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A Northumberland woman had trouble opening her eye for 16 weeks after receiving Botox

The Department of Health is now thinking about implementing a licensing program for professionals who provide non-invasive cosmetic treatments in England.

The Department of Health is now thinking about implementing a licensing program for professionals who provide non-invasive cosmetic treatments in England.

A woman has shared her experience regarding Botox injections received from non-medical practitioners, expressing concerns about her inability to open her eye for a prolonged period of 16 weeks.

Amy from Northumberland came across an advertisement on social media for a clinic that offered a certain procedure. However, upon her arrival, she discovered that the location was a residential property.

After a few days, she mentioned that she observed a slight drooping of her eye, and by the fifth day following the injection, she experienced difficulty moving her eyelid.

She has proposed the implementation of a licensing scheme.

The current regulations do not require cosmetic practitioners to possess mandatory qualifications, despite the fact that certain procedures involve the use of needles and may potentially lead to significant complications.

The Department of Health is currently considering the implementation of a licensing scheme for practitioners in England who perform non-invasive cosmetic treatments. However, specific details regarding the timeline for this potential scheme have not yet been provided.

According to Amy, 36, she became concerned when she showed up at the address in December and noticed that the treatment would take place in a room with inadequate lighting.

“In the commercial, the terms clinic and nurse were mentioned, leading me to believe that the individual was a professional. However, upon arriving at the address, I discovered that it was actually the person’s residential address rather than a clinic.”

“I had received information from another source that the treatment might feel similar to a minor bee sting, but in reality, it was quite painful.”

“I noticed some sensations during the needle removal process, such as a slight twisting feeling under the skin and a subtle pinging and scratching sensation on the surface.”

Amy sought advice from a second cosmetics expert, who suggested eye drops to strengthen the surrounding muscles and make her eye appear more open. However, she mentioned that it took approximately 16 weeks for the effects of the initial dose to diminish.

She mentioned that she became aware that the individual who performed the treatment may not have been a licensed nurse, as she declined to share information regarding the batch number of the Botox, the prescriber, and her training background.

Follow your gut and ask yourself, “Where did they get that for such a low price?” What does the law say about it? Why is it priced so low? She urged others to consider the potential outcomes of their actions and to learn as much as possible about the risks involved.

This is not the same as getting your eyebrows colored and waxed; rather, you are being exposed to a potentially lethal poison.

“I really should have simply stepped away.”

The administration of Botox, a neurotoxin derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, poses a significant risk when entrusted to individuals lacking the necessary expertise and qualifications. Botox injection, a well-known cosmetic treatment, has been proven to be safe and effective when performed by trained medical professionals. Medical professionals possess the expertise to administer it in a manner that maximizes its potential impact.

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