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Thorough And Quick Botox Training Near Santa Clarita!

It’s a question we get all the time: Are there really differences between the Botox and dermal fillers training programs available in the Santa Clarita area? There absolutely are! Ours is:

  • Taught by an industry-leading instructor
  • Brief but uses your time efficiently, and
  • Includes ample content on putting your new skills to work.

When you train with another company, who knows what you might get.



The Top Injectables Instructor Offers Classes Near Santa Clarita

For smart medical pros seeking Botox training near Santa Clarita, the news is good: America’s favorite instructor, Dr. Howard Katz – a true innovator in injectables and the man behind our single-day Botox training for doctors and dentists – offers classes in this area. It’s simply not possible to find a better instructor or one with more experience. In fact, he has such a long association with injectable products that his information appears on the Botox patent application.

Dr. Katz innovates in a range of ways. He is responsible for introducing Botox and filler products to the dentistry field, is the creator of our company and is the main teacher for our compact one-day Botox training course. Not insignificantly, he’s the company’s chief visionary as well. Santa Clarita doctors and dentists can depend on him and his 40+ years serving his patients and his students. No other Botox program is taught by Dr. Katz, and no other company can offer you so much information so quickly. And when you learn from us, bring a colleague for free to inject during the course.



More On Our One-Day Injectables Training Near Santa Clarita

We’re pleased to offer a comprehensive and efficient seminar in 4 important components of injectables at our respected daylong Los Angeles training class – which is easy to reach from your home or practice in Santa Clarita. This seminar includes:

Botox Training. Of course, this is the heart of the course. We allow you to learn proper injection protocols hands-on while we explain how you can make money from your new skills. Handle most procedures in 2 minutes each. Plus, learn to help patients with migraines, jaw clenching and more.

Filler Training. Create an overall look that’s better than with Botox alone using your dermal fillers training. Fillers are injected similarly to Botox and can plump lines and enhance cheeks and jaws for smooth, youthful skin.

Nerve Blocking Training. Cut filler costs, save time and better satisfy every patient with our exclusive pain-free nerve block technique instead of other anesthetic methods. Every filler treatment is less expensive for you and goes more smoothly.

DentoX LIFT Training. Exclusive to our program, the frequently discussed DentoX LIFT developed by Dr. Katz allows you to give your patients facelift-style results in half an hour with no need for scalpels or a general anesthetic.

And More… Not Offered By From Some Santa Clarita Botox Courses

Our career-enhancing Botox course near Santa Clarita includes lots of beneficial information – not just good injection techniques. Here are some components that other classes may not offer:

  • Useful, tested marketing and promotion info for building your practice
  • Crucial patient forms and documents for a quick start in injectables
  • Additional recorded refresher courses for more CE credit
  • Option to attend with a colleague to act as your patient at no extra cost
  • Certification and listing in the Dentox directory
  • And a lot more.



If you need hours, get 10 CE hours for the live course and 8 CE hours for the recorded refresher courses.

Isn’t it time to take the plunge? Grow and enhance your practice with useful new skills that you can use from day one. Many existing patients already want you to offer injectables. And new ones want to meet you.

Sign up for the only Santa Clarita area Botox course from Dr. Howard Katz.

It’s quick four-in-one training you can really use.

And you and your practice will benefit for years to come.

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