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Botox Injection Training – Live Online & Interactive

Botox Injection Training – Live Online & Interactive

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You want to increase your clientele, but your resources are limited, your time especially so. Adding new services in order to acquire new patients usually involves a significant investment in equipment and training. We understand and we want to help. This year, according to Google, more than 246,000 searches are done for information on Botox every month. Botox typically isn’t covered by insurance, so individuals seeking Botox Injections have the disposable income to pay for it. No anti-aging treatment offers results as quickly or as long lasting as Botox. This is why Botox is the most widely sought after anti-aging treatment in the United States.

botox injection training certificateOur Botox training doesn’t stop at teaching you how to administer Botox injection, we also teach you how to explain the benefits of treatment to your prospective patient and how to turn your patients into huge fans that will recommend you to everyone they know.New injectable products are being approved all the time, and injectable products are consistently being approved for new uses. This is why is it so important to make certain you find a course that teaches the most current FDA approved as well as off-label treatments for both aesthetic and therapeutic uses and how they should be used with dermal fillers. Many Botox injection training courses will get you qualified, but our course will offer you added credibility. Course director Dr. Howard Katz is named on the patents for all current Botulinum toxin products. The course is offered online, but on successful completion, you will receive a certificate of completion from Dr. Katz himself.

interactive botox training materialsYou’re probably wondering how in the world you can learn to administer Botox injection over the internet.  Prior to the course, you will receive a kit that includes a foam head along with all of the needles and syringes needed.  Throughout the course, the instructor will demonstrate each treatment, showing the placement, angle and depth from multiple angles.  You will inject the foam head in the same manner and submit photos of each.  We will assess the location, angle, depth and dose of each and either verify the accuracy of your technique or coach you on how to improve.  Once you have correctly demonstrated accurate technique for all treatments, we will send your certificate.

botox training on laptopDuring the course, you will watch the class in high definition from a computer, tablet or smartphone and you’ll be able to talk to the instructor just as you would if you were right there in the classroom.  You don’t have to be a computer expert to attend.  If you can send an email or surf the internet, you’ll have no trouble.  When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with a link to the class.  As you watch the class, type any questions you may have into the chat box.  Use the camera on your computer, or any other digital camera to take pictures of your technique and upload them.

Maybe you’re still skeptical.  One notable advantage to taking a course online is that you still have access to all of the recorded lectures and other course material anytime, day or night.  Missed something?  Still not quite clear on something?  Just got lost at some point and don’t feel as comfortable as you’d like with the procedure?  Not a problem.  Go back and rewatch the class as much as you want whenever you want.  Of course, there’s also the fact that you don’t have travel costs or time away from the office and online Botox injection training becomes rather attractive.

Need more reasons to consider our Botox Injection Training course?

botox injection training credit

  • You can ask questions of Dr. Katz after the class is over, or consult with him on treatment plans for specific patients.  Send photos of the patient and he will respond within 24 hours.
  • If you live near San Diego or plan on visiting you may attend semi-private hands on classes anytime, for free.
  • Get a discount on any of our live patient Dentox programs.
  • Receive priority access to all new courses and webinars.
  • Receive AGD continuing education credit.  Many Botox injection training courses do not offer this.

This course is intended for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.  State laws vary as to what specific professions are allowed to administer Botox.  Be sure you will be eligible to administer Botox before signing up.  Along with online Botox injection training, we also offer local in-person classes.  If you have taken the online course, the cost will be deducted from the live class.  We also offer private consultation in our office.

When you sign up for Botox injection training, you’ll not only receive the foam head, syringes and needles, you’ll also receive detailed information on pricing on all of the various Botox products and alternative products such as Juvederm and Restylane and when these products are preferable to Botox.  You’ll also receive information on how to earn the kind of loyalty from your clients that has them raving about you.    It’s our goal that you not only gain proficiency with with products, but that you are also able to develop a loyal following.  You will also receive manuals, a list of resources and sample forms.

