The Best Hands-On Escondido Botox Training Is Available To You!


Skill-boosting and bottom line-enhancing Botox and dermal filler training is available near Escondido – from the founder of Botox training and a recognized leader in injectables. Forget other CE classes and get useful, practice-building training from the very best.

This Escondido Botox training class provides amazing benefits:

  • It increases income potential from current clients.
  • It opens the door for a whole new group of clients.
  • It allows you to offer satisfactory results with minimal effort.
  • It gives you a skill that’s already in demand.
  • It gets you 18 Continuing Education credits you need.
  • It’s easy to learn in a single-day seminar nearby.


  • It allows you to catch up with competitors who already offer Botox.



Get 4 New Skills In A Single Day…

From The World Leader In Injectables Training

Selecting this respected Escondido Botox and dermal filler training means you can pick up 4 useful, money-making skills in just 1 day – learning from the originator of Botox training. There’s simply no more sensible or lucrative hands-on injectables training.

Our lead instructor is our founder, Dr. Howard Katz, who has devoted many years to this course and its success. A dentist with medical training in South Africa, he has 30+ years of experience sharing his knowledge and is the world’s leading Botox instructor. He teaches without fluff, padding or nonsense.

And this is more than a Botox course…


Skill #1:

Escondido Nerve Blocking Training For Money-Saving, Patient Satisfying Filler Injections

Our exclusive nerve blocking technique is taught only by Dr. Howard Katz and provides distinct benefits over other methods of anesthesia, including:

  • A savings of up to $30 per syringe on filler cost over products with built-in anesthesia
  • A reduction of nearly 10 minutes office visit time over inconsistent anesthetic ointments, benefiting you and the patient
  • Increased patient satisfaction because results of painless nerve blocking take effect in seconds and wear off in minutes, allowing for a return to normal life right away
  • Reduced side effects from our recommended ultra-short, ultra-fine needles that are less likely to bypass the injection site and cause injury while allowing for the most precise injection possible.

Use our unmatched nerve blocking method on the infraorbital nerve when treating the lower eyelid, cheek, side of nose and upper lip as on the mental nerve for lower lip and chin treatment. Patients will return to you again and again when they see what you can do, allowing you to compete based on your skills instead of having to offer the lowest prices.



Skill #2:

Escondido DentoX LIFT Training For Fast Facelift-Like Results

ONLY FROM US! Quick and easy to perform – and certain to grab the interest of your patients – your hands-on Escondido Botox training includes a section on the remarkable Dentox LIFT, which offer results similar to a facelift with:

  • Almost no bruising
  • No downtime for the patient
  • No incisions
  • No visible injection or puncture marks
  • No need for general anesthesia
  • And no time wasted.

Learn how you can perform the Dentox LIFT in about 15 minutes per patient. Only Dr. Katz can show you how to enhance the jaw, chin, lips and cheeks in this innovative and unique way. So what makes it different? We show you how to inject dermal fillers through the inside of the mouth into the locations that offer the best results. You can easily do the procedure several times a day at your Escondido office – and since there’s no inflammation, scarring or punctures, your patient can go back to work right away looking and feeling better than ever.

Skill #3:

Escondido Dermal Filler Training To Create A Youthful Look

You single-day, hands-on Escondido Botox training includes a module on dermal fillers and their use alongside Botox for the best possible look for your clients. When injected in a similar way to Botox, dermal fillers provide amazing results that go well beyond what you can do with Botox alone.

We include details on the proper use of Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane and other products, each of which has specific indications. This Escondido dermal filler training also includes details on:

  • Picking the best anesthesia for the least inflammation
  • Picturing the overall result from your work
  • Determining the best product to help each patient
  • Managing mistakes made by you and other injectors
  • Making sure that you provide natural and artful work
  • PLUS… Forms, paperwork, marketing and more.



And, naturally…

Skill #4:

Escondido Botox Training For Both Cosmetic And Therapeutic Uses

Your competitors are probably already offering Botox injections, and now you can too. Your patients may already be asking for it. There’s no better way to reduce fine lines and smooth wrinkles than with Botox. After you have completed this hands-on, single-day Botox training in the Escondido area, you’ll be able to deal with many clients in about 2 minutes each. This injectables training is sure to help you satisfy your existing client base – and expand it too.

In this seminar, you’ll learn these Botox basics:

  • Accurately assessing a patient’s needs
  • Choosing the right Botox injection sites and depths
  • Using Botox alongside dermal filler products
  • Treating medical and dental issues including TMD and migraines
  • Improving the look of smoker’s lines, other deep lines and more
  • Reducing and successfully correcting adverse reactions
  • Avoiding the wasting of products to help your bottom line
  • PLUS… Patient documentation, marketing, malpractice insurance and more.




Learn Botox and fillers by assessing and injecting your guest (if you’re a licensed California doctor or dentist) or learn on artificial skin.

Forget about other Escondido Botox training classes and Continuing Ed courses…

Get hands-on, single-day injectables training and boost your practice.

A sensible investment. A practical skill. A very good day.

Benefit your practice and your patients for years to come.