Live Botox | Dermal Fillers | Nerve Blocking | DentoX LIFT Training – Miami

One Course, One Day, Four New Revenue Streams

Live Event With Dr. Howard Katz (about Dr. Katz)



Saturday October 21st, 2023

8:00am – 11:00am Botox Training

11:00am – 1:00pm Live Patients & Mannequins

1:30pm – 3:30pm Fillers Training & DentoX LIFT

3:30pm – 5:30pm Hands On & Nerve Blocking

Location: AC Hotel Miami Aventura (directions)

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A Course Built On An Instructor: Dentox Founder Dr. Howard Katz

Since the beginning of Botox training, smart dentists, doctors and other medical professionals have trusted their Botox education to Dr. Howard Katz – available for Botox training in Miami. He can be your trainer for Botox, dermal fillers, the Dentox LIFT and nerve blocking. He’s a pioneer in this industry and doubtlessly the most experienced in injectables plus so much more. Through his career of more than 30 years, he has worked with major names in the pharmaceuticals industry including Allergan, Medicis and Prollenium, spoken at the AGD, NYU, NSU and other universities and organizations and lectured in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and across the Americas. In one way or another, he’s always innovating. (Read more about Dr. Katz..).

Botox Training Miami Class


Grab 18 valuable CE credits practicing hands-on with live patients at this Botox, dermal fillers and nerve blocking training in Miami – and learn the exclusive Dentox LIFT too. That’s four new skills!



• Botox Revenue Potential •

Do Most Procedures In Just 2 Minutes
Take Years Off Faces And Earn High Profits
Treat Without Waste Using Our Techniques



When you participate in this Botox training in Miami, you can learn your skills on a live patient if you’re licensed for injections in Florida. Consider bringing a nurse or assistant so they can learn as well. If you aren’t licensed here, our unique simulated skin and manikin make it easy to see and feel how injections work. You can still assess, diagnose and plan on a real patient before injecting the manikin to prove your competence.

Both therapeutic and cosmetic applications are included in this Botox training for Miami medical professionals. Some classes don’t include both. But when you participate in this live, hands-on Florida Botox training with Dr. Katz, you become a pro at injecting Botox for therapeutic purposes that include painful pericranial muscle spasms, migraines that don’t respond to other treatments, TMD, depression and more. You even learn how Botox decompresses blood vessels and nerves for reduction of other head pain symptoms.



• Dermal Fillers Revenue Potential •

Strengthen Jaw Line, Lips And Cheekbones
The Perfect Complement To Botox
Worth The Cost To Learn The DentoX LIFT



Participate in this Miami dermal fillers training for career enhancement you can’t get any other way and learn skills that can help you advance your practice to a higher level. It’s possible for skilled doctors, dentists and other medical professionals as allowed by law to use popular dermal fillers like Juvederm, Restylane and Voluma to create remarkable facial profiles and improved patient looks that can’t be accomplished with any other products or procedures. Plus, this dermal filler training includes how to perform the exclusive Dentox LIFT non-surgical facelift alternative in your office in just half an hour.

Using the right dermal fillers, the skills you learn here will allow you, for example, to make lips look and feel plumper and better complement the patient’s teeth and face and to make the chin longer, augment sunken or small cheekbones and more. This practical, live patient hands-on Miami dermal filler training program also includes discussion of the pharmacology and physiological mechanisms of dermal filler injection.

Most unique about this course is your instructor, Dr. Howard Katz, our acclaimed dermal fillers expert and company founder. In fact, the exclusive Dentox LIFT procedure is taught only Dr. Katz through Dentox.


PART THREE: Nerve Blocking Training Miami: Learn To Better Satisfy Patients While You Save

• Facial Nerve Blocking: Revenue Potential •

Reduced treatment time
Reduce material costs
Become known for quick/pain-free results



Dramatically improve your ability to satisfy patients and reduce your treatment costs with next-level Botox and filler skills. Our incredible Miami nerve blocking training is taught by the creator of the technique, Dentox founder Dr. Howard Katz. This important instruction is included at no additional charge as part of your day of training and allows you to move beyond the skill level of your competitors to quickly, accurately, precisely and simply turn nerves off and on. This lucrative and highly useful skill is only taught by Dentox and nowhere else.

You will find that our exclusive Miami facial nerve blocking section is the precise, concise instruction you need for learning how to immediately anesthetize a part of the face before doing dermal filler injections, which are often painful. You can numb with amazing accuracy and achieve results in seconds that last only a few minutes. While the patient is numbed, you can provide beautiful aesthetic outcomes pain-free – making it more likely that the patient will return to you when they need another round of treatments. This is a better way to gain a competitive edge than trying to offer the lowest price in town.

Additionally, you’ll save money because dermal filler products without built-in anesthesia are less expensive to purchase than anesthesia-containing products. Our nerve blocking doesn’t result in distortion either, and other anesthesia options often do.



Proven marketing and advertising information gleaned from past successes for results sure to enhance your revenue.

10 hours Continued Education Credit for attending the live Miami training course

8 hours Continued Education Credit at no extra cost for doing online refresher courses (normally offered separately at $1,398)

All the patient forms and documents you need to get started as well as instruction on quick, easy documentation best practices.

FREE staff member attendance – bring a colleague that you can treat during hands-on practice with saline or real products, depending on their needs and desires

A manikin that will serve as your cheat sheet in the future – it includes skin-like labels for all injection sites, injection depths and angles, material types, dosage and dilutions

Certification from Dentox and listing in the Dentox Certified Practitioners Directory

botox filler consent formsbotox training manikin kit

That’s Botox, dermal fillers, the Dentox LIFT and nerve blocking in one day. Expand or enliven your practice, boost your skills and offer more to your clients with the Botox training Miami medical professionals like you need if you want to get and stay ahead. It’s a live course with practical, hands-on training from the most experienced injectables trainer in the country.


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Botox/Fillers/Nerve Blocking (AC Hotel Miami Aventura, October 21st)


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Unable to attend a live course right now? Online Botox and Dermal Fillers training programs are available. If you want to attend a live course later, the full cost of online programs is deducted from the live course fee if you decide to attend in person later. We have options for every need.



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