Dr. Katz teaching Botox class

Treatment with Botox takes only a few minutes and requires no recovery time, many patients stop in for it over their lunch hour.  Results are apparent in three to ten days and last three to four months, longer with repeated use.  Botox injection is safe and carries few side effects, which are typically mild and temporary.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive training that you can easily integrate seamlessly into your existing practice.  By the time you finish the course, you will know:

  • The history of Botox as well as how to prepare it and how it works
  • When to use Botox and when to use dermal fillers
  • Indications and contraindications of Botox
  • Facial anatomy and physiology, particularly in terms of aesthetics
  • Differences between the various products and how to use them in various circumstances
  • Different types of dermal fillers
  • Proper techniques for every use of Botox
  • How to conduct patient consultations

Course participants gain both extensive knowledge of aesthetic practice, and continued education credit.

Why not revitalize your practice with new, affluent patients?

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Treatments for Varicose Veins

Treatments for Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are enlarged, swollen veins often seen on the legs and around the feet of people affected by them. It is caused by faulty valves in the lower extremities that allow the blood to pool making the veins swell and bulge. This condition affects an estimated 23% of adults in the US.

The swelling in the veins can be painful and make the legs ache or otherwise experience discomfort. As a result, many with varicose veins opt for treatment to relieve the pain and swelling through lifestyle changes and sometimes surgical procedures are needed. In some cases, a varicose vein can rupture and require immediate treatment.

If the varicose veins are mild and only cause slight discomfort they can often be treated with lifestyle changes and the use of compression stockings.

Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Swelling

Often the first line of treatment for varicose veins is making changes in the patient’s lifestyle. Changes in diet, losing weight, and mild exercise reduce the amount of pain and swelling in the lower legs.

Other things that may help include:

  • Avoid standing or sitting for long periods
  • Get moderate exercise daily to improve circulation
  • Wear low-heeled shoes or flats to encourage blood flow to the area
  • When seated prop feet and legs up with a footstool
  • Use compression stockings to reduce swelling

When lifestyle changes are not enough, your doctor may suggest a surgical procedure to remove or close off the vein causing the trouble. This can be one or several procedures meant to eliminate the problem and keep it from recurring.

Surgical Treatments for Varicose Veins

It is often necessary to remove the faulty vein or close them off so they don’t cause further problems. This may be concerning to the patient, but the blood can easily reroute itself through nearby healthy veins without any issues.

Some procedures that have proven to be effective include:

Laser Surgery

This treatment involves applying heat from a laser to a vein causing it to close off and be absorbed by the body. This is often recommended for small veins that require no further intervention. This is a popular treatment method for tiny veins.


This treatment method is often used for treating spider veins. It involves injecting a chemical into the small veins with a very fine, thin needle. The chemical reaction inside the vein creates scarring that closes it off permanently. There is a variation of this for larger veins using the same procedure but with a larger amount of chemical solution and a larger gauge needle.

Vein Stripping

This is a procedure that is slightly more invasive and used only for the most severe cases. This procedure involves cutting and tying the vein, closing it off and then removing it completely. Since it is more along the lines of traditional surgery, you will be given anesthesia medication so you sleep during the procedure. Recovery time is roughly 1 to 4 weeks and side effects can include pain, swelling, blood clots, and infection. These are mostly rare but they do happen so it is important to note.

What You Need to Know About Wrinkle Fillers To Reduce The Signs Of Aging

What You Need to Know About Wrinkle Fillers To Reduce The Signs Of Aging

A few years ago the only way to reduce the signs of aging and obtain a more youthful appearance was to opt for a surgical facelift. These procedures had their benefits but many also had side effects that were inacceptable and many consumers would rather grow old gracefully than risk an undesirable outcome from surgery.

But all of that changed with the discovery of dermal fillers. They allow patients to take years off their appearance at a fraction of what a facelift would cost and without the risky side effects. Another benefit is that the procedure can be done in as little as 30 minutes and the effects can last as long as 12 months. Here is an overview of dermal fillers and what they can do for you.

The difference between dermal fillers and Botox is that they do not relax the muscles of the face the way Botox does. Instead, think of them like a sealant. When you apply a sealant it goes to the cracks in the surface and fills them in, completely removing the issue. This is what dermal fillers do. They “fill” the creases, fine lines, and tiny wrinkles in the skin giving it a smoother, younger look and feel.

Dermal fillers work on tiny wrinkles around the eyes, lips, cheeks, and temple areas. Everywhere you see wrinkles can be treated with injectable fillers. They plump up the skin making it firmer and younger-looking.

