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After turning 60, Tom Cruise may have spent up to $50k on cosmetic procedures, but is it true that Botox is too heavy?

A plastic surgeon has said that Tom Cruise could have started his 60th year at an “inflection point” with his appearance by undergoing cosmetic surgery.


Famous actor Tom Cruise has been seen out and about more often since July, when he was said to have slimmed down and his skin tone improved.

Famous actor Tom Cruise has been seen out and about more often since July, when he was said to have slimmed down and his skin tone improved.

Tom may be wary of taking any risks with his appearance after his recent appearance at an event in Miami, where he was seen giving Shakira a lot of attention.

The well-known movie star has been spotted at numerous events since July, flaunting smoother skin and a sharper jawline.

On May 7, Tom was spotted mingling at the 2023 Miami Formula One Grand Prix.

His disheveled brown hair and dark glasses complemented his tanned, muscular body.

A plastic surgeon said exclusively to The U.S. Sun, “Over the years, it is possible that he may have spent up to $50,000 on cosmetic treatments.” In his opinion, Tom is only getting started.

A plastic surgeon remarks that Tom’s forehead looked as smooth as a drum during the Academy Awards.

He said, “This seems like a quite significant Botox to me on his forehead, alluding to the drooping brows that the injections can cause.”

When administering Botox to men, he prefers a less aggressive approach. He does not believe that men require the full removal of lines.

Tom smiles with raised eyebrows and forehead lines in old photos.

“Tom had deep forehead lines in 2018, and by 2022, I’d be convinced he’d just had Botox,” remarked a renowned surgeon.

For instance, he first suspected that Tom had Botox when he saw photos of him at a luncheon for Oscar nominees in February.

“It’s fascinating that he may have waited so long to get Botox.”

“Cruise is not the only one encouraging cosmetic work. But some sections of Instagram delay beginning “preventative” injections in your 20s.”

“Tom may have undergone a few minor cosmetic procedures over the course of his life,” he said.

“There are possibilities for functional rhinoplasty, laser skin resurfacing, and possibly even some lipo under the chin.”

“Cruise may have spent as much as $50,000 on cosmetic procedures.”

“A single session of laser resurfacing can set him back $4,000-$5,000.”

“Functional rhinoplasty, the name given to nose surgery, can cost $30–40,000, while liposuction can run $5–10,000.”

“The cost of Botox is approximately $1,000.”

Fans of Cruise have questioned his artistic authenticity due to his seemingly perpetual youth.

Rumors that Tom has undergone plastic surgery are false.

Rumors that Tom has undergone plastic surgery are false.

Tom has previously refuted rumors that he has ever had plastic surgery. 

In 2012, he responded to a question in Playboy magazine about whether or not he had ever had plastic surgery by saying, “I haven’t, and I never would.”

But as time has passed, the criticism of the actor’s nose, white Hollywood smile, puffy face, and thicker hairline has only increased.

Looking at old photos of Tom, the surgeon speculated that he may have undergone functional rhinoplasty before 2005.

This would have been near the nasal bones rather than the tip.

The surgeon remarked, “Looking at older pictures, you can see that it’s ever so slightly skewed.”

“He began to notice a slight straightening and contouring of his nose around 2005.”

“Tom may have undergone chin lipo in any other case.”

“This could have happened between 2013 and 2014, under his chin.”

“But by 2020, a photo of him will make him look surprisingly young,” he added.

“He appears to have very smooth skin, which makes me think he was preparing for Mission Impossible at the time.”

“It’s also possible that he underwent a resurfacing procedure, such as laser resurfacing, in the year 2020.”

“This would make everything silky smooth.”

The doctor continued, “Someone like Tom has always had a very low-set brow and heavier upper lids,” referring to Tom before and after his recent cosmetic work.

Tom is someone who shouldn’t undergo an upper lid procedure because it will drastically alter the appearance of his eyes. 

“I’ve grown accustomed to him having heavier upper lids as part of his appearance over the years.”

Surgeons have noticed that the actor is taking better care of his appearance as he ages.

“Overall, Tom has aged well, and his bone structure, particularly his jaw, is part of what allows him to age this way,” he said.

“Tom’s jaw is solid and well-defined, which will serve him well.”

“I don’t think Tom’s crow’s feet are the only place he’s had Botox injections.”

He continued, “I don’t see any obvious signs of filler anywhere on his face, either, so perhaps the new Botox is just the beginning.”

“Those lines between his eyebrows are still quite deep, so I don’t think he’s finished.”

“He’s been working those lines for a while, so he’s probably cautious.”

“He doesn’t look like a volume-deficient guy, so I don’t think he’ll start getting filler,” a surgeon said.

“I don’t think he’s ever had a facelift, and he doesn’t look like he needs one,” he continued.

He remarked, “Because Tom plays so many roles in which he is younger, I’m guessing he’ll begin doing more skin maintenance treatments now.”

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