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Experience The Top Botox Training Near Pearland… From The Best Instructor!

It’s worth taking a few minutes to compare Botox and dermal filler courses being offering in the Pearland area. You’ll quickly notice significant differences. Some of the courses last for several long days. Others have instructors with few qualifications. Some courses don’t even offer a complete injectables education. Our class is:

We offer an injectables class that’s:

  • Rapid. Pick up 4 crucial injectables skills in one compelling day.
  • Full of potential. We make it a point to discuss ways to boost income using your new skills.
  • Comprehensive. Our complete instruction comes from the best instructor.
  • Essential. You very likely need the 18 hours CE credit anyway.

Plus, moving forward with Botox and fillers allows you to keep up with the competition better than ever.



America’s Top Instructor Offers The Best Botox Classes In Texas

Did you know that the most knowledgeable and respected injectables instructor holds classes near Pearland – just off I-45 in North Houston? Our founder and lead trainer Dr. Howard Katz has such a remarkable relationship with Botox that his name is on the product’s patient application. And training with him means getting the benefit of his more than 40 years of medical and dental experience.

You see, Dr. Katz is both a practicing dentist and a man with extensive medical training, which makes him especially qualified for teaching injectables to a wide range of medical professionals. Our company has been built by and around Dr. Katz, so we can say with certainty that we provide thorough and high-quality courses.



What We Cover In Our Single-Day Class Near Pearland

We don’t suppose you’d be surprised to hear that the first and perhaps most important section of our Botox training is about good injection techniques. We teach this hands-on in a way that’s unique among Pearland area injectables training classes. After you’ve completed the daylong seminar, you can very successfully treat many clients in about 2 minutes per procedure. Plus, we go into these concepts:

  • Correctly assessing patients to ensure satisfaction
  • Creating the right dilution of Botox for the best results
  • Saving thousands simply by avoiding product waste
  • Treating TMD, migraines and other conditions with Botox
  • And more.

Then we move on to other important injectables training, including these components:

Dermal Filler Training. Provide your patients the great outcomes they expect by combing Botox with dermal fillers for stunning results, including better smoothness than with Botox alone.

Nerve Blocking Training. Eliminate discomfort, reduce the cost of every syringe and satisfy dermal filler patients better than other injectors with distortion-free nerve blocking. Compete based on your advanced skills instead of low prices.

DentoX LIFT Training. Offer facelift-style results with our exclusive procedure developed by Dr. Katz. It involves unique filler injection techniques and requires only about 30 minutes of treatment time and no general anesthetic or incisions.

Extras At This One-Day Pearland Area Injectables Course

Get significant advantages by training with the most well-recognized injectables instructor in the United States at our class in the Pearland area. Advantages that come with the course include:

  • Easy, sensible marketing info for reaching and keeping clients
  • The documents and forms you need so you can start up without hassles
  • 10 CE hours for the live course plus 8 CE hours for recorded online courses
  • The offer to bring a coworker or other second person at no extra cost as your patients
  • Certification and inclusion in our respected, often-consulted directory
  • And more.



Pick up a skill you can really use while getting CE credit you probably need anyway. It’s possible from the one-day course in nearby Houston that impresses Pearland medical professionals – your competition – each time it comes around. Satisfy more patients and stay up with your competitors with Botox training.

America’s best Botox training is available in South Texas…

and the extras make it more than worth your time.

Get 4 new skills from one great day.

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