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Increasing Attendance Means More Are Benefiting From Aesthetics Botox Course

The frequent Botox Aesthetics Training Course choices offered by Dentox are seeing better attendance than ever before, meaning more and more people are benefiting from this medical aesthetics class that helps medical professionals serve their patients better than ever before. With training in this online Botox Aesthetics course from Dr. Howard Katz, these doctors, dentists and others are as well prepared as possible to perform Botox procedures for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.

The Very Best Course

The large numbers of trainees who are choosing Dentox over our competitors indicates that people have caught on to what we’ve known all along: we provide not only the best training but also the best value as well. But what else makes us different? There are many things, including the following:

We teach proven techniques that improve medical and dental practices. With solid Botox skills under their belts, medical professionals can better meet the needs of existing clients and bring in new patients who are interested especially in these kinds of services. Plus, the income from these extra procedures enhances the bottom line of the practice, boosting its ability to provide other services. And since start-up costs are very low, the investment won’t break the bank.

We have the most qualified instructor. Dr. Howard Katz, our lead instructor, is actually the inventor whose name is on the patent applications for popular botulinum toxin injectables, including Xeomin, Dysport and Botox. How could anyone be more qualified to teach proper Botox aesthetic injections than Dr. Katz?

We teach all the latest products and techniques. With an aesthetic Botox course from another company, you can’t be sure what products and techniques are being taught. But since our lead instructor is an innovator in his field and an experienced instructor too, you’re sure to be taught the very latest techniques using the latest products.

We provide the only interactive and hands-on online course. How is that possible? Using two-way communication, foam heads that allow every medical professional to practice before performing a procedure on a real person and the exchange of photos that prove that a skill is mastered, we can give students all the benefits of an in-person course without the need for travel.

They’re Now Part Of A System

The many people who have recently participated in our online Aesthetics (Botox) training course are now part of a system that ensures they’re always supported in this new venture and can always have their questions answered. Every student who completes one of our medical aesthetics classes has direct access when they need it to Dr. Katz for questions on specific treatments, even long after the course is done. When they need answers related to a specific case or dealing with an unexpected side effect, they can send photos to Dr. Katz and his team for an accurate and specific answer within 24 hours. Also, when in the San Diego, CA area, students can participate in a free hands-on class at our San Diego location. And perhaps best of all, they can repeat the entire course anytime by watching the video recording of the actual class they attended. They also get priority if they should ever desire to take the entire course again live.

What more could any student possibly need? Of course, they get continuing education credit if the need it as well since our course is AGD accredited.   It’s no wonder that more people are turning to aesthetic Botox training courses from Dentox than ever before. When they’ve made up their mind to pursue Botox aesthetics training, it makes sense that they’d choose the best online training program available. It makes sense that they’d choose Dentox.

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