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Archive for May, 2015

Take A Shot At Greater Happiness With Therapeutic Botox Injections

It makes sense if you think about it: If a quick bit of lipstick can make you feel better, imagine how much better you’d feel if your facial muscles actually presented a positive and happy attitude. Beauty products like lipstick can’t help you beat serious depression, but Botox to get rid of frown lines might. […]


What are the Benefits of Botox Training for Nurses?

Are you interested in adding new services to your business? Do you want more patients and higher profits? If so, consider taking botox courses. Nurses are very well suited to this field because they already possess the skills needed for giving botox injections. Since not all courses are created equal, it’s important to choose one […]


Take Away Your Frown, Take Away Your Depression With Botox

Can you believe that taking away your frown with Botox injections may help you get rid of associated depression? That’s the finding of one study. Botox injections performed to disable muscles in the face that cause frowning had the unexpected impact of relieving diagnosed clinical depression, according to one well-conducted study. The study involved 33 […]


Is Botox Training Suitable for Physicians?

Botox training courses are growing in popularity. Every year, thousands of physicians sign up for these courses to learn about the cosmetic and medical uses of botox, emerging trends, and injection techniques. After completion, they can add new lucrative procedures to their practice and bring in more patients. Those who take these courses become experts […]


If You’re Depressed, Botox May Actually Help

For some people, nothing really helps with their debilitating depression symptoms. And many depressed people have tried a long list of medications, therapies and ideas. Everything from massage therapy to physical therapy and water therapy have been touted to ease symptoms, but nothing works for everyone. And some therapies are long shots that seem to […]


Should Dentists Train in Botox?

Are you interested in learning how to correctly use botulinum toxins? Want to expand your dental practice? Then you should sign up for botox training courses. With an increasing number of people turning to botox treatments and dermal fillers each year, these courses can help you grow your business. Featured in the top national health […]


Solve The Depression Epidemic With Botox Injections

Since one of every 10 American adults has depression, wouldn’t it be great if something could be done to help it. One potential answer — partial facial paralysis — has been underutilized and understudied until recently. Could it be the answer so many people are looking for? And since women are twice as susceptible to […]


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