These treatments are not without their own risks, however, when used correctly and by trained medical professionals, the side effects are reduced and often temporary and resolve on their own quickly. Allergic reactions are a possibility but a doctor will know if your medical history indicates any reasons why you shouldn’t use a particular product and these types of problems can be avoided by being completely honest with your health care professional.

It takes careful planning and research from your doctor to discover which treatments are right for you. Not all fillers will work for everyone and they can only be used in certain areas so the doctor must know what products can be used where. It is a very careful science when it comes to this type of treatment

Some products are just better in general than others and work well for most patients. These are the names of dermal fillers made with hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally-occuring in the body.

Natural Hyaluronic Acid Products:

  • Juvederm
  • Restylane
  • Belotero Balance
  • Perlane
  • Elevess
  • Captique

These are very popular names for products that rarely have side effects and are generally well-tolerated. Side effects, if any, are usually mild and are only temporary. Patients may experience redness or swelling with some bruising at or near at the injection site.

The results can last from a few months to a year or longer. Research has shown that repeated injections of products containing hyaluronic acid can stimulate your body making it produce more of its own collagen improving results even more.

Dermal Fillers Made from Synthetics

Besides products containing hyaluronic acid, there are other dermal fillers that are created with synthetic materials. Some of these synthetic dermal fillers can leave small lumps or nodules under the skin after injection. They may go away and sometimes they have to be surgically removed.

Why would anyone use these if they had negative side effects? The benefits they offer are enticing and some feel it is worth the risk if successful. There have been many positive results reported with these products and that is why they are so popular and sought-after.

These synthetic fillers go by the names of:

  • Sculptra
  • Radiesse
  • Silicone

How to Minimize the Risk of Side Effects

These products are generally considered to be safe, but taking a few extra steps will ensure the best possible outcomes.

  1. Do your research
  2. Talk to your doctor
  3. Make sure he or she is certified in dermal filler usage
  4. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible and use sunscreen at all times

Now you can make an informed decision about dermal fillers knowing the risks and the benefits they offer.

Revolutionary Online Botox Training in San Antonio

Revolutionary Online Botox Training in San Antonio

Everything is big in Texas. It’s the city where the old ways and the news ways combine to create things that benefit people better than they did before. Doctors have been using cosmetic fillers for years to help their patients stay youthful and slow the aging clock. If you don’t offer this service in your practice you are missing out on something that could take your business to the next level.

Dr. Howard Katz, a longtime expert in the field of Botox, is offering online training classes in the use of dermal fillers. He is a practicing dentist and the founder of one of the best training companies in the world, Dentox. When you train with Dr. Katz, you are learning from the leading expert on Botox and he shares his knowledge and years of experience through one-on-one video sessions and by email.

Why Train Online?

You can do it from anywhere; in the privacy of your home, office, or while on vacation.

The sessions are recorded so if you can’t make the session at the time you normally would you can just view it later and use the recordings for review. You will get the same resources and study materials mailed to you as with any other course and you can ask questions and have them answered in real-time just as if you are sitting in a classroom. There are no parking fees, sitting in rush-hour traffic, or sitting in crowded lecture halls straining to hear the speaker. It is all on your schedule, for your comfort and convenience. There is no better way to train than on your own terms.

The benefits of training with Dr. Katz that you don’t get anywhere else:

  • Modern techniques for application
  • How to explain the service and benefits to new patients
  • How to integrate your new services into your practice with few startup costs
  • Get hands-on interactive training from an industry leader
  • Practice and test in private, then receive certification at the end of the course
  • Satisfy your requirements for AGD Continuing Education credit

You will do 100% of your training and certification online in your own environment. That may be at your home, office, or wherever you choose. You’ll get your materials and once the course is completed, you’ll get your certification that says you have learned these skills and are now ready to introduce them to your patients in San Antonio.

Why Online Training classes work better?

Online training just works better for some people than traditional classroom settings. It eliminates a lot of hassles and allows you room to be flexible where you need to be. You don’t have to sacrifice family time, take a leave of absence, or close your office.

