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Botox Side Effects – Avoid Affecting The Eye [Dentox Tip of the Day]

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Online Botox Training In Sydney Or Melbourne Makes The Most Sense

Even when great Botox instructors come to Australia, the chances of the training location being convenient to you are small. After all, it’s a big country, and most trainers make only one or two stops. Existing training centers can be located hundreds of miles from your practice. But whether you’re located in Sydney, Melbourne or […]


Botox Treatment – Injecting The Forehead [Dentox Tip of the Day]

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Botox Injections – Avoid The Thinnest Needles [Dentox Tip of the Day]

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Botox Injections – Don’t Shake The Vial [Dentox Tip of the Day]

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The Costs And Profit Of Administering Dermal Filler Treatments

Many dentists are wondering whether to incorporate dermal filler procedures into their dental practice, and are curious whether the profit that stands to be gained will actually compensate for the costs involved in offering these procedures. The answer is pretty straightforward: the profit more than adequately compensates for any costs required to practice dermal fillings, […]


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