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After being pressured by Gorka and her family, Gemma Atkinson discusses openly getting Botox

Gemma Atkinson has jokingly said that because of Gorka, she will "probably need Botox" by the time she turns 40.

Gemma Atkinson has jokingly said that because of Gorka, she will “probably need Botox” by the time she turns 40.

The former Strictly star, who is expecting her second child, brought up the issue when a fan asked her if she had ever gotten plastic surgery.

If it’s okay with you, I’d like to know if you’ve ever had any “work” done to your face. I feel like the only one who hasn’t done it! the follower confided.

Gemma posted on Instagram that she doesn’t mind at all. I get asked a lot, but I haven’t gotten any work done either.

Her plan has always been to get Botox when I turn 40.

She went on to say that there was no logic behind picking that age, but it kept coming up in conversation when she broached the topic with her pals.

“Last week at work, I and @miketoolan caught a glimpse of ourselves on our studio cameras, and he resembled a sharpie while my neck resembled a pelican,” she laughed.

One of us said, “It was just a bad angle,” and the other agreed. 

The gorgeous actress joked, possibly in reference to her changing appearance during pregnancy: “I’ll work on not looking like fat Puss in Boots first and see how my face looks in a few years.”

She said, “With two kids and Gorka, I’ll probably need Botox by the time I’m 40,” and she added more to her problem with a wink emoji.

Gemma had specified that she had undergone zero facial enhancements, in contrast to the 34E cup size she achieved through breast enlargement during her glamour modeling days.

She used to frequently appear on the covers of men’s magazines like Loaded before she decided she wanted cosmetic surgery when she lost weight as a result of intense training.

During her time on I’m a Celebrity, she revealed to viewers that she used to have large breasts but that she has since started working out regularly, lost a lot of weight, and her breast size has naturally decreased.

A young star at the age of twenty-one, she decided to enhance her assets through surgery so that she could focus on getting toned.

Now 38 years old, Gemma has been a dedicated gym goer for years; she once joked that her daughter Mia learned to walk there.

After playing Lisa Hunter on Hollyoaks for five years, the actress hopes her daughter won’t give in to the same pressures that led her to become a glamour model.

The worst thing she can imagine is Mia telling her when she’s older that she’s trying a new injection to lose weight. Gemma is also soon to become a mother for the second time after having a difficult birth in 2019, during which she almost lost her life.

When her daughter was born, she weighed only 4 lbs 10 oz, and complications during delivery necessitated an immediate C-section.

It was feared she might not make it when, just two hours after giving birth, she started feeling ill and bleeding heavily.

She doesn’t recall much, except that there were about nine doctors in the room and that they were injecting her, hooking her up to drips, and physically pulling clots out of her, and that one of them was comforting Gorks, who was by himself in the corner. 

Thankfully, Gemma and Mia both made it, and they are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their new baby sister.

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