Industry-Leading Carlsbad Botox Training Classes Coming Up Soon


The originator of hands-on Botox training – still today’s leading instructor for doctors and dentists wanting to learn lucrative Botox injections – teaches in the Carlsbad area! Take a Botox training class instead of another Continuing Education course and benefit because:

  • You get more income from your existing patients
  • You can earn massive income with minimal effort
  • You give your patients something they already want
  • You learn everything you need to know in a single day
  • You get 18 CE credits
  • And…
  • You catch up with the competition that’s already offering Botox, dermal fillers and related injectables.




Learn From The Best Near Carlsbad

When you select a hands-on Botox training class for the originator of Botox training, you can learn everything you need to know to start offering Botox and dermal fillers to your patients in a single day – just 15 minutes from Carlsbad.

Our lead instructor and course director Dr. Howard Katz has devoted decades of attention and resources to this course – a program he continues to improve and refine each time the seminar is presented, setting himself apart from competing Botox training programs. With more than 30 years experience in injectables and as a respected educator with a medical and dental background in the San Diego area, Dr. Katz has spoken around the world – including in the Middle East, Europe and South Africa. He has also collaborated with the most reputable names in the industry. These things make him the most qualified Botox trainer teaching anywhere in the world today.

And this course isn’t just about Botox. It includes in-depth training on dermal fillers, nerve blocking, the exclusive DentoX LIFT and more.

Four Top Skills Programs In One Day

Because Dr. Katz has stripped away the fluff and teaches injectables in a unique, hands-on manner that he developed, you can learn 4 useful skills during a single day. Go home knowing how to help patients and make money in these ways:



Skill 1: Carlsbad Botox Training For Cosmetic And Therapeutic Uses

Gain quick revenue by fixing many facial lines in 2 minutes or less with minimal product waste and minimal paperwork. Get more from your existing patients using skills you learn on a real person. If you’re a licensed doctor or dentist in Carlsbad or elsewhere in California, bring an associate or colleague with you and perform real product or saline injections on them. If you’re not licensed in California, assess a real person and then inject simulated skin.

Specific skills you’ll learn include:

  • Patient assessment and product choice
  • Best injections sites and depths for specific purposes
  • Use of Botox alongside dermal fillers
  • Treating TMD, migraines, clenching and grinding with Botox
  • Cosmetic uses of Botox on smoker lines, toothy smiles, wrinkles and more
  • Proper procedures for every type of adverse reaction
  • .. Marketing, consent forms, write-ups, malpractice insurance, selling, generating return business and more.



Skill 2: Carlsbad Dermal Filler Training For Optimal Outcomes

Help your patients even more by enhancing cheeks for greater youthfulness, correcting lines Botox won’t fix and making jaws fuller, smoother and stronger. Those are just a few of the things you can do with dermal filler training from Dr. Katz just minutes from Carlsbad. In many cases, the techniques are the same as for Botox. Still, we devote an entire module of the day to dermal fillers including Restylane, Juvederm and Voluma. Lips can look better, chins can look better and you can make more money when you perform dermal filler injections along with Botox injections. And this training is hands-on too.

Specific skills you’ll pick up in this single-day seminar include:

  • Using the right amount of anesthesia for minimal inflammation and tissue distortion
  • Avoidance of product waste for maximum profit
  • Visualizing the final look for better treatment
  • The best product to choose for each use
  • Correction of errors made by you or others
  • Creating natural looks and artful sculpting
  • PLUS… Marketing, selection patients you can help the most and more.



Skill 3: Carlsbad Nerve Block Training For Rapid Filler Anesthesia Without Side Effects

Set your Carlsbad practice apart from your competitors by offering dermal filler injection sessions that are quicker and cause your patients less pain than other injectors. Better satisfy every filler patient using our proprietary nerve blocking technique instead of expensive anesthesia-containing fillers and inconsistent, often ineffective anesthetic ointments.

Because our method uses special fine, short needles to inject tiny amounts of anesthetic precisely, results are immediate and last only a few minutes but completely block pain to the lower eyelid, chin and other specific locations. Plus, there’s no distortion as with larger anesthetic doses for great accuracy of treatment. You save money and time as you develop a reputation for impressive pain-free results.



Skill 4: Carlsbad DentoX LIFT Training For Facelift-Like Results

An easy sell because it’s quick to perform, needs no general anesthesia and improves the entire face, the exclusive DentoX LIFT takes just 15 to 30 minutes and works to dramatically improve the appearance of both men and women. Focused on the lips, cheek, chin and jaw, this lift procedure is taught only by Dr. Katz.

What’s the deal? Dr. Katz teaches a unique intraoral facial contouring technique done with dermal fillers injected through the vestibule for no noticeable punctures or scarring. Causing no inflammation, time away from work or pain, the risks are low. There’s no bruising, no downtime needed and natural-looking results are available in minutes.

Opportunity #3:


Ready to train with Dr. Katz? Put aside other Carlsbad CE courses you may have been considering and come to us for Botox and dermal filler training and more – in a single day.

It’s a financially sound investment in exclusive training and a new skill set that will benefit your patients and your practice.

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