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Be a Pioneer and Learn Online Botox Training in Phoenix

Phoenix has always had a reputation as a bold and modern city where residents keep up with the changing and improving ways of the world. It’s no wonder, then, that physicians in Phoenix are increasingly choosing online Botox training over having to deal with meeting rooms, rude seminar participants and unfamiliar locations.

People come to Phoenix for a variety of reasons. It has one of the largest universities in the nation and is home to long-time residents and frequent travelers.  The city has a lot to offer, but the best training in the world is found online. If you are a medical professional looking to improve the lives of your patients and boost your revenues, then you need this course. Dentox, founded by Dr. Howard Katz, is the best source for online Botox training.

It Just Makes Good Sense

Everything is going modern these days, and why shouldn’t we have a modern way to learn new skills? Your patients will love the opportunity to look and feel younger than they have in years and trust you as their doctor to suggest the best products for them. You are helping yourself to better help your patients. Taking the opportunity to learn something you can benefit from for years to come makes good financial sense.

Here are a few things you learn with Dentox:

  • Students learn the latest, modern techniques for applying Botox and dermal fillers to reduce the signs of aging.
  • You also receive certification from the inventor of Botox and other similar products and the person who holds the patent applications for them.
  • Learning is done in an interactive environment with hands-on practice and testing.
  • You can also get free refresher courses at the San Diego office anytime you are in the area.
  • You can satisfy your requirements for AGD Continuing Education credit, so you kill two birds with one stone.

An All-Inclusive Course

When you take the online training with Dentox, you receive all the materials needed for the course all at once. You will get the study materials as well as documentation of legal requirements and the proper forms to fill out. The course can be completed from the comfort of your home or office in Phoenix. There are so many benefits to online training that it has become the preferred method of learning. After participating in this course you will never again consider any other method of learning new skills.

Online learning is better because:

  • The instructor talks to you directly through the camera so it’s easier to connect
  • You keep learning because you can review the class recordings anytime 24/7
  • Skill tests are done in private instead of in front of the whole class
  • Dr. Katz is available for consultations on cases later, something not offered by other instructors

Choose the very best training program, boost your skills and the bottom line of your practice and satisfy your patients better than ever. What’s not to like about that bold and modern career move?

With so many benefits available, there is no better time to take the opportunity and get in on this training course before it fills up.

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