard Katz, Course Director of Botox Training Chicago

Our Chicago Botox training program is built around the originator of Botox training and a longtime innovator in the injectables field, Dr. Howard Katz. He carefully and continually refines the course so that it gets better and better, incorporating his continuing research as well. As a practicing dentist and longtime injectables educator, his skill level and knowledge lead the pack. He’s a sought-after speaker around the world, including in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and across the United States. In his 30+ years in this field, he’s collaborated with the most important names in the industry, working at every turn to ensure the safety and effectiveness of injectable products. There’s no instructor in the world more qualified to teach you.. (more about Dr. Katz).

Botox Training Chicago Class


When you make the decision to learn from Dr. Katz during a Dentox daylong seminar in Chicago, you learn Botox, dermal fillers, nerve blocking and the DentoX LIFT together – in just one day. And you earn 10 hours of Continuing Education credit. Plus, you can pick up an additional 8 hours credit if you review online materials available to you before and after the seminar.

Practice hands-on during the seminar to prove your mastery and gain confidence in your abilities. These options are available to you:

  • If you’re licensed as a doctor or dentist in Illinois, you can bring someone with you on which to perform injections – saline or the real thing. This can be a nurse, another doctor or anyone you like.
  • If you don’t have a license in Illinois or don’t bring anyone with you, you can assess an actual patient and then inject simulated skin. Inject a live patient at a later date when the seminar comes to your state, if desired.


1st Module: Chicago Botox Training For Aesthetic And Therapeutic Benefit:

• Accelerated Revenue •

Get More From Your Current Patients
Eliminate Wrinkles In 2 Minutes
Learn Procedures To Avoid Waste



Your one-day seminar in Chicago is a comprehensive Botox training course presented concisely. In it, you’ll learn everything necessary for using Botox and similar products for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Eliminate wrinkles and also treat migraines, TMD, muscle tightness and even depression.

Once you’ve completed this seminar, which includes practice under the supervision of Dr. Katz, you’ll be fully qualified to:

  • Handle a patient assessment for aesthetic or therapeutic Botox use
  • Determine what services a patient really wants and needs
  • Make sure your patient fully understands Botox and dermal fillers
  • Know when injectable products are right and when they aren’t
  • Choose the right facial and neck sites and injection depths
  • Understand injectables pharmacology and physiology
  • Determine when to combine Botox with dermal fillers for the best results
  • Use Botox as therapy for migraines, TMD, clenching, grinding and more
  • Use Botox for smoothing irregular and inflamed-looking lips, lifting mouth corners, reducing smoker lines, decreasing smile toothiness and more
  • Understand proper Botox dilutions for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes
  • Stay calm and effectively manage every sort of adverse Botox reaction
  • Market and get paid for your Botox services
  • Write up patient interactions and deal with consent forms
  • Find malpractice insurance by a provider that understand injectables
  • And so much more.

When you decide to move your practice up to the next level by adding Botox and other injectables to your practice, taking the Dentox course allows you to learn from the originator of Botox training and our company’s founder – conveniently in Chicago.


2nd Module: Chicago Dermal Filler Training For Stunning Results

• Accelerated Revenue •

Enhance Youthfulness Quickly
Fix Lines Botox Can’t
Enhance The Jawline



A large number of the techniques involved in injecting dermal fillers are similar to the ones used for Botox injection. When you choose Chicago Botox training from Dentox, one module of the whole-day training is devoted to dermal fillers including Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma. Learn how to best use these products to enhance profiles, fill lines that Botox doesn’t release and restore the look of vigor, health and usefulness.

The Dentox Chicago course is the same program that dentists and doctors everywhere have taken to become acquainted with and skilled in dermal fillers for outcomes not possible with only Botox. Once you’ve been through the course, you can do things like make lips match teeth and other facial features better, help a patient’s chin look fuller or longer, enhance cheekbones and so many other things.

And as with our respected Botox training, this module is instructed by Dr. Katz himself and includes hands-on practice so you can immediately prove your mastery.


3rd Module: Nerve Blocking Training Chicago: Better Satisfy Patients While You Save Time And Money

• Accelerated Revenue •

Reduce patient anesthetic chair time
Cut costs without needing built-in anesthesia
Get & keep patients by doing good work fast



Step up to the best level of Botox and filler skills with this module: It’s amazing Chicago nerve blocking training from our founder and trainer, Dr. Howard Katz. Included at no extra charge with our Botox and filler training program, nerve blocking allows you to excel beyond your competition as you rise above their skill level. Rapidly and easily turning nerves off and on with precision accuracy is a useful, lucrative skill that you can only learn at this Dentox program, not from any other Botox and fillers course in the world.

This unique Chicago nerve blocking module is the training you need for instantly anesthetizing an area before performing filler injections, which can be painful – and you can perform this numbing procedure using our training with pinpoint accuracy and get results in just a few seconds. This skill allows you to create for your patients a pleasing aesthetic outcome without any of the off-putting pain that might prevent your patient from coming back to you. Forget competing with other injectors on price and instead do your job with less pain.

At the same time, you’ll be saving money because you won’t need to buy dermal fillers that contain anesthesia, which are more expensive than products that don’t. And even better, there’s no distortion with nerve blocking as there is with other anesthesia, so your outcomes are better.


4th Module: Chicago DentoX LIFT Training For Facelift-Quality Results

• Accelerated Revenue •

An Easy Sell Because It’s Quick
General Anesthesia Isn’t Needed
The Whole Face Can Look Better



In just 15 to 30 minutes per client, you can create a stunning improvement with the remarkable DentoX LIFT. Both men and women can look younger, healthier and better overall when the lips, jaw, cheeks and chin are carefully lifted and filled out with this procedure you can learn in Chicago only from Dentox and Dr. Katz.

How is this possible? Dr. Katz shows you a proven facial contouring methodology that uses intraoral injections of dermal fillers through the vestibule for results that mimic a facelift with no visible punctures, no swelling or pain and no time away from work. Plus, risks are minimal because there’s no need for general anesthesia. And the brief time in the office is good for everyone.

Dr. Katz originated this unique method that he bases on what he’s learned about dermal fillers and facial anatomy through his years of research, teaching and practicing dentistry. He’s come to understand that the face collapses in a predictable manner as we age and that injectables can counteract this process, making the visible signs of facial aging go away.



Gain crucial marketing advice that others have already proven to work

Pick up 10 hours CE credit for attending the one-day seminar

Grab 8 hours additional CE credit for watching online videos (Dermal Filler & Botox) – a $1398 value

Bring someone to learn alongside you for free that you can inject live

Receive all the forms necessary to get started in the injectables business

Receive a manikin head with skin stickers showing the injecting sites, needle angles, needle depths, preferred material, volumes, dilutions and doses you have learned.

Get listed in the Dentox Certified Practitioners Directory – and certified as well

Network with other medicals professionals on the same path

botox filler consent formsbotox training manikin kit

Make the decision now to get Botox and dermal filler training in Chicago from Dentox – and get the best education available, offered by the inventor of Botox training. With instruction from Dr. Katz, you’re sure to succeed. So why not register now?


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