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Botox Injection Training – Live Online & Interactive

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Botox Injection Training composite

You want to increase your clientele, but your resources are limited, your time especially so. Adding new services in order to acquire new patients usually involves a significant investment in equipment and training. We understand and we want to help. This year, according to Google, more than 246,000 searches are done for information on Botox every month. Botox typically isn’t covered by insurance, so individuals seeking Botox Injections have the disposable income to pay for it. No anti-aging treatment offers results as quickly or as long lasting as Botox. This is why Botox is the most widely sought after anti-aging treatment in the United States.

botox injection training certificateOur Botox training doesn’t stop at teaching you how to administer Botox injection, we also teach you how to explain the benefits of treatment to your prospective patient and how to turn your patients into huge fans that will recommend you to everyone they know.New injectable products are being approved all the time, and injectable products are consistently being approved for new uses. This is why is it so important to make certain you find a course that teaches the most current FDA approved as well as off-label treatments for both aesthetic and therapeutic uses and how they should be used with dermal fillers. Many Botox injection training courses will get you qualified, but our course will offer you added credibility. Course director Dr. Howard Katz is named on the patents for all current Botulinum toxin products. The course is offered online, but on successful completion, you will receive a certificate of completion from Dr. Katz himself.

interactive botox training materialsYou’re probably wondering how in the world you can learn to administer Botox injection over the internet.  Prior to the course, you will receive a kit that includes a foam head along with all of the needles and syringes needed.  Throughout the course, the instructor will demonstrate each treatment, showing the placement, angle and depth from multiple angles.  You will inject the foam head in the same manner and submit photos of each.  We will assess the location, angle, depth and dose of each and either verify the accuracy of your technique or coach you on how to improve.  Once you have correctly demonstrated accurate technique for all treatments, we will send your certificate.

botox training on laptopDuring the course, you will watch the class in high definition from a computer, tablet or smartphone and you’ll be able to talk to the instructor just as you would if you were right there in the classroom.  You don’t have to be a computer expert to attend.  If you can send an email or surf the internet, you’ll have no trouble.  When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with a link to the class.  As you watch the class, type any questions you may have into the chat box.  Use the camera on your computer, or any other digital camera to take pictures of your technique and upload them.

Maybe you’re still skeptical.  One notable advantage to taking a course online is that you still have access to all of the recorded lectures and other course material anytime, day or night.  Missed something?  Still not quite clear on something?  Just got lost at some point and don’t feel as comfortable as you’d like with the procedure?  Not a problem.  Go back and rewatch the class as much as you want whenever you want.  Of course, there’s also the fact that you don’t have travel costs or time away from the office and online Botox injection training becomes rather attractive.

Need more reasons to consider our Botox Injection Training course?

botox injection training credit

  • You can ask questions of Dr. Katz after the class is over, or consult with him on treatment plans for specific patients.  Send photos of the patient and he will respond within 24 hours.
  • If you live near San Diego or plan on visiting you may attend semi-private hands on classes anytime, for free.
  • Get a discount on any of our live patient Dentox programs.
  • Receive priority access to all new courses and webinars.
  • Receive AGD continuing education credit.  Many Botox injection training courses do not offer this.

This course is intended for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.  State laws vary as to what specific professions are allowed to administer Botox.  Be sure you will be eligible to administer Botox before signing up.  Along with online Botox injection training, we also offer local in-person classes.  If you have taken the online course, the cost will be deducted from the live class.  We also offer private consultation in our office.

When you sign up for Botox injection training, you’ll not only receive the foam head, syringes and needles, you’ll also receive detailed information on pricing on all of the various Botox products and alternative products such as Juvederm and Restylane and when these products are preferable to Botox.  You’ll also receive information on how to earn the kind of loyalty from your clients that has them raving about you.    It’s our goal that you not only gain proficiency with with products, but that you are also able to develop a loyal following.  You will also receive manuals, a list of resources and sample forms.

