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Baby Boomer Men Can Be Your Best Botox Customers If You Keep Their Secrets

man getting botoxImagine this scenario: a wife comes into a dermatologist to find that her husband is already there. They had both come in for Botox injections, but the man had never told his wife he was getting cosmetic treatments on his aging face. The man pretends that the doctor is an old college friend and never lets on to his wife that he’s come to the office for the same reason she has.

Baby boomer men, as turns out, aren’t afraid of Botox. But they may be afraid of someone finding out.

Adding discreet, quick and simple Botox treatments to your practice’s array of service offerings can boost your income and widen your client base — but be prepared for a few awkward situations like the one above. Men like to be stealthy.

According to some research, cosmetic procedures on men rose more than 20 percent in the last several years. Shouldn’t you be getting in on this growing trend in the industry? It all starts with attending an online Botox training seminar to get the skills in injectables that you need.

It May Start In The Workplace

The rationale that underlies this desire by many middle-aged men to look younger is the harsh reality of the modern workplace. While the unemployment rate for men over age 55 is low, these men can take longer to find jobs if they lose the ones they have. They can remain unemployed nearly a year, on average, while younger men can often find work in a little over half that time. So they have to do something to appear more vibrant and alive — and younger.

While there are age discrimination laws, it’s a fact that men who look old — or at least look like they’re showing the signs of aging — are often victims of workplace discrimination. Age matters when looking for a job, and aging men know that.

The facts about aging and the workplace are causing more men than ever before to visit plastic surgeons and other medical professionals who offer Botox and related procedures that are quick and have little downtime. Of course, women visit Botox doctors for the same workplace-related reasons in many cases.

While the number of men willing to undergo cosmetic procedures can fluctuate with the fluctuating economy, there are still plenty of men who find themselves needing to improve their appearance. Plus, there are many men who spend a lot of time in the sun playing golf or going to the beach without sunscreen. And they need Botox as well as microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing and other procedures than can refresh their appearance, eliminate existing wrinkles and delay the onset of more age-related issues.

When men approach job interviews with a youthful face as well as a youthful attitude, it can go a long way toward helping them get the job they want.

Out-Of-Pocket Payments

Cosmetic procedures can be particularly appealing to doctors, dentists and related medical professionals who want to enhance the bottom line of their practices because these treatments aren’t covered by health insurance, in most cases. That means men will be forced to pay out of pocket at the time of visit, and paperwork is minimal.

When paperwork is kept down and the administrative costs are low for medical professionals who do the treatments, and that means additional profit.

A single unit of Botox costs about $15, and treating a small area can cost a patient $200 or more. Dermal fillers sell for $500 to $600 a vial, and each treatment requires at least two shots. And since wrinkles resurface after a few months, patients must come back for additional treatment. Botox lasts about three months or perhaps longer after multiple treatments, and some fillers must be redone after several months to a year.

Profit margins for administering doctors are very high, so only a few patients a week can significantly boost the bottom line. And since start-up costs are low, there’s little on the line.

Many men consider these services investments that allow them to hang onto their high-paying jobs and benefits.

Men also realize that shopping for Botox and other cosmetic procedures isn’t like shopping for a new car. There’s more than price that comes into the equation. Men understand, in many cases, that cosmetic procedures are works of skill by trained professionals, not commodities that can be handled by anyone.

Experts advise those who want Botox treatment — whether men or women — to go to trained professionals for their treatments. That’s why it makes sense to get your Botox training from a recognized innovator and leader in his field, Dr. Howard Katz. When you choose Dentox training from Dr. Katz, you’re choosing to get training from a source whose name on your resume increases your value and viability in the workplace.

After all, medical professionals sometimes face the same kinds of age-related workplace discrimination as other workers, and having good credentials can do as much to improve your job chances as having a face that doesn’t betray your advancing years.

If you want to help others in the workplace while helping yourself as well, it’s time to make your next continuing education seminar a Botox training course from Dentox. Like so many doctors, nurses, dentists and others who have gone before you, you won’t regret learning from a proven leader whose years of experience are available to you whenever you’re ready to benefit from them.

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