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10 Surprising Ways Botox Can Make You Look And Feel Better

Not that long ago, people who used Botox didn’t talk about it. Now, Botox usage is an open secret. In fact, some people gladly discuss the miracles that injectables have done for them.

And today, Botox isn’t just for crow’s feet and furrowed brows. It’s for a variety of medical and cosmetic uses, including these:
botox model after treatment

  1. Dealing with acne. Botox can reduce oil production and therefore reduce breakouts. Small amounts of the product used in just the right places can do the trick. When used alongside other acne treatments, Botox is especially effective.
  1. Doing temporary facelifts. The same product that gets rid of fine lines around the eyes can shape a jawline, lift the tip of a nose and reduce forehead wrinkles for up to 3 months, providing the refreshed look previously available only from an expensive and painful facelift.
  1. Mimicking a nose job. Did you know that noses sag with age? When your nose droops, it can make your entire face look older. Botox can lift the nose and rejuvenate the face in about 10 minutes when injected at the base of the nose between the nostrils. This releases the depressor muscle that brings the nose down, making the face look younger.
  1. Softening up a harsh, wide chin and jawline. Botox can be used to shrink muscles that have widened with age and from teeth grinding to make you look younger than you thought possible. Results can last more than a year and make cheeks look lifted. This also helps reduce soreness and pain that comes from teeth grinding and clenching.
  1. Tightening up those saggy jowls. When a jawline is less defined than when you were young, some carefully placed Botox injections can lift the skin back into a youthful position, making you look indefinably crisper and sharper – that is, younger. When you look younger but people can’t tell what you’ve had done, that’s a winning situation.
  1. Raising drooping lips. While many people turn to dermal fillers for plump lips, that’s not the only way to make lips fuller. Tiny amounts of Botox injected along the border of the upper lip can cause it to roll up and out, creating the illusion of additional fullness. The outcome is more subtle than filler and is considerably less expensive since only a little of the Botox product is used.
  1. Smoothing out an aging neck. Small amounts of Botox injected just above and below the horizontal lines on the neck can cause them to temporarily ease, adding youthfulness. The skin looks smoother and therefore less impacted by age. Plus, tight neck muscles can pull down the face, causing drooping and sagging, something no one wants.
  1. Reducing migraine headaches. No one looks good when the don’t feel good, and Botox has made a real difference in migraine headaches for some people. The theory is that Botox blocks pain signals and relaxes muscles so that the head is not as sensitive to pain as it is normally. Injections can be done in the temples, scalp, forehead and elsewhere. And there are fewer downsides than with some migraine medicines.
  1. Blocking excessive sweating. No one looks good when they’re sweating either, and Botox can be used under the arm and in other locations to turn off selected sweat gland nerves. The palms of the hands can also be treated with Botox for excessive sweating. Results are quick and significant in many cases.
  1. Making hairstyles last longer. When Botox for sweating is used around the forehead area, a hairstyle can last longer because it’s less impacted by sweat and oils. Too much Botox on the forehead, however, can result in a drooping brow or eyelids, so care is necessary not to overdo it.

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