Training online benefits you because:

  • Connect with your instructor on a deeper level. It’s like he’s standing right in front of you speaking directly to you. Imagine being the only person in the room.
  • Classes are recorded so you can review them anytime you want. Even months or years later as a refresher.
  • Test privately instead of having to stand in front of the class or answer questions out loud. Doing your practicing online all you do is send in photos of your assignment as proof of the skill mastery to Dr. Katz and his team.
  • Dr. Katz is available for questions and consultations during and after the course is over. You’ll receive a response to inquiries within 24 hours.

Learn these valuable new skills from a master in the field of Botox. Dr. Katz will teach you how to apply what you’ve learned in a real-world situation and how to market these services to your clients so your business thrives.

Modern Botox Training for Modern Times

Modern Botox Training for Modern Times

Philadelphia is a beautiful city with lots to offer, including colleges and universities that offer on-going medical training. Traditional classroom training is great but for busy professionals, online Botox training is the way to go. Why choose online learning over traditional classes? Modern technologies call for a modern method of learning that fits your lifestyle.

People today only have so much time in a day. Work and family life requires a careful balancing act and when you try to squeeze school on top of that it can get a little nerve-wracking. But doing your training online from your home or office is a great way to train where you are and on your schedule.

Dentox Training Is the Best

The Dentox training company was founded by Dr. Howard Katz, who is an expert in Botox for cosmetic use. Dr. Katz is a practicing dentist, educator, and world leader in Botox and other related products. His years of teaching as a professor makes him the perfect choice for Botox training for medical professionals. Who better to learn from than the best in the industry.

Dr. Katz is a world traveler and has taught students from around the globe the same concepts he teaches in his online classes. Not only will you learn the basics of Botox application but he also teaches you how to explain the benefits of Botox services to potential new patients.

Dentox is the right choice because:

It combines modern convenience with proven training methods to help you learn new skills that you can integrate into your practice to bring in more revenue. Once you have completed your training course and certification you can begin offering these new services and your waiting room will fill up with people wanting to book a session. Training with Dr. Katz will ensure that you learn the most up-to-date information and techniques to be successful and provide the best care for your patients.

When in San Diego you can drop in for a refresher class at Dentox headquarters. All you need to do is call ahead and confirm your spot in the class. You also get AGD Continuing Education credit and the training pays for itself within a short time.

Focused and On-target

During class, the instructor talks directly to the camera so it’s like you are right there in the front row. You can see and hear him clearly and can ask questions in real-time if you need clarity on something that was said. Your practice sessions are private and you submit proof of skill mastery by email and photo documentation so there is no having to stand up in class or perform in front of others for those with anxiety issues.

The class sessions are recorded and these are available 24/7 so you can review a class as many times as you need to master the knowledge. You can brush up your skills whenever you want and when it fits your schedule.

Dr. Katz will be available for email consultations during and after training ends. Even though the class has ended you still retain many of the benefits like access to the doctor for on-going guidance.

Opt for the superior training methods offered through online Botox training and skip the hassles of attending regular classes in Philadelphia.

Men are Often the Best Botox Customers (Secretly)

Men are Often the Best Botox Customers (Secretly)

You might think that the ones who go in for botox treatments are all women, but you would be mistaken. Men are conscientious about their appearance and the fact that they are getting older just as much as their wives. A man might accompany his wife to her appointment for moral support, while in fact, he has his own appointment in another room. They both get the same treatment and his wife will never know about his unless he tells her.

The era of youthfulness is all around us. People are living longer these days, eating healthier, and turning back the clock on the aging process. Baby boomers, especially men, want to regain that feeling they had when they were younger and are not afraid of a few little needles.

Adding discreet, quick and simple Botox treatments to your practice’s array of service offerings can boost your income and widen your client base — but be prepared for a few awkward situations like the one above. Men like to be stealthy.

According to some research, cosmetic procedures on men rose more than 20 percent in the last several years. Shouldn’t you be getting in on this growing trend in the industry? It all starts with attending an online Botox training seminar to get the skills in injectables that you need.

The fact that Botox injections are quick and can be done discreetly makes it the perfect choice for those who want to look and feel their best at any age. Why not get into this trend and learn the skills you need to boost your career and bring in extra revenue?

Why the Interest in Botox for Men?

Nobody wants to be “put out to pasture” because they are aging. Just because you’ve gained a few years doesn’t mean you’re ready for the nursing home. Jobs and employers often turn down raises and promotions for older workers in favor of younger ones. It is harder for older men to find jobs because of their age. So a lot of men have chosen to do the same thing their wives are doing, slow the aging process. Botox treatments eliminate tiny lines and wrinkles and can take years off of your face. If you look younger you’ll feel more energetic, and therefore be more productive.

