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Botox / Fillers / PRP – What Can California Dentists Learn To Do?

1. Botox esthetics and therapeutics – combine most esthetic sites for therapeutic benefits like TMD, facial pain, migraine, sialorrhea. Also assymetric smiles, gummy smiles

2. Intra-oral supra-periosteal skeletal enhancement to correct mild Class 2’s and 3’s and enhance dento-facial support

3. PRP bio-filler injection – the least expensive, least allergenic, long lasting and most profitable healing and filler materials

4. Own and administrate a medical spa offering all aesthetic treatments

What is the dental reasoning for using Botox besides depression & migraine & TMJ?
1. Sialorrhea
2. Smile asymmetry
3. Gummy smiles
4. Masticatory muscle pain (TMD)
5. Tongue thrust
6. Angular cheilitis
Depression, migraine and pericranial muscle pain affects 50% of the population – these 3 pathologies are subspecialties on their own

What is the dental reasoning for using fillers?
1. Correction of Class 2 profile
2. Correction of class 3 profile
3. Correction of lip asymmetry
4. Correction of lip proportions
5. Correction of smile esthetics
6. Treatment for angular cheilitis in deep commissures and marionette folds

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