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1 Course = 4 New Revenue Generating
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Live Event With Dr. Howard Katz (about Dr. Katz)



Saturday, September 14th

Prior to Course Date Botox & Fillers Online

7:30am – 9:00am Q & A Session & Recap

9:00am – 1:00pm Hands On Botox & Fillers Training

2:00pm – 5:00pm Hands On Nerve Blocking & DentoX Lift

Location: The Modernist Hotel (directions)

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Experience our newest learning format. By moving the didactic Fillers & Botox training materials online, and providing them in advance of the program, we are now able to pack the course date itself with non-stop hands-on cases with live patients!



• About Dr. Howard Katz, Dentox Course Director •

Medical professionals like you have been learning about Botox, dermal fillers and other injectables from Dr. Howard Katz for 30+ years. He’s among the most experienced trainers in the profession and is an innovator in the use of Botox for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes – whose name is on the product’s patent application. He has collaborated with big names in the industry, including Prollenium, Allergan, Medicis and others. He has spoken at NSU, NYU, AGD and other acedemic institutions across America, in the Middle East, Europe and South Africa (more about Dr. Katz).

Botox Training New York Class


Part 1)  Botox Training in New York:
Hands-On Training For Aesthetic & Therapeutic Treatments

• Revenue Potential: Botox Treatments •

Treat Nasolabials & Glabellas in 2 mins
Treat Smile Lines & Foreheads in 2 mins
Save Thousands in Wasted Materials



Learn using one of the following training options:

  1. Injection of your live patients if you’re licensed for injections in the training state.
  2. Injection of simulated skin and faces if you’re not licensed for injections in New York State. In this case, you can assess and diagnose a live patient, then perform the injections on a simulated face. Ask for details about performing on a live patient at a later date in another location.

The Botox training New York course that medical professionals can obtain from Dentox and Dr. Katz includes the use of this powerful product for cosmetic uses and for therapeutic uses for conditions like clenching associated with migraines, pericranial muscles spasms, depression symptoms, TMD and other conditions. You will also be shown how Botox decompresses blood vessels and nerves implicated in peri-cranial pain.


Part 2)  Dermal Fillers Training in New York:
Complete Training For Optimal Aesthetic Facial Outcomes

• Revenue Potential: Supra-Periosteal Fillers •

Enhancement Of Lip Esthetics
Strengthen Jawline
Build Up Cheekbones



In this dermal fillers training New York medical professionals are already positively raving about, you can enhance your practice by learning the use of injectable dermal fillers including popular products including the complete ranges of Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma for improving the facial profile and aesthetics on a wide range of patient types. You will also learn how to make lips beautifully match patients teeth and face

Additionally, you’ll learn that using Botox+ filler combinations to improve and lengthen the chin, enhance the look of the cheekbones and more. The training is hands-on and involves an examination of the physiological mechanism and pharmacology of both dermal fillers and botulinum toxin products. What most sets this dermal fillers training New York medical pros can trust apart from others is the instructor, Dr. Howard Katz, a recognized expert. Also bring your live patient for assessment and treatment.


Part 3) Nerve Blocking Training New York: Save Time And Money While Better Satisfying Patients

• Facial Nerve Blocking: Revenue Potential •

$30 savings/syringe without anesthetic
Save 10 minutes/procedure without topical
Perform painless procedures & retain patients



Advance your Botox and dermal filler skills to a new level with nerve blocking training from Dentox in New York. Soar above the competition with our instruction on how to quickly and easily turn nerves off and back on again with perfect accuracy for every indication – a skill you can only learn from Dentox, not from any other Botox and filler training program.

Our New York injectables program explains how you can accurately and instantly numb a targeted area before painful dermal filler injections. Get results in 10 seconds or less. Armed with our training, you can create stunning aesthetic outcomes without the pain that could keep patients from coming back to you for more. This may be the best way available for getting and keeping customers and is likely to work better than trying to compete only on price.

Our New York face nerve blocking training saves you time and allows you to save money by not having to buy anesthesia-containing filler products. Plus, you serve your patients better by providing them instant, painless and distortion-free anesthesia before otherwise painful procedures.


Part 4)  The DentoX LIFT:
New Minimally Invasive Non-Surgical Facelift Technique

• DentoX LIFT: Revenue Potential •

30 min Highly Profitable Treatment
Improve Jawline, Chin & Cheekbones
Fast & Minimally Invasive – An Easy Sell



Perform The DentoX LIFT In Minutes And Impact Your Patient’s Aesthetics
With No Surgery, Discomfort Or Downtime

This program includes in-depth instruction on the revolutionary DentoX LIFT procedure, which allows your patients to have a more youthful appearance in minutes. The secret is facial contouring through the vestibule and other techniques to enhance the jawline, chin, cheeks to match the smile. You can provide instant results without inflammation, visible punctures, pain or time away from work. Plus, usually only topical anesthetic is needed, saving time in the office and reducing risks.

This new treatment has been developed and perfected by Dr. Katz based on his deep and wide experience with injectables over the decades as well as his understanding of correcting facial collapse. The focus of this new option is bringing back the youthfulness based on improving facial shape that naturally declines because of aging.

That means patients look better without dental drilling, facelift surgery or liposuction – and without anesthesia, high costs or debilitating side effects.



Marketing Techniques With Proven Results

Extended Access 2 months extended access to the online didactic Botox and Filler training videos provided in advance of the live event, and indefinite access to Dr. Katz via e-mail.

Continued Education Credits 10 hours + 8 additional hours from the video content.

Free Staff Member Attendance When you bring one of your staff members as your demo injection patient, that staff member can attend at no charge. The patient will only be allowed treatment if a condition warrants it. When no treatment is needed, your staff member can still be used to demonstrate injection sites to you. Additional staff members that you choose to bring with you may attend and will be subject to appropriate course charges.

Patient Forms. The forms you will need to get started quickly are provided, including patient consent, history and post operative instruction forms.

Manikin (Visual Cheat Sheet). A manikin with Dentox simulated-skin stickers for a physical demonstration of all injecting sites, needle depths/angles, preferred material, and volumes/dilutions/doses.

Certification, as well as inclusion in the Dentox certified practitioner directory.

botox filler consent formsbotox training manikin kit


Student Experiences With Dentox Courses



Botox/Fillers/Nerve Blocking (The Modernist Hotel New York, September 14th, 2024)


Live – Botox | Dermal Fillers | Nerve Blocking | DentoX LIFT Course – 9/14/24 [New York]


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Not able to make the live course dates? Check out our live, online Botox and Dermal Fillers programs (if you later choose to take a live course, the full tuition of the online programs is deducted)



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