Age discrimination is a fact of life, no matter how much we try to deny it. Nobody wants to be hedged out of their job because they look older than others of the same age. Botox and dermal fillers make sense because they can do it on their downtime and no one ever needs to know about it.

Discrete Payments

Men will also go for these treatments because they are often not covered by insurance so they have to pay out of pocket so there is no paper trail for anyone to find out about their treatments.

The paperwork is minimal and the costs are low compared to other treatments to slow aging. This means more revenue for your practice as a medical professional if you offer these services.

Men also understand economics and shopping for them is different than it is for women. They tend to think logically and research products before buying. They will look for skilled medical professionals offering these services at a competitive price.

If you want to help others in the workplace while helping yourself as well, it’s time to make your next continuing education seminar a Botox training course from Dentox. Like so many doctors, nurses, dentists and others who have gone before you, you won’t regret learning from a proven leader whose years of experience are available to you whenever you’re ready to benefit from them.

If your office does not offer botox treatments but you would like to, get in touch with Dr. Katz or Dentox, and sign up for his online Botox course to get you skill-trained and certified to offer Botox treatments for your patients.

An Online Botox Training Course to Offer Your Nurses Associations

An Online Botox Training Course to Offer Your Nurses Associations

It’s great to be a part of something revolutionary. There is not a better way to learn a new subject than to study it online from the comfort of your own home or office. Membership has its benefits and that has never been more true than it is right now. Offering your Nurses Associations the opportunity to train online with Dr. Katz is the gift that keeps on giving, so to speak.

Dr. Howard Katz is the leading authority on Botox for cosmetic use and there is no one more qualified to teach these courses than him. The opportunity to learn from his years of experience is an invaluable tool that will help produce revenue for years to come.

Dr. Katz has trained hundreds of students on the techniques he has used with his own patients for many years. The doctor is a former professor, dentist, and world traveler who has taught students from every corner of the globe. He is a highly-respected educator who presents the material in an easy-to-understand format and not only teaches you the skills but will also show you how to implement them into your practice to bring in new patients. You get so much more out of his teaching than from other courses on the same subject.

One advantage of training online is that it can be done anywhere, anytime. And students can even take the course as a group from any location. This is especially helpful when everyone is on such a tight time restriction these days.

Here are a few ways your Nurses Association can benefit from this course:

These are a few of the concepts they will learn from Dr. Katz:

  • how to tell if a patient is a qualified candidate for Botox and other dermal fillers
  • explaining the procedure along with the benefits of it, to potential patients
  • the side effects that are possible, in rare cases
  • facial anatomy that determines the proper placement for injections

Those who complete the course will have a thorough understanding of Botox and dermal fillers, when they should and should not be used, the possible side effects, and proper application techniques.

The course also outlines the steps for marketing your new services to get the best ROI. You will also learn how to submit the documentation and what type of insurance you need to have for compliance with state regulations.

Dr. Katz is not only the head instructor for Dentox, but he is also the founder of the company offering this valuable training. He has a team of professionals that help him with the administrative tasks so he can concentrate on what he does the best: teaching and helping students.

There is no one better to learn from than Dr. Katz. He does have quite a busy schedule so it is recommended that you reserve your spot in his training class as soon as possible because they fill up quickly. Due to the popularity of this course, space is limited so be sure to contact him right away with the dates you want to train.

Your Nurses Association members will thank you over and over for the opportunity to learn the skills that allow them to benefit in so many ways. And not only do they benefit, but so does the community as a whole.

Online Botox Training in San Jose – Convenience and Accessibility

Online Botox Training in San Jose – Convenience and Accessibility

If you’ve ever signed up for additional training courses and certifications then you know how frustrating it can be trying to go and sign up in-between patients or on your lunch hour. It would be so much easier to do online. So why not? It makes so much more sense to do it online on your own schedule than trying to fit into a traditional classroom setting with all the limitations.

Why Choose Online Training Over a Traditional Classroom?

