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Botox Training for Nurses

Botox Training for Nurses

Young beautiful woman having an injectionAre you a registered nurse?  If so, you may have considered adding new skills, perhaps in the ever-growing area of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.  If so, you may be wondering where to begin.  One of the best ways to get started with non-invasive cosmetic procedures is with Botox.  Botox may be the most sought after and well-known cosmetic injectables on the market today.

Before you can become certified to administer Botox, you must successfully complete an appropriate course of training, and verify your state’s requirements (see  An approved training course will teach you exactly what Botox is, how it works, is administered, and how to identify and manage side effects and adverse reactions.

The first thing you will learn is how to assess your patients and their expectations.  Some people have unreasonable expectations about what Botox is capable of and it is important to manage these expectations.

You will also learn how to prepare to administer Botox injections.  You will learn how to plan, identify and mark the precise locations where the Botox needs to be injected.  As part of this course, you will receive actual hands-on training to help you become comfortable with using the equipment and the solution in actual practice.

The Dentox Botox course (see our new online course here) was designed to help registered nurses and other health care professionals who would like to learn the skills needed to administer Botox and other cosmetic injectables.  We have Botox workshops as well as training in other aesthetic procedures offered at various times through the year at a number of locations, as well as online courses offered nearly every weekend.  Our most high demand courses are also scheduled on weekends so that you can attend them all without taking a great deal of time away from work.  Complete courses in Botox, dermal fillers and facial aesthetics are the foundation of a practice in aesthetics.

The Dentox workshop for nurses is a comprehensive course designed to allow you to begin using what you learn as soon as you finish the course.  The workshop is organized so that attendees receive comprehensive and detailed lectures in the morning and thorough, practical hands-on practice after lunch.

You will have plenty of opportunity to practice using actual Botox on live volunteers.  A significant portion of your tuition is used to offset the cost of both supplies and the product that you will use on the volunteers.  You are welcome to bring along a friend as a volunteer if you would rather use them for practice.  There is no charge for volunteers, and all injections on volunteers are done under close supervision.

botox training for nurses

Topics for the Botox Training Workshop

By the end of the course, you will learn how to administer not only the various Botulinum toxin Type A compounds as well as all of the newer products like Dysport and Xeomin.  All of the products covered will be available during the latter part of the course.  This will give you the chance to decide which of the products is best suited to your goals.

Once you have successfully completed the course and demonstrated your ability to administer the injections, you will be awarded your certificate of completion.  Attendees may also have their certificate framed.

This course is specially designed to equip licensed health care professionals with everything they may need to administer injections of botulinum toxin safely and properly in your practice.  Not only will you be certified to administer Botox, but you will also acquire a degree of confidence in providing Botox to your own patients.  We have had thousands of nurses and other professionals complete our course and we have helped many graduates establish their own aesthetic practices.

Practical Training in Botox with Hands-on Practice

The theory behind Botox is just the beginning of what you will learn in this course.  Course instructors will also teach you all the little tricks involved with the process and the general procedure.  You will also learn a full range of cosmetic Botox procedures along with how to mix Botox, where to buy the products, and how to determine your price for the procedure.  You will also learn specific strategies for earning the loyalty of your patients and turning them into the kind of fans who will not only keep coming back, but also have them recommending you to everyone they know.  You will also learn many techniques created by us that you won’t learn anywhere else.

Lectures and Presentations:

As part of this course, you will also be provided with a full set of materials created for you to use in your office for reference along with a marketing workbook and supply of materials.  The teaching presentations are comprehensive and current with the latest information and protocols.  Our staff works hard to make sure our materials are always fully up to date.


To register for our Botox Training Courses visit:

Live Courses:

Online Courses:

**Please note: Which health professionals can inject Botox varies by state, although we can train anyone, please check with your state board to make sure that you can legally practice in your area.

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  4. Velda siciliano says:

    I am a R.N.and wish to take a course to earn injection of Botox. Where are you located?

  5. joan Ernst says:

    Please can you tell me how I can volunteer . I live in Minnesota. Thank you.

    • Botox EDU says:

      Hi Joan, you can sign up for our online training course here.

      We are available to answer your questions by phone as well at (858) 550-9533.

      Kind regards, Ari

  6. Maria Luisa Gutierrez says:


    I am interested in taking the botox training and certification. I appreciate any information useful.

    Thank you

  7. Marie says:

    I thought California nurses required MD supervision and pt orders with assessment prior to administering Botox treatments. Has this changed and how do I verify current regulations?

  8. ma.belinda de vera says:

    I am interested t0 attend the b0t0x training f0r nurses

  9. Botox EDU says:

    Hi Belinda, you can sign up here: or call us at (858) 877-9539, and we would be happy to assist you.

    Kind regards, Ari

  10. Alyssa McGinty says:

    Hi I’m a 27years old NICU RN looking to get my Botox certification! I live local in Oceanside ca. I would like some information! In class, material, cost, hands on, length of class. I do not prefer online, I want hands on experience.
    Thank you!

  11. sara says:

    I am a RN in SD can i take a live course, i live in SD?

  12. Samantha says:


    I have a nurse who I want to be trained into administering Botox to client last in my Beauty Salon.
    Would you be able to send me some information on this please?

    Kind regards

  13. Alexae Ackerman says:

    Is this course available to LPNs?

  14. Sherita Heath says:

    I am interested in attending courses in late summer or fall. Would you pleaa send me your brochures so that I may look them over and decide what’s best for my schedule.

  15. Alicia Lilly says:

    How much and how long is the training to become a Botox nurse I have been a nurse for 12 years

  16. Toralf Thomassen says:

    Hi- the online course. Is that “live” or do I Get acsess to material I can watch over and over again?

    • Botox EDU says:

      Hi Toralf, both. The online course itself is live, and you also receive a link to a recording of the course after for you to be able to review indefinitely.

      Kind regards, Ari

  17. Alexandria says:

    Was interested in volunteering for Botox.

  18. ca a LPN take the training and become certified.

  19. Ellie says:

    Hi I am interested in doing botox and fillers I understand that botox have to be prescribed how can you get this prescribed and where from?

    • Dr. Howard Katz says:

      Hi Ellie, in the states where nurses cannot prescribe, usually there is an arrangement with a supervising physician, who orders the material from Allergan for you.

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