Syracuse NY’s Top Hands-On Botox Training / Fillers Training


The Best Botox And Dermal Filler Training Near Syracuse Is Happening Soon!

What makes our Botox and dermal filler training program better than another? Our well-rated course:

  • Is taught by the best instructor
  • Offers thorough training in just one day, and
  • Comes with extras that help you make the most of your training.



America’s Leading Botox Instructor Teaches In New York

Syracuse doctors, dentists and other medical professionals, you’re in luck: Dr. Howard Katz teaches in New York – and no Botox or dermal fillers instructor is more experienced. Get instruction from a top expert in the field – one who is named on patient applications for Botox, Dysport and Xeomin – and a pioneer in the medical and dental fields with more than 40 years experience.

Dr. Katz is responsible for introducing Botox and gel fillers to the dental industry around the world and is the chief instructor and visionary for Botox training in New York that Syracuse medical professionals can complete in just one day. No other instructor or company offers a more-up-date live patient training program. When you train with us, you can bring a colleague or friend and inject them as part of your training. (Use saline if they don’t want real Botox injections.)



Primary Components Of Our One-Day Botox Training Near Syracuse

We teach 4 primary uses for injectables in a single-day Manhattan course – easy to reach from your Syracuse home or office. Here’s what’s included:

Hands-On Botox Training. Treat patients in minutes with the skills you learn hands-on. Many lucrative treatments can be completed in just 2 minutes each. We’ll also show you how to save thousands on wasted materials and treat medical conditions like TMD and pericranial muscle spasms too.

Complementary Dermal Filler Training. Provide better results than with Botox alone when you offer dermal fillers as well. Injecting is similar in many ways to Botox, and we’ll show you how to build cheekbones, improve jawlines and more using Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma.

Unparalleled Nerve Block Training. Find out how to block selected nerves painlessly and with no side effects for quick, distortion-free and pain-free filler injections that will keep patients coming back. Save money with every injection as well.

Exclusive DentoX LIFT Training. Learn from its creator the 30-minute highly profitable procedure that can give your patients facelift-like results without cutting or general anesthetic. This easy-to-sell procedure involves a special dermal filler technique that enhances chin, cheeks and jaw.

So Much More To Offer Than Other Botox Courses Near Syracuse

When you come to the only Botox and dermal filler training program near Syracuse that’s taught by Dr. Howard Katz, you learn more than just proper injection techniques. You also get these valuable additions that may not be available from other programs:

  • Proven marketing techniques that can help you reach new clients
  • The patient forms you’ll need to get started in injectables quickly and easily
  • Free online Botox and filler refresher courses
  • Ability to bring a friend or colleague for free as your injection patient
  • Certification and inclusion in the Dentox certified practitioner directory
  • And much more.



And remember, you get 10 Continuing Education credit hours for the course plus 8 more hours for the refresher courses.

Shore up, stabilize or enhance your practice with injectables – the new skill you can put to work right away and use the rest of your career to satisfy patients and improve lives. Your existing patients already want Botox and dermal fillers, and we’ll show you how to bring in new ones as well.

Register now and join us for the only Botox class near Syracuse taught by Dr. Howard Katz.
One course. One day. Four new opportunities.
A lifetime of return on your investment.

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