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ROI on Dentox Courses

Dentox courses provide the best return on investment compared to any other courses and equipment. You show a profit and carry zero liability even if you treat 3 or fewer patients each year. Your investment is returned when you treat your first patient. A 100 unit vial of botox sells for $580 or less. Your profit on each vial is $1000.It takes a maximum of 5 minutes to inject 100 units in different sites. Assuming that you use only 1 vial each month what is your return over your career ? In 20 years (=240 months = 240 vials if you inject 1 vial each month = 20 hours of treatment time over your lifetime if each vial takes 5 minutes treatment) your profit in today’s money is $240,000 in 20 hours on a $1500 investment in yourself. Please let me know if you know of anything else as profitable.

So here are some real world questions. A good implant course and decent implant equipment excluding laboratory fees and implant components will set you back $25K to $50K. How many implants do you have to do before you show a profit? How much liability are you carrying from badly place or failing implants? How long will you carry this liability – or for how long will you see radiologic problems from a badly placed implant?

How about a CT scan machine. How many CT scans do you have to take to be profitable? Are you responsible for missed pathology on your imagery? Are you responsible for pathology that is may be implicated to excessive X-radiation?

How about a Cerec machine? How many restorations do you have to perfectly to make this profitable? Yes you reduce your lab fees because you are doing all the work! You are also responsible for all your failures.

The bottom line. There is nothing more profitable in your practice than offering Botox.

If you are a qualified medical professional, and would like to learn how to use Botox in your practice, visit our Botox Training Page and learn from the inventor named on the patent applications for Botox!
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