Vista CA’s Top Hands-On Botox Training / Fillers Training


Why not go with the very best in hands-on Botox and dermal filler training? Get your training from the experienced medical pro who was the first to offer this type of training AND is recognized as the nation’s best hands-on injectables trainer.

You have the opportunity for skill-enhancing, bottom-line-boosting injectables training in the Vista area. Why not take it instead of some other Continuing Ed class and get these benefits:

  • Increased income from many current clients
  • New clients who will seek out your new skills
  • The ability to totally satisfy with hardly any effort
  • The chance to offer something people already want
  • Quick learning in a single-day seminar
  • 18 crucial Continuing Ed credits


You’ll be catching up with your competitors who are probably offering injectables already.



It’s 4 amazing opportunities in a single day… From the best instructor in the field.

Going with this Vista Botox training program means you’ll learn 4 vital new skills in a single day. This includes marketing and promotion too. And you learn it all from the originator of Botox training. There’s no better hands-on Vista area injectables training program.

Our founder Dr. Howard Katz is our lead instructor and has devoted much of his life to this course. Already a successful dentist before injectables were available, he also has medical training from South Africa, has 30+ years experience and is widely regarded as the best Botox trainer in the world.

But this isn’t just a respected Vista Botox training course. It also includes full training on dermal fillers, the DentoX LIFT facelift-like procedure and Nerve Blocking treatments. There’s no fluff, stalling or time-wasting.



Opportunity #1:

Vista Nerve Blocking Training For Greater Speed And Patient Satisfaction

Our exclusive nerve blocking training provides the opportunity for you to set your Vista medical or dental practice apart from other dermal filler injectors and save money while better satisfying patients. It works like this:

  • You can save as much as 10 minutes per office visit when you use our nerve blocking technique instead of anesthetic ointments that take longer to work and may not provide complete results.
  • You can save up to $30 on each syringe of filler when you purchase fillers that do not contain anesthetic and use our nerve blocking technique instead.
  • Your patient gets immediate numbing results from nerve blocking – and the numbing wears off in minutes. Meanwhile, you can perform the procedure without waiting and without the distortion of some anesthetic methods.
  • You and your patient benefit from a reduced chance of side effects because the short, fine needles inject a very small dose of anesthetic precisely where it needs to go with little chance of bypassing or injury to surrounding tissue.



Opportunity #2:

Vista DentoX LIFT Training For Non-Surgical Facelifts In Minutes

EXCLUSIVE! Fast for you and sure to pique the interest of your clients, hands-on Vista DentoX LIFT training allows you to provide your patients with an extraordinary enhancement to their overall look with:

  • NO cutting
  • NO bruising (or almost none)
  • NO visible punctures
  • NO general anesthesia, and
  • Only 15 minutes of your time.

By using dermal fillers to enhance the chin, jaw, cheeks and lips, your patient looks younger and better – and only Dr. Katz can teach you his remarkable method for making this happen.

What’s the trick? During a quick and easy Dentox LIFT procedure at your Vista office, you inject dermal fillers through the inside of the mouth into specific locations. Because of this special injection method, the risk of visible scarring and puncture marks that would prevent going back to work is zero. There’s also no inflammation and almost no pain. And your patient looks and feels great – and grateful to you – in just a few minutes.

Opportunity #3:

Vista Dermal Filler Training For Truly Amazing Results

Your Vista Botox training seminar includes complete instruction on the use of dermal fillers – often alongside Botox – to improve the overall look of your patients. Used in the traditional way and not part of the Dentox LIFT procedure, dermal fillers can still provide dramatic results to specific areas, going beyond what Botox can do alone.

The module we devote to dermal fillers during your Vista training class includes the proper use of Restylane, Juvederm, Voluma and other products, each of which has specific applications. Fortunately, injecting dermal fillers is similar to injecting Botox, so this training is quick and easy for you. Your hands-on training includes:

  • Deciding on the right anesthesia for minimal inflammation
  • Imagining the final look for better treatment
  • Choosing the best product to use in every case
  • Expertly handling mistakes made by you and others
  • Ensuring that your work looks natural and artful
  • PLUS… Marketing, paperwork and more.

And, of course…



Opportunity #4:

Vista Botox Training For Cosmetic And Therapeutic Purposes

Finally, you’ll be able to answer “yes” when one of your patients asks you to do their Botox for them. And you’ll be able to entice patients considering having their fine lines and wrinkles fixed to turn to you. Once you’ve completed this one-day Visa Botox training, you’ll be able to serve some patients wanting Botox in just 2 minutes. With your Botox training, you’ll get more income from current patients and bring in new ones too.

Some of the things you’ll learn in this Botox training include:

  • Assessing a patient properly and thoroughly
  • Deciding on injection sites and depths
  • Using Botox with fillers
  • Treating TMD, clenching and migraines with Botox
  • Handling toothy smiles, smoker’s lines and deep lines
  • Preventing and correcting adverse reactions
  • Avoiding product waste
  • PLUS… Forms, marketing, malpractice and more.




Learn injectables on your free guest (if you’re a licensed California medical professional) or inject simulated skin.

Brush aside other Vista Botox training courses and CE classes…

And get complete hands-on injectables training in just one day.

A smart investment. A useful skill. A great day. Years of increased income.

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