Live Botox | Dermal Fillers | Nerve Blocking | DentoX LIFT Training – Boston

A Single Course – 4 New Avenues Of Revenue

Live Event With Dr. Howard Katz (about Dr. Katz)



Sunday April 30th, 2023

8:00am – 11:00am Botox Training

11:00am – 1:00pm Live Patients & Mannequins

1:30pm – 3:30pm Fillers Training & DentoX LIFT

3:30pm – 5:30pm Hands On & Nerve Blocking

Location: Embassy Suites Boston Logan Airport (directions)

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About Course Director Dr. Howard Katz – Botox Training Inventor

Every Dentox seminar is led by Dr. Howard Katz, the forward-looking innovator who created Botox training and nerve blocking therapies – and who continues to refine the course through his research and active dental practice. Doctors, dentists and other medical professionals have trusted Dr. Katz for more than 30 years. Hundreds have taken Botox training like the seminar available in Boston from him and also learned about dermal fillers, nerve blocking and his own DentoX LIFT nonsurgical facelift procedure. Plus, he’s spoken in prestigious locations including at NSU, NYU, the AGD and more – across many parts of Europe as well as South Africa, the Middle East and the United States. And he’s collaborated with Prollenium, Allergan and Medicis as well as other big names in the injectables industry. (more about Dr. Katz).

Botox Training Boston Class


Expect a single-day, four-part course that’s content-rich with everything you need to know about Botox, dermal fillers, nerve blocking and more. Earn 10 Continuing Education Credits for the course plus 8 CE hours for online materials you can review before or after the event – and practice hands-on with live patients under the skilled supervision of Dr. Katz.


Part 1)  Hands On Botox Training Segment for Boston
(Aesthetics & Therapeutics):

• Revenue Potential •

Deal With Nasolabials & Glabellas in 2 mins
Fix Smile Lines & Foreheads in 2 mins
Learn Not To Waste Materials



Two training options are available at your one-day Boston Botox training seminar:

  1. If you’re a licensed medical professional in Massachusetts and you bring a friend, staff member or other doctor or dentist with you, you can perform injections on this real person.
  2. If you’re not licensed in Massachusetts or don’t have someone to bring with you, you can diagnose and assess a live patient, then perform the required injections on simulated skin. (You can try live patient injections in your home state if a course is offered there later.)

The Botox training Boston course that doctors and dentists can take from Dr. Katz includes complete – but efficiently presented – details on using Botox and related products for both cosmetic, aesthetic purposes and for the treatment of certain medical conditions. Botox can be used therapeutically for migraines, TMD and associated clenching, pericranial muscle tightness and even depression.


Part 2)  Hands On Dermal Fillers Training Segment for Boston
(Ideal Natural Outcomes)

• Revenue Potential •

Localized Fillers For Lips
Injections To Enhance Cheeks
Fillers For A Stronger Jaw



Medical professionals around the world are already raving about the Dentox dermal fillers training, and you can get the same quality of instruction in Boston that others have received in San Diego, New York and around the world. Learn to use injectable fillers including Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma to improve profiles and aesthetics for many different kinds of patients. Find out how to make lips better match teeth and facial features. Discover how it’s possible to use Botox in combination with fillers to make the chin look better and longer, enhance the cheekbone and more.

As with the Botox portion of your training, learning is hands-on. And it’s led by Dr. Katz himself.

Upon completion, you’ll understand how to get rid of marionette and smoker’s line, nasolabial lines and other cosmetic issues of the face. Materials are all provided, and the anesthetics involved are also available at the training at no extra cost in 5 cc single-use syringes.


Part 3) Nerve Blocking Training Boston: Save Time, Save Money, Gain Patient Satisfaction

• Facial Nerve Blocking: Revenue Potential •

Reduce costs using non-anesthetic fillers
Reduce chair time without topical anesthetics
Achieve painless perfection for your patients



Do better for your patients while you save time and money with this nerve blocking training in Boston aimed at advancing the quality and speed of your injectables skills. Get and keep patients by performing filler injections painlessly using our instruction on turning facial nerves off and back on again with pinpoint precision. This unique type of nerve blocking is exclusive to Dentox training courses.

Our Boston injectables training course includes a module about how to instantly numb specific areas with precision to eliminate the pain of dermal filler injections. Numbing happens in about 10 seconds or less, much quicker than with topical products.

With this exclusive training under your belt, you will be able to create outcomes without pain that patients will love – getting you new patients and bringing existing ones back again and again. Rather than compete on price, rise to the top of the competition by better satisfying patients.

When you’ve completed our Boston facial nerve blocking training, you’ll save money on each patient because you won’t have to buy fillers that contain anesthesia, which are more expensive. You and your patient save time too.


Part 4)  The DentoX LIFT Segment for Boston:
Non-Surgical, Minimally Invasive Face Lifting Technique

• Revenue Potential •

An Easy Sell Because It’s Fast
No Anesthetic, Helping With Acceptance
Dramatic Improvement In Entire Face



In just minutes, you can perform the DentoX LIFT on a patient and dramatically improve his or her overall appearance, especially in the cheeks, lips and jaw. Our Botox training in Boston includes in-depth training on the exclusive DentoX LIFT, which provides your patients the look of greater youthfulness in just a few minutes. The secret? Dr. Katz teaches you facial contouring techniques using dermal fillers injected through the vestibule and elsewhere to enhance the chin, cheeks, jawline and more. You can provide quick results that don’t cause inflammation, visible punctures to the skin, time away from work or pain. And since only topical anesthetics are needed, the risk and time in the office are both reduced.

Our lead trainer Dr. Katz developed this procedure based on his depth and breath of experience with injectables over the years. He’s learned a lot about facial collapse and how to use injectables to reverse it, reducing the signs of aging dramatically.

Without the need for a facelift, a dentist’s drill or a liposuction machine, excellent youth-restoring results are possible. And costs are low, side effects are low and anesthesia isn’t needed.


Also Included

Learn marketing techniques that are proven to work

Get free online access to Dermal Filler and Botox refresher courses – and 8 CE credit hours, a $1398 value

Obtain 10 hours of valuable Continuing Education credit

Bring a staff member to be injected at no additional charge.

Get patient consent, history and post-op form templates so you can get started right away

Get A Manikin with simulated skin stickers serving as a visual cheat sheet for all the injection sites, preferential material, needle angles, depths, volumes, dilutions and doses.

Get certified and included in the Dentox Certified Practitioner’s Directory

botox filler consent formsbotox training manikin kit

When you choose Botox, dermal filler and nerve blocking training in Boston from Dentox, you’re learning from the best and opening a lucrative new avenue for your practice.


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Botox/Fillers/Nerve Blocking (April 30th, 2023)

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