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A Survey Finds That Just One-Third of Injectors in Cosmetic Surgery in The UK Are Non-Doctors

A new study reveals that more than two-thirds of the people in the United Kingdom who are injecting patients with substances like Botox for cosmetic purposes are not medical doctors.

This research is the first survey of the professionals who administer Botox and other injectable fillers for cosmetic purposes.

The industry cannot be properly governed without identifying the academic and professional backgrounds of practitioners.

Researchers from UCL combed through 3,000 websites to learn about the education, training, and experience of people delivering treatments.

Researchers from UCL combed through 3,000 websites to gather information regarding the education, training, and experience of those providing treatments.

Researchers from UCL combed through 3,000 websites to gather information regarding the education, training, and experience of those providing treatments.

They found 3,667 individual doctors and 1,224 independent clinics that performed cosmetic injections.

There were 32% doctors, 13% nurses, 24% dentists, and 8% dental nurses in terms of the professions represented.

The research showed that out of the 1,163 doctors counted, 41% were specialists and 19% were general practitioners.

Among the 27 specialties represented on the specialist register, the survey revealed that plastic surgery made up the largest group (37%), followed by dermatology (18%).

The market for cosmetic injectables in the United Kingdom faces well-documented challenges that have not yet been addressed.

Without greater information about the practitioners’ educational and professional backgrounds, the industry cannot be adequately governed.

The vast majority of practitioners are not medical doctors but rather other types of healthcare workers or even non-medical workers like estheticians.

The diversity of backgrounds raises a broader issue of competence and consent.

Making sure that licensed professionals have the knowledge and experience to provide care in a way that minimizes harm to patients is a major problem for the government’s licensing process.

A patient’s informed consent hinges on their trust that the healthcare provider performing their procedure is qualified to do so.

This study fills in some of the blanks for regulators and patients, providing valuable information as the UK strives to make the cosmetic injectables market safer and more open.

The study predicts that the value of the UK injectables industry will reach £11.7 billion by 2026, yet the market is currently unregulated.

The government of the United Kingdom is currently revising its injectables policy and will launch a public consultation on the industry in August 2023. In 2024, the Medical Act is scheduled to be revised in light of the recommendations made in this report.

Rapid growth has been seen in the cosmetic injectables market in the United Kingdom in recent years. There hasn’t been much in the way of monitoring or investigation into this.

The results should serve as a wake-up call to policymakers, prompting them to enact regulations and professional standards that adequately protect patients from harm.

Although most injection-related hazards are very minor and short-lived, some of the physical problems can be lifelong and severely limiting.

When medical procedures go wrong, patients may suffer not only physical harm but also significant mental and financial distress.

Until recently, there has been a lack of data on the frequency of problems and the effect they have on patients, as well as the qualifications of those administering cosmetic injections.

On July 3rd, the results of another study were published, showing that 69% of respondents had experienced chronic side effects such as pain, anxiety, and headaches.

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