There are dozens of schools and training classes all over San Jose and they are all jam-packed with students trying to do the same thing you are. Parking is limited, the schedules are inflexible, and you would have to sacrifice personal time to attend. And then there is the cost of tuition, parking permits, and vending machine costs.

Now, look at the benefits of online training. The courses cost less, are more accessible, and you get a better overall experience. Sessions are done on your schedule from the privacy of your home or office so no sitting in rush-hour traffic for an hour waiting to get to class.

Besides the immediate benefits of taking your Botox training online, you also get to train with the best instructor in the field, Dr. Howard Katz. He is the leading expert in Botox and other injectable fillers. He is also the founder of Dentox, an online Botox training program, and a knowledgeable expert in the cosmetic uses of Botox. Dr. Katz teaches students the basics of dermal fillers such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin and how to apply their knowledge and skills to their practice to create another source of revenue.

Online Training Offers Convenience

Another advantage of taking Botox training online is the ability to connect with the instructor and personalize your learning experience. Because the instructions are given online you can do it on your own schedule and from anywhere. You will feel like Dr. Katz is speaking right to you as if you are sitting in the front row of his class. You can see and hear everything he says clearly, not like sitting in the back of a lecture hall where you struggle to hear over the sounds of other students around you.

Every class is recorded so you can view it when you are able to and can review it as many times as you need to understand the concepts and procedures. The learning is on-going because you can even go back to the recording after completing the course for a refresher.

Your practice sessions are done privately so there is no embarrassment or anxiety of performing in front of others. Practice and testing are completed through photos and emailed instructions. You can ask questions during class and get answers to your questions in real-time.

When you train with someone like Dr. Katz, you gain access to his contact info and can email him with questions, concerns, or help with a consultation long after the course has finished. Dr. Katz makes himself available to his students whenever they need him. You will usually receive an answer within 24 hours depending on how busy his schedule is.

Choosing to take online Botox training with Dr. Katz in San Jose is one of the best decisions you can make for your future. Dr. Katz is the founder of Dentox and created a training program that is convenient and accessible to students everywhere.

Cosmetic Nursing

Cosmetic Nursing

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to work alongside a cosmetic surgeon assisting with Botox treatments, then you need this course taught online by world-renowned Botox expert Dr. Howard Katz. In this role, you would be considered an anesthetic nurse or cosmetic nurse. You would work hand-in-hand with the doctor to help your patients look their best.

This course will teach you all you need to know to make a real difference in your patient’s lives. Training with Dr. Katz is one of the best investments you can make in furthering your career in this age of uncertainty. Your skills will always be in-demand so you never have to worry about being laid-off or out-of-work like in other jobs.

Taking the right steps means learning the requirements for your new career. Here are a few of the basics you will need before starting.

As a licensed RN you will have the necessary training to become a cosmetic nurse. You will need to complete the training course, get the certification, then apply for a position in a cosmetic surgeon’s office. You’ll have everything you need to be successful.

In this course you will learn:

  • the skills needed to assess and evaluate patients for possible Botox candidacy
  • the possible side effects and what to watch out for
  • how to explain the process to the patient and discuss the benefits they will get from it
  • how to market these skills to your best advantage

You will do all of your skill tests and practice in private and send the proof to your instructor. You never have to speak in front of the class or be embarrassed in any way. It is all done from the comfort of your own home on your schedule.

There is no better time to upgrade your skills and ensure that you stay employable year after year. The skills you learn from Dr. Katz will benefit you for a long time to come.

Thinking of Offering Botox Training in Your Medical Study Group?

Thinking of Offering Botox Training in Your Medical Study Group?

Do you have a medical study group and are considering including Botox training? This is a great addition to any type of extended training classes. If you want the best training possible for dermal fillers, then Dr. Katz Botox training is a must-have. Dr. Katz is an innovator and the leading expert on Botox for dental and medical procedures. Why not give your attendees the benefits of his knowledge and experience?

When you choose an instructor like Dr. Katz, you are gaining the knowledge of his years of experience as an educator and world traveler. Offering Botox in your medical/dental practice will help you gain new patients who are seeking this type of treatment. It is great for boosting your revenue and bringing in new patients who will spread the word about your services. You will get real-world, hands-on training from the person who practically wrote the book on Botox.

