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An unlicensed Botox practitioner in Saratoga has been charged

A Saratoga resident is accused of impersonating a doctor in order to administer illegal Botox injections to a lady.

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According to officials and court documents, a guy from Saratoga has been accused of pretending to be a doctor in order to give a woman an unlawful Botox injection. This comes after he was acquitted of similar charges in Florida and thus avoided jail time.

On November 16, charges of practicing medicine without qualification were brought against Brody Amir Moazzeni, 37, in Santa Clara County. At his arraignment on December 14th, he was informed that a conviction might land him in county jail for up to a year.

Deputy District Attorney Ann Huntley stated that Moazzeni, whose South Bay criminal complaint includes the names Amir Moazzeni and Gianni Muzzati, was charged after a 26-year-old Stockton woman claimed being assaulted by him after meeting him through the Bumble dating app.

The woman claimed she recognized the defendant, Gianni Muzzati, from their previous encounters, and that he had told her he was a doctor about to launch a cosmetic clinic. On September 25, 2021, during a meeting at a hotel in Sunnyvale, Moazzeni allegedly promised to give her free Botox injections in her face and additional injections in her torso.

Huntley said the woman went to an ophthalmologist after noticing her right eyelid was sagging and was told the treatment had been botched. The woman said she questioned Moazzeni’s qualifications after the eyelid treatment because he kept pressuring her to let him do further cosmetic treatments.

Huntley claimed her suspicions were heightened because he was evasive when she wanted to view his clinic and he refused to provide evidence of his medical qualifications or certification. The woman went to the Sunnyvale police with her concerns, and the matter was transferred to the DA’s office detective division.

It’s worrisome the way he met her and the fact that he’s out there doing this, Huntley added.

As per Huntley, the woman was duped by Moazzeni because he carried a real medical bag with shrink-wrapped vials bearing what looked like legitimate medical labeling. How Moazzeni got his hands on what appear to be genuine Botox vials is a mystery.

According to Florida court records, he was also a suspect in a case identical to this one in March 2021, when he was charged with practicing medicine without a license and sexual battery against a lady in Miami Beach.

Authorities claim Moazzeni began dating a woman he met through a mutual friend and then began passing himself off as a cosmetic doctor, as reported by local media outlets. The gossip has it that he invited her to his house and injected her face, arms, and legs. As she began having adverse responses to the injections, he medicated her and then had sexual relations with her, which she reported as nonconsensual to the police but which he denied.

Court records indicate that Miami-Dade prosecutors first filed at least seven criminal and misdemeanor charges against Moazzeni, but ultimately prosecuted only two felony counts and one misdemeanor count, both of which related claims of practicing medicine without a license. Moazzeni’s charges were dropped on September 23 after he finished a program designed to keep offenders out of jail, according to similar records.

He hadn’t been arrested in Santa Clara County until two days later after a reported Drug encounter in Sunnyvale led to criminal charges. The State Attorney’s Office in Miami-Dade County has stated that the newly-alleged infraction will not impact the prosecution of the defendant in Florida.

But, the similarity between the two cases has Huntley and the investigators worried that Moazenni may have performed unlicensed cosmetic procedures on other women, causing them harm.

Huntley says that the way he manipulates women is so subtle that these women might feel taken advantage of and confused.

Huntley claims the defendant has made no attempt to collect money for the procedures.

“It’s a matter of power and control,” she claimed.

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