Dr. Katz teaching Botox class

Treatment with Botox takes only a few minutes and requires no recovery time, many patients stop in for it over their lunch hour.  Results are apparent in three to ten days and last three to four months, longer with repeated use.  Botox injection is safe and carries few side effects, which are typically mild and temporary.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive training that you can easily integrate seamlessly into your existing practice.  By the time you finish the course, you will know:

  • The history of Botox as well as how to prepare it and how it works
  • When to use Botox and when to use dermal fillers
  • Indications and contraindications of Botox
  • Facial anatomy and physiology, particularly in terms of aesthetics
  • Differences between the various products and how to use them in various circumstances
  • Different types of dermal fillers
  • Proper techniques for every use of Botox
  • How to conduct patient consultations

Course participants gain both extensive knowledge of aesthetic practice, and continued education credit.

Why not revitalize your practice with new, affluent patients?

reserve botox injection training

Help Patients See Better, Feel Better With Botox For Hooded Eyes

Correcting drooping or hooded eyelids with Botox is a simple procedure that can be performed in minutes and makes months of difference in the way a patient looks and the quality of their life, especially if they’re having trouble seeing because of eyelids that are sagging over their eyes.

Botox for hooded eyelids requires only a few quick injections into the outer edges of the eyebrows and perhaps the lower forehead. While injectables are often considered by patients to be only for cosmetic results, Botox has many medical uses as well. In this case, it restricts the movement of the depressor muscle that causes eyebrow droop without taking any action on the elevator muscle, so the eyebrow raises normally but the drooping is controlled.

Once the treatment takes effect, the brow rises a few millimeters – hardly noticeable itself, but it’s enough to improve vision and create a more pleasing cosmetic look of the eyelid. It may not sound like much, but it’s proven to be effective.

It’s incredible, when you think about it, that some people complain of eyelid droop from Botox that is administered incorrectly for cosmetic purposes. But when administered correctly, the same injectable product can create a medical and aesthetic benefit. The possibility of creating an undesired outcome, however, is why you must get training before treating patients. Only an expert injector can provide pro-level results for hooded eyelids.

Botox For Hooded Eyes in San Diego

So Many Reasons To Treat Hooded Eyelids

Botox for hooded eyes can make many patients look younger, make them feel more awake, and improve their vision too. They may not even know that it’s their sagging eyelids that are causing them to feel tired or have restricted or failing vision. Or perhaps a doctor mentioned something about needing blepharoplasty – eyelid surgery – and they have ruled that out or want to find a less invasive option. When you offer Botox for hooded eyes, you can provide 2 to 3 months of results from one session, then the results gradually fade and the procedure can be repeated.

Take note that if hooded eyes are caused by excess skin instead of by sagging eyebrows, Botox can’t help. It also won’t work if the eyebrow sags significantly. Instead, Botox for hooded eyes is intended for hooding caused by mild or moderate eyebrow issues.

While you have a patient in your chair getting treated for this condition, you can help them understand that Botox can also reduce the look of dynamic wrinkles – the type that is caused by movements of the face. Smiles, frowns and other facial expressions cause most wrinkles, and Botox can reduce or eliminate certain muscle movements to get rid of the wrinkles that result from them. When you start with a patient early, Botox can treat wrinkles before they happen so they never have to worry about wrinkles in certain areas.

Botox Requires Precision Training

Botox is a brand name for botulinum toxin Type A, a neurotoxin that works by paralyzing muscles. It can’t tighten droopy skin, but it can reduce muscle pulling. It is injected into a specific muscle to block nerve receptors from receiving any signals and therefore from moving. It has been in use for medical purposes since 1989.

You can learn to provide Botox for hooded eyes and how to inject properly so that you don’t cause eyelid droop from Botox when you train with Dentox. Our instructor, Dr. Howard Katz, is the best in the industry for cosmetic and therapeutic injectables training. Turn to us for training that makes you an expert injector who can impress your patients with results beyond the ordinary.

