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SHELVED – Botox Training in Esthetics & Therapeutics – On-Demand + Hands-on Practice + Live Q & A

You and your staff join Dentox online in the comfort of your own location to learn and practice under supervision on your webcam using the pre-shipped head and syringes. Master all the Esthetic treatments including wrinkles and lines on foreheads, glabella’s (11’s), around the eyes, on noses, around the mouth, on the chin and on the neck.

Therapeutic treatments that you will learn to treat include pain from tense muscles including tension headaches, migraines, TMD and facial pain.
Practice needle techniques including sites, needle depths, angles, dilutions and doses. You may submit photos of actual patients for treatment planning, review and opinion with photographic and HIPAA consent.

You will receive immediate certification after you correctly demonstrate understanding these techniques by submitting photos of your foam head with the appropriate doses and needles inserted correctly.

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