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After a patient in Gibraltar was hospitalized due to injectable cosmetics, the Public Health Department issued a warning

After a patient was admitted to the hospital following a cosmetic injection procedure, officials from Public Health Gibraltar issued a warning about the risks associated with these procedures.

There was no mistaking the message to those considering these treatments: verify the practitioner’s credentials and prepare yourself for potential adverse effects.

The provision of cosmetic treatments is frequently entrusted to practitioners who bring years of experience and a high level of qualification to their work alongside medical professionals.

However, the law places fewer restrictions on certain treatments, leaving the door open to the possibility of greater danger.

In Gibraltar, non-certified medical professionals are now allowed to lawfully perform several injectable treatments with nothing more than a business license.

In Gibraltar, non-certified medical professionals are now allowed to lawfully perform several injectable treatments with nothing more than a business license.

For instance, non-certified practitioners in Gibraltar are currently permitted to legally administer some injectable procedures with nothing more than a business license.

Customers must ensure that their service providers have the proper training and follow all necessary hygiene protocols before entrusting them with their care.

It is necessary to have a prescription from a doctor in order to receive certain treatments in Gibraltar. Botox, which is injected to temporarily paralyze facial muscles, is one such example.  

The prescribing physician then takes on the added duty of vetting the practitioner to make sure they have the necessary credentials.

However, there is no need for a prescription for dermal fillers, an injectable that ‘fills’ wrinkles and augments facial features, in Gibraltar, which follows UK law in this respect.

The British government began a crackdown on unlicensed non-surgical cosmetic treatments the year before, and according to the Chronicle, authorities in Gibraltar are also discussing the legal position of dermal fillers locally.

The Director of Public Health has confirmed that the Monday warning she issued was in response to a patient who required hospitalization after undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

She urged people to do their research, stay alert, and get out of there if something seems amiss.

In a recent statement, Public Health Gibraltar advised anyone seeking these treatments to inquire about basic things like the provider’s protocol for handwashing, glove use, needle cleanliness, and disposal.

The director acknowledged certification is not mandated by law and stated she had discussed specific licensing with the Office of Fair Trading; however, she noted that ministers would need to be involved in making this decision as it was a matter of policy.

She suggested that patients inquire with their medical professionals about who their prescribing physician is.

Even if the practitioners are also registered, the search results will only provide the doctor’s information and not any information on their credentials.

She advised that the risks associated with injectable procedures should not be underestimated.

It's important to recognize the hazards involved with injectable procedures.

It’s important to recognize the hazards involved with injectable procedures.

“If at any point during the treatment, you feel uncomfortable or unsure, you should stop. “Your well-being is more crucial,” she emphasized.

She talked about how non-invasive beauty treatments are now commonplace, but she also brought up some of the risks that come with them.

The fast pace at which innovations in the cosmetics industry are being developed and introduced to the market is a contributing factor.

The cosmetics industry is always ahead of the curve.

Non-prescription procedures, however, including the latest laser fads and the increasingly popular “vampire facial,” in which blood is drawn from an arm, the platelets are separated, and the blood is then applied back to the face, are likely to remain off the radar.

The director also expressed alarm over the rising popularity of fads like intravenous vitamin infusions and injections.

Because the injectables are available without a prescription, administering them does not require any sort of qualification, and individuals who do have certification do not necessarily require a medical background.

There is a wide range of possible levels of training, from having no prior medical experience and taking only a one-day course to having years of medical practice under one’s belt.

She stated that “anyone can take a training course under the laws that are currently in effect.” 

The Director of Public Health also echoed the importance of exercising caution when deciding on an injectables provider and carefully evaluating their credentials.

All businesses providing cosmetic services in Gibraltar are required by law to obtain a license from the Office of Fair Trading, according to the Gibraltar government.

After the authorities are convinced that the applicant has the knowledge, experience, and infrastructure to deliver the cosmetic services safely in Gibraltar, only then will the OFT award a license according to appropriate restrictions that aim to set basic standards of practice.

The process begins with an evaluation of the service providers.

Additionally, according to the spokesperson for the government, there are plans in place to pass additional legislation.

“The authorities are looking at the possibility of regulating the cosmetic service industry in a more precise manner,” the spokesman added.

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