Dr. Katz has trained students from all over the world and is a highly-qualified educator. He is a practicing dentist as well as a botox instructor and is happy to share his knowledge with other medical professionals who want to enhance their bottom line and grow their practice. Why not share this experience with your group and learn new skills to help them to be successful in their business?

Part of what you will learn through this course is:

  • assessing and evaluating patients as possible candidates for Botox
  • explaining the benefits of dermal fillers to potential patients
  • anatomy of the face and choosing angles for needle insertion
  • depth of penetration for best results
  • how Botox can help treat the tiny lines around the mouth (smoker’s lines)
  • how Botox can help migraine sufferers, those with facial pain
  • how to avoid many side effects and unfavorable outcomes
  • The ability to explain how dermal fillers like Botox work for cosmetic uses

Besides learning practical applications, your group will also learn how to apply the skills they learn to their business. How to sell these new services and get paid for it. The type of insurance to get and how to properly document procedures for claims. By the time the course is finished, students will be able to confidently emerge into a new area of expertise that others don’t have. These skills are invaluable and will set them apart from their competitors.

Dr. Katz is a respected name in the medical community and is one of the most sought-after professionals. His training course will prepare students for a successful career offering Botox and other dermal fillers in their practice.

Consider adding botox training to your scheduled training courses.  The training you get from Dr. Katz is very focused and hands-on to give students the knowledge and opportunity to practice their skills before certification. It is the best investment you can make in your future.

Am I About To Pay Too Much? How Much Is A Botox Course?

Am I About To Pay Too Much? How Much Is A Botox Course?

botox costIf you’re paying thousands upon thousands and spending days and days on your Botox course, you’re probably paying too much and wasting time as well. But you won’t get expert training and certification without paying a reasonable fee and spending a few hours learning the tips and techniques.

So how much is a Botox training course? Can you get it for free? And who can you trust for the training it takes to make you an expert at improving the signs of aging so that your clients look younger and feel better?

Botox Training For Free

Getting Botox certification for free is impossible. But you can learn some of the basic injection techniques for free directly from the company that makes the product. In fact, anyone can see free short videos from Allergan – even if, perhaps, they have no business seeing them. On the Botox Medical and Botox Cosmetic websites designed for medical professionals, several short videos about proper dosage, indications, injection techniques and more are available without registration or payment. These are worth watching, but can you really learn all you need from these promotion-oriented maker videos?

Multi-Day, Multi-Thousands Training

So how much is a Botox course from a training company? If you ask some companies, the cost is somewhere in the $3,000 to $6,000 range. And you’ll need to spend several days with them at a training center, going over simple course materials and practicing again and again to make sure you get your money’s worth. Sure, you’ll get CE credit and learn how to inject Botox and dermal fillers like a pro, but you don’t need to spend that much time or money to get practice-boosting, skills-enhancing Botox training that meets your needs.

A Smart In-Between Alternative

Intelligent, budget-conscious healthcare providers interested in offering Botox and dermal fillers are making the right decision when they select Dentox for an affordable one-day intensive course or hands-on live online course. Dentox courses are available that provide in-depth training in injection techniques as well as marketing techniques to help make the most of the training, proper documentation and forms for easily serving and collecting from the usually cash-paying patients seeking Botox and more.

Dentox Stands Apart

In every way, training with Dentox stands apart from the competition. No other company offers in-person intensive or online courses presented by Dr. Howard Katz, a pioneer in injectables who is also an inventor, innovator and leader in many aspects of therapeutic and cosmetic treatment with Botox. As the founder of Dentox, he is the lead trainer of the company as well as a practicing dentist and trained medical professional.

Dentox also offers Botox certification, something you can’t get from watching Allergan’s videos and hoping for the best. This certification proves your expertise in Botox to your patients and is required to legally provide services in many jurisdictions. It also comes with a listing in the Dentox provider directory.

So how much is a Botox course really? While you can try to get by without paying anything or choose to pay way too much, the least expensive alternative that’s also practical is an online course from Dentox. Train in person with Dr. Katz and the Dentox team for a little more.

If a course you’re considering with another training company costs multiple thousands, ask yourself this: How much of my money and time is being wasted? And how reputable is a company willing to take up more of my time and more of money than is really necessary?

For simple, efficient training at a sensible price, Dentox is the only choice that makes sense.

Course Details: our live patient Botox & Fillers courses.

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