Juvéderm Can Restore Aging Lips In Minutes

Lip injections with the right dermal filler can add subtle volume and smooth away vertical lines for a younger, healthier look. In many cases, the right filler is Juvéderm Volbella XC, specifically designed for patients and expert injectors seeking natural-looking lip fillers that provide excellent results that don’t look too dramatic or worked on. Keep reading to learn more about this and other filler choices that provide remarkable results.

Getting To Know Juvéderm Volbella XC

juvederm lip filler

Available for use in Canada and across Europe for years, Juvéderm Volbella XC has risen to the top of the list for natural lip fillers since it was approved in the United States in June 2016. With efficacy and safety proven, patients are finding it the right choice for lips that need a nonsurgical anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatment.

The active agent in Juvéderm Volbella XC is hyaluronic acid, a compound that is naturally found in the human body. While the specific formulation is proprietary, it works in much the same way as Restylane Silk, Refyne, Defyne, and other hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. The Juvéderm product, however, is gentler in its results, allowing a well-trained injector to volumize a face while keeping its ability to make a wide range of facial expressions. The result is a natural-looking outcome that may not always be possible otherwise. Even better, results can last up to a year – longer than most dermal fillers.

Patients who want results that last even longer may want to consider a fat transfer procedure, which can last for years but is just as safe as manufactured dermal fillers. It is also very cost-effective for rejuvenating the face. There are benefits of each type of procedure and some downsides, so each patient must weigh filler choices and filler alternatives before making a decision.

The Problem With Lips

Getting the lips right is crucial to the successful facial enhancement and defying the signs of age. That’s why lip injections are so often sought after – and patients are so often disappointed with results when done by an inexperienced injector or with the wrong product. While Botox and some types of fillers work on reducing wrinkles and fine lines, lips experience additional problems with age. They lose volume and look thinner, often making people look older than they really are – or worse, always angry or frustrated. As collagen is depleted under the skin with age, volume reduction is accompanied by wrinkle formation.

Natural lip fillers can add volume and deal with the fine lines around the mouth that add to an aged and unmaintained look. It’s these lines that cause lipstick to bleed or give away the fact that a patient is or was a smoker. Even drinking with a straw can cause these unpleasant lines, but the right filler can reduce or eliminate them.

In some cases, lips are not as full, to begin with as patients would like. In those cases, well-administered dermal fillers can make lips more pronounced, fuller, and shapelier. Juvéderm Volbella XC is often the right natural-looking lip filler that enhances definition while correcting asymmetry and other concerns for better lips than ever before.

Learn Skills To Help Patients

You can learn the skills necessary for performing dermal filler injections from Dentox, a proven training company founded by Dr. Howard Katz, an injection expert who has been repeatedly recognized as a top injection trainer by students, peers, and the industry. Your success in injectables depends on excellent training to make lips look great, not worked on. Reach out now to learn about options in online, in-person, and on-demand injectables training from a reliable, experienced training company.

How To Help Balance A Face With Chin Fillers

Many people simply aren’t happy with how their chin looks. Some think theirs is too thin or too long – or perhaps just plain. Haven’t you heard people talk about their weak chin? You can change this common complaint when you have the right skills to perform chin filler procedures with precision.

Everyone’s chin is different, but you must admit that some seem unbalanced or out of proportion with the rest of the face. Just a quick look around any crowded place makes it easy to see how chin augmentation with dermal fillers could dramatically improve many people’s looks. It can be used to strengthen the face, soften a cleft, replace volume lost through aging and improve symmetry – without surgery or time off work.

Done in 15 to 45 minutes per patient, chin filler plus harmonizing jawline filler is quick, safe, and effective for improving a wide range of faces. In fact, the chin plus the eyes, nose, and lips are usually considered the defining features of a face.

chin filler before and after

Strong Chins For Men And Women

Chin filler before and after photos show how much difference can be made in the look of a face with only dermal fillers. While male chins often look best when they’re wide and exude power, female chins often look best when narrow and sculpted to have a feminine softness.

Men choose chin and jawline filler as part of an effort to have a strong jawline. They may mention wanting a jawline like Kirk Douglas, Jude Law, Ben Affleck, or Jon Hamm. Other examples of strong male jawlines include Cary Grant, Clint Eastwood, Viggo Mortensen, and John Travolta.

