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Botox Aesthetics Training Online Recap for January

Our students have a lot of good things to say about taking classes from Dr. Howard Katz. They have a lot of opportunities to take workshops for continuing education credits and they choose to come and train with us. From their comments and reviews, we can tell that they enjoy the classes and will benefit from his instruction.

Dr. Howard Katz is a leading authority in the medical use of Botox and other similar products for both therapeutic and cosmetic restoration. He has been a physician and teacher for over 35 years and his students are the best in their field. Dr. Katz loves helping medical professionals build up their practice by learning the skills and information he teaches in the classes.

One of the best benefits besides having an excellent instructor is the fact that the classes are available to any student with internet access. There’s no better way to learn in today’s world than to learn online. It’s convenient because there’s no travel involved and the classes can be taken anywhere the student lives. No need to purchase plane tickets, stay in hotel rooms, or spend money on taxis getting to and from classes.

Although there is no meeting room, there is a high level of interaction going on. The instructor answers questions about the materials just as if he was in the same room with the student, which is something that would never have been possible a few years ago.

We offer hands-on training. This one might be a little hard to comprehend if you have never attended one of these classes before. How can an Internet class be hands-on? Our students learn using real products and hands-on practice and students like the innovative teaching methods involving models and photos. We make that the student has mastered every concept before receiving a Botox training certificate.

The latest high-quality techniques. Many of our students know friends that have also taken the Botox training courses from other instructors. When comparing their knowledge and skills, our students often discover that they have a superior understanding and grasp of the concepts than their colleagues — and their skill levels are more advanced than those who recently received training. We’re innovators in the business, and we have up-to-date knowledge about the latest techniques and best practices.

The Signup Process is Simple

The signup process is very simple. In fact, there are only 5 steps involved in accessing the Botox Aesthetics Training program:

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Sign up for the Botox course online. It is very easy using the online form.

2. You will receive a confirmation notice sent to the email address you registered with. Click on the link in the email when it comes. Joining the class is as easy as clicking the email link. Students can join the online class and view everything via their smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. They do not even have to be on their home computers.

3. Viewing and class participation. Interacting with the class is easy via the chatbox and students can also ask the instructor questions by telephone during the class. We try to make the environment similar to a traditional classroom with the instructor just as accessible as they would be if they were in the same room.

4. Innovation and skill testing. We incorporate models, photos and individual practice to help students master the material being taught. Once they have the necessary skills, they can then prove that mastery to us through demonstrations.

5. Final certification. Students completing the Botox Aesthetics Training Program with high scores will be issued a certificate of completion. Their certification will arrive by mail and once they have it, they can apply for any state licensing needed to begin practicing Botox Injection Therapy in their own offices and practice.

There are many benefits to taking this training. There are not a lot of certified practitioners in the field so there is a lot of opportunities right now for those that have the skills. Students that take our training come away with positive feelings about the experience and about learning Botox. We love hearing about how much they enjoyed the training class and Dr. Katz’s instruction.

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