Women sometimes choose chin filler as an alternative to expensive and potentially painful chin implants, which require a surgical procedure. When done properly, chin and jaw filler before and after pics show results that are natural, gentle, and not at all masculine. Dermal filler can also be used at the jaw and chin to make a large nose appear smaller or enhance a recessed chin.

Women with great chins that people often want to emulate include Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Penelope Cruz, and Angelina Jolie. Other good examples include Adele, Elisha Cuthbert, Keira Knightly, and Reese Witherspoon.

Which Dermal Filler Is Best For Chins?

Choosing the right chin filler and jawline filler involves many factors. Many expert injectors choose Radiesse, an FDA-approved calcium-based filler in use since 2010 that provides results lasting 2 years or more. Other injectors may choose Juvederm and Sculptra. When injected properly, Radiesse can:

  • Cause the body to produce its own collagen, improving results over time
  • Eliminate chin wrinkles and other lines when used on specific areas of the chin and jaw
  • Smooth and plump the chin for a more pleasing appearance for both men and women, and
  • Also work on cheekbones, hands, and other body areas.

Because results can be unexpected and to avoid being seen in public with minor swelling, patients should not plan any important events for 3 to 6 days following dermal filler injections in the chin. Taking NSAIDs in the days following chin augmentation is also not recommended because it can increase bruising, which is usually minimal.

You can learn to provide chin and jawline filler for stunning results that will have your patients coming back for more cosmetic treatments when you study with Dentox. Dr. Howard Katz is one of the nation’s foremost injectables instructors and offers courses in person, online, and on-demand. For quality training that will allow you to do the best job possible for your patients and will increase your practice’s income, reach out to Dentox now.

Can Botox Help With Hooded Eyes?

Hooded eyes are often an inherited trait, although there can be many other causes. Make no mistake, however. This condition can be both an aesthetic and a medical problem. Drooping eyelids can make it difficult for sufferers to see. While some may think that only surgery can correct the problem, in many cases, Botox for hooded eyes can be effective.

For patients who have been told they need blepharoplasty – or eyelid surgery – less invasive Botox injections may be a smarter solution. They don’t work in every situation, but when they do, they pose fewer risks than surgery and provide quicker results with no downtime. Read on for more about how you may be able to help clients avoid surgery and get results that last for months.

can botox lift eyelids

Understanding Hooded Eyelids

Officially called ptosis, hooded eyelids are sometimes caused by the weakening of the levator muscle that holds up the eyelid. The condition can also result from a habit of continuously pulling on the eyelids throughout the day. Even putting on makeup can contribute to eyelid sagging if done aggressively.

Drooping eyelids don’t just happen to senior adults. Children can have the issue because of neurological problems or facial trauma. No matter the age of the sufferer, enough skin can eventually droop to cause visual disruption, and in turn, secondary conditions like headaches or accidents from reduced vision.

Can botox lift eyelids?

You may know that eyelid droop from Botox injections for cosmetic reasons is possible. So how can something that causes sagging help to relieve it too? Eyelid drooping can be caused by poorly administered cosmetic Botox, but the injections don’t cause eyelid problems when done correctly. Instead, Botox can be an effective treatment for hooded eyes when the right muscles are treated.

Administering Botox for hooded eyes works well when there is a slight brow droop or low eyebrow positioning that causes the lids to hang lower than they should. If this is the case, the injection should be placed into the outside edge of the eyebrow to cause it to rise slightly. This also raises the lid to provide a more awake and pleasing look while perhaps alleviating some sight issues. As with all Botox uses, the results eventually wear off gradually as the muscles regain their original or near-original strength. In most cases, Botox for hooded eyes wears off in 2 to 3 months.

Not For Every Situation

Sagging eyelids that are caused by too much skin, because of a pronounced brow droop or because of eyelid droop from Botox can’t be corrected with Botox treatments. There are no injectable, noninvasive, or minimally invasive procedures that can work in these cases. If the drooping from these causes results in medical or eyesight issues or creates a cosmetic effect that a patient considers undesirable, blepharoplasty surgery can remove the excess skin and provide results that last for many years.

When the lid drooping is minor or caused by mild to moderate eyebrow sagging, there’s no reason for patients to have expensive surgery and risk the complications that are possible with an invasive procedure. Each patient, however, must weigh their concerns with possible results to make a decision that makes sense, but Botox may be a solution they haven’t considered.

Depending on the severity of an eyelid drooping case and its cause, you may be able to help if you’re properly trained. Reach out to Dentox now to learn more about you can train with us for treating Botox for dropping eyelids. You will also learn to provide cosmetic injectables and about other medical uses for Botox. You can help patients look, feel and see their best when you acquire new skills that make real differences in people’s lives.

On-Demand Dermal Filler Training Efficiently Teaches The Basics – And Quite A Lot More

For on-demand dermal filler training, we start ahead of the game at Dentox because we have years of training experience, the most experienced trainer in the business and feedback from hundreds of participants in our in-person and teleconference training programs. Our watch-anytime filler training is based on what we’ve been doing for years – now simplified, condensed and offered in a format that fits today’s preferences and needs.

The quality of our program is a direct result of the commitment of our founder, Dr. Howard Katz, who has more than three decades experience in a clinic setting. He’s been working with injectables since before they were made widely available and is an industry leader because of his expertise. He is an internationally acclaimed lecturer – and a funny man too. When you take our on-demand dermal filler training, you’re getting instruction from the best in the business.

Dr. Katz Teaching Injectables

Details About Our Watch-Anytime Filler Training

Our prerecorded dermal fillers seminars that you can watch anytime over a 60-day period are intended to provide a better way of getting our popular training. The instruction includes complete information on how to correctly inject Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane and other dermal fillers for maximum benefit to your patients. When done right, fillers can make patients look and feel better in just a few minutes – while bumping up the income of your practice, stabilizing it from ups and downs inherent in medical offices and perhaps increasing its visibility as well.

This on-demand dermal fillers course centers on medical office uses of fillers for professional outcomes. What we teach exceeds what you can pick up yourself by reading product inserts or looking at sloppy, potentially dated YouTube videos. This watch-anytime course also gets you certification from Dentox, the leader in injectables training, and it provides the opportunity to obtain continuing education credit.

We concisely teach you about concepts that include:

• Facial landmarks that help you decide on injection sites
• Tissue manipulation techniques that limit undesired filler migration
• The right injection sites for the best outcomes, and
• Success advice that comes from years of experience and feedback
• Plus so much more.

With this on-demand course, the learning happens on your schedule – all in a few long sittings, several sessions over several days, a little at a time over several weeks or however you want to do it.

This on-demand filler class from Dentox provides you total access to prerecorded videos and other materials for 60 days. It also includes our exclusive manikin head with sticker system sent to you upon registration. With this kit, you can practice your techniques, allowing for hands-on training without ever being in the same room as the instructor. Also included is a live online question and answer session with Dr. Katz.

Research shows that up to 60 million people in America are considering or use dermal fillers, and that pool is sure to continue growing and growing. In fact, soft tissue augmentation with dermal fillers is the second most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure after Botox.

Dermal filler patients are waiting to visit your office for:

• Reduction of nasolabial folds appearance
• Enhancement of lip shape
• Solutions for submarlar or cheek hollows
• Smoothing of jowls
• Other reduction in noticeable signs of aging.

Move Up To Meet Your Competitors

Many of your competitors are probably already providing Botox and dermal fillers to their existing clients and bringing in new clients with their injectables skills. Why let them take away from your potential patient pool? The Dentox on-demand dermal filler training program allows medical and dental professionals to quickly make fillers part of their practices.

With low upfront costs and high returns, what’s not to like about dermal fillers? This watch-anytime class is your simplest way to pick up new skills that will help you pick up new patients. Reach